'Amazing' Assassin's Creed for PS2 detailed

CVG: Canned last-gen version was set in Cyprus, past pre-conception

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Kingdom Come2972d ago

It seems like the game changed a great deal before release on Current-Gen.

Quagmire2972d ago

Little known factoid:

Assassin's Creed was initially a PS3 Exclusive title...

SpideyNut2972d ago

...but Sony wanted people to THINK that, which was why the first "Project Assassin" CGI footage was shown by them, and they proclaimed "Only possible with the power of PS3/Cell", as if it was actual gameplay. That was their 'modus operandi', when this generation was getting started....smoke and mirrors with CGI and target renders, and bogus statements. They did the EXACT SAME THING with DMC 4 (ended up multiplatform), Motorstorm (turns out the first footage was pure CGI target wasn't CLOSE to it), and several others.

But was NEVER going to be a Sony exclusive. This article ALONE proves that, as even the early concept was on XBOX 1, and the 360 dev kits were available a WHOLE YEAR earlier than PS3 kits...which is why the 360 version wasn't the buggy mess the PS3 version was.

Just a "little factoid" ;)

HDgamer2972d ago

That's not a factoid just speculation and opinions. "Remember that chatter of a canned Assassin's Creed game for PS2 and Xbox 1? Well it's real (or was) - and we've got details."

That quote alone from the article smashed your pathetic argument.

SpideyNut2972d ago

How exactly is proof that the game started out last-gen, as a multiplatform game, anything but support for my comments? FAIL

lochdoun2972d ago

An intelligent comment for once!

PSFan1002972d ago

All this talk about Sony showing games in pre-rendered CGI, when the console wasn't released yet.Have you seen the Halo reach adverts (in 2010), have a nice day :)

devilhunterx2972d ago

Bioshock CGI trailer was hyped as real actual gameplay by M$ before release.

SpideyNut2972d ago

Um....that's called and ADVERTISEMENT...which is COMPLETELY different from what I'm talking about here. This was Sony, attempting to dupe devs and attendees at E3 into thinking the PS3 was capable of doing more than it actually could, drum up support at launch. If you don't know the difference...stay the hell out of grown-ups conversations.

inveni02972d ago

Sorry, man, but PSFan100 is right. When I saw the Halo:Reach ad on TV, it almost made me sick. I couldn't believe there was NO gameplay in the entire commercial.

Say what you will about Sony, but they've done damn well at getting KZ to look like the CGI footage, GOW3 to look like the promo footage, and U2 is still unmatched by 360.

I guess what I'm saying is that "Only Possible With the Power of the Cell!" goes for gameplay in adverts, too.

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SexyPrawns2972d ago

Dang it, Ubisoft!

Ya done goofed!

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