Will Sucker Punch create inFamous 3?

Eurogamer: "US studio Sucker Punch is knee deep in development of PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous 2, but it's admitted it would give "serious thought" to a request from Sony to create a third game in the superhero series."

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gtamike2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

i'll buy it

Ultraplayerxd2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

If they have to give it some thought, does this mean that they have no plans for inFamous 3? That sucks cause it makes me think they're gonna end it with inFamous 2 and I'd hate for that to happen cause inFamous is one of the best new IPs this gen.

ChrisTiffer2972d ago

Can inFamous 2 come out first please?!

belal2972d ago

release infamous 2 first then talk infamous 3. I am sure if infamous gets 2 mill+ they will make number 3.

Jamaicangmr2972d ago

It's an amazing game, great job Sucker Punch.