Thunderbolt: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Review

Thunderbolt writes: "London has gone to Hell. The city is a decayed shell of its former self; it’s been turned into a massive, heavily polluted industrial wasteland. The Thames has become a graying cesspool, and the subway systems are slowly rotting underground. Aside from a handful of meager restaurants and hotels, most of the businesses have gone bankrupt. The once-bustling streets have been nearly abandoned. There are rumors of people being kidnapped. The few citizens that remain are too afraid to go outside. Scotland Yard - and anything resembling law enforcement or academics, for that matter - has long been wiped out. The Mafia have taken charge, corrupting every level of what passes for society and threatening death to anyone who oppose them. This grand, sickening spectacle of greed and suffering is ruled by one man: Professor Herschel Layton".

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