Dead Rising 2 Comparison

N.E.E. T Gamer: Finally after 4 long years of absence, Dead Rising 2 has finally reached our shores on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So how does Dead Rising 2 compare to its predecessor? Let’s find out.

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KratosGirI2973d ago

Dead Rising 1 really pissed me off in some points that made me hate the game, but this one I'm definitely digging!

imvix2973d ago

39 usd on steam for superior version. If the game is any good ill wait for it when steam has a discount down to 10 usd.

newhumanbreed2973d ago

How exactly does that add to his comment?

KratosGirI2973d ago

He thought it was a platform comparison, not sequel comparison.

ZombieAutopsy2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

It doesn't but most people always reply to the first message so their awesome comments can be seen by everyone.

ONTOPIC: DR1 was great but god darn it there were times when I wanted to throw my buddies 360 across the room. DR2 having co-op is enough to get me to purchase it and hopefully I'll be picking it up tomorrow or maybe even at midnight tonight.

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SilentNegotiator2973d ago

"Lag, lag and more lag
Seriously, what’s the deal here Capcom? Low framerates on almost every place that has a lot of zombies? Not cool."
Huh. I don't remember having that problem in the first game. Well that's unfortunate.

Anyway, sounds like they've made some great improvements.

kevnb2973d ago

the quality control is terrible this gen, good thing they made a pc version!

likedamaster2973d ago

As if PC versions are automatically better. Remember GTAIV? Friggin pc elitists...

raztad2973d ago

I have to agree with kenvb. This shouldnt happen. I dont think this game ever goes above 30fps, so we might be talking about sub 20 lows.

At least having a PC version avialable you know, it is quite likely, that with the right hardware you can get a decent framerate.

kwicksandz2973d ago

GTA4 PC is still by far the superior version of the game system requirements or not

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chazjamie2973d ago

wow what a comparison. i had no ideas sequels added more, here, i was thinking it removed features/s

i really want to try this game out, because every time i read a review (of dr2), i get this feeling of a mystery. A mysterious joy that i am missing out on. Its pretty irritating, because i have an idea this is a game that you love and hate equally. the only game i can think of that i adored but loathed simultaneously was crash bandicoot 2.


Been there already and every time I thought it could be a cool game I was missing turned out to be crap I should had avoided anyway...

That said, I'm renting DR2 to see what the fuss is all about, if the coop is any good, I can end up buying it.

MGRogue20172973d ago

Hopefully.. we'll get some video footage showing the improvements.. :)

newhumanbreed2973d ago

Man, I can't wait for Tuesday to get my hands on this game.

maverick11912973d ago

i ordered it in january and got posted last wednesday and ive still not got it i hope it comes today i only bought it for the online co-op

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