Easy 20,000 Credits in Halo Reach

Credits in Halo Reach is very important since the Spartan’s armor can be upgraded via the Armory menu in the game. Did you know that there’s an easier way to get 20,000 credits?

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pspgweber3000d ago

Thx for the tips! it helps me a lot.

acky13000d ago

Who finds these glitches...seems so random?

DelbertGrady3000d ago

The problem with this is that if you level up your character this fast you'll have to step into multiplayer against people who will own your ass from left to right. While singing.

T9X693000d ago

The game has been out for 2 weeks, spending an hour doing this isn't going to get your ass owned unless you sucked to begin with lol

DirtyLary2999d ago

Just reset. This method is already known by everyone including Bungie.
Kids are getting credit reset and bans for abusing it.

palaeomerus2999d ago

Level (ranking) is just about the credits you've earned not your skills (you can brute force it by just playing a lot and losing) and it's not gonna really effect the game much. You'll just have more armor to wear and it won't do anything any differently than the normal armor.

MightyMark4273000d ago

Meh, it reduces the fun and challenge when I use this.

Scottyabanks3000d ago

Already knew this, I did it two days ago. Just make sure you don't go overboard and hit the 60,000 cR a day limit, otherwise you won't earn credits until 6am the following morning.

T9X693000d ago

Change your time zone on your Xbox to the one on the bottom of the list. Boom cR limit gone. I've never personally hit the cR limit, but a few of my friends did and tried that and it worked.

DeFFeR3000d ago

But I'm glad you got another bubble T9X69

OT: While "cheap" this is an easy way to earn credits. I like to hop on Invasion and Firefight to earn my cR, but I'm sure that eventually, I'll become bored of working my way through WO and farm like a lot of others. I'm trying to hold out... but I also don't play all day, every day like some others.

Scottyabanks2999d ago

You know I thought of that but I never actually did it, I got a buddy who is locked out of cR right now I'm going to have him try that.

pixelsword3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

It'll make you a cheap trick: and like all cheap tricks, there's no real power behind them. Do this, and you'll likely be targeted by people a lot better than you... unless everyone does it, of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.