Gaming developers consider charging players for "Used Game" online playability

Buying used stuff. We do it all the time, and we can get it from anyone, anywhere, and any place. So, nothing is different about buying used games. In fact, buying used games is considered as big a part of a company's revenue as buying a game fresh off the shelf. The main reason why consumers buy used products is solely to avoid mainstream retail prices. But, it seems as though this practice of getting more "bang for your buck" is not going down well with leading game developing companies.

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Pandamobile2974d ago

This guy sure likes his quotations.

RememberThe3572973d ago

and their really over used.

Form the article:
The very popular video game developing company called "Electronic Arts" also known as "E.A."

You don't need to use quotations there. I've never seen quotations used like this.

Sirhc922972d ago

The reason why I use them frequently is to establish the fact that I am referring to a Proper Noun. I want to distinguish and highlight the Proper Nouns so that people can negotiate the article better.