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Sony Wants PS3s To YLoD? ...Wrong Company To Accuse

Normally, we don't bother with any "news" concerning hackers, but this bit seems to be sweeping across the Internet like wildfire. (PS3)

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movements  +   1703d ago
I think that hacker should be accusing another company' not Sony.
MrMccormo  +   1703d ago
The amount of hackers on the PS3 is a fraction of what is on the Wii and/or 360.
rroded  +   1703d ago
yeh like that .5% fail rates intentional lol
smoothdude  +   1703d ago
That is just electronics in general, and of course Sony is totally okay with charging to fix it, as I see they are the best ones to do it.
jadenkorri  +   1703d ago
its funny that anything bad about MS or the 360 gets swept under the rug and doesn't even make a headline. Yet, sony and the ps3 seem to get fired at and make headlines in seconds.
Now, I'm not a programmer, but I have done a bit of programming and can grasp some of it, so the string "msg_error_console_hot_pl s_restart.
From my logical understanding, this reads, system is over heating, please restart. How the f'in hell does this one programmer come up with sony wants ps3 to ylod. First of all, alot of you might be thinking it should shutdown, but you are an idiot and should be shot, if the system shuts down, the ps3 fan shuts off, not cooling the system, or dispensing the heat, in which case, you just made a small oven, so grab some eggs, lets make an omelet. The system restarting restarts the ps3 back to the home screen which is not taxing to the system allowing the fans to cool the system properly so that it don't ruin the system.
In all the arguments of who's worst, ps3fanboys or 360fanboys, personally I always said both are just as bad and annoying, I say this new argument that sony wants ps3's to YLOD due to the epic discovery of this string "msg_error_console_hot_pl s_restart.", i just kinda gained some respect for ps3fanboys more than the 360fanboy crowd.
As for the rest of us who have a IQ higher than above average, are just shaking our heads and thanking god the fanboys aren't reproducing as much as the rest of us are.
DasBunker  +   1703d ago
How to get hits 101

Tip #543565

When you see a popular article on N4G or any other place dont hesitate about making your own article as a "response" or just talk about it.


We could apply this conspiracy to almost everything that malfunctions...
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Windex  +   1703d ago
LOL I've been saying Maxconsole is
crappiest xbox fanboy site for ages.

LOL. i shouldve known they are the ones to claim Sony is causing ylod on purpose.


oh yea. the old xbox 360 failure rate is 54 percent.
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DelbertGrady  +   1703d ago
psxextreme.com in for the damage control as usual.
acky1  +   1703d ago
For me, sony were awesome when my ps3 had a disk read error. Would no longer play games, dvds and the like so got in touch with sony and in two days they came with a replacement console to switch. Had no other problems apart from that.

But, I think inserting code to shut down the system as a precaution should definitely be included in all consoles nowadays. It just makes sense, for the consumer anyway.
bjornbear  +   1703d ago
i have to agree with the article...
I mean, RROD happens, people make jokes, and everyone tried to sugar coat it with "meh wtv its natural MS fixed it for free I just had to ship it in and wait 2 weeks, no big deal, I don't mind, its still a good console"

when Sony gets a little BS from a HACKER (yeah lets trust those guys)

its the end of the world.

its sad ='(

I do agree that maybe they should have included a code that did shut down the console when its too hot, but someone explain, WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE THE CODE IN THE CONSOLE IF ITS NOT IN USE/ACTIVATED?!

that makes no sense what so ever, thus why I doubt this is what it seems to be
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anh_duong  +   1703d ago
why the hell would any company want their products to fail.. this is the dumbest argument ever.. unreliable products do not buy customers - this is the number one rule in business..
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sikbeta  +   1703d ago
The hack-nerd is a douche crying out loud cos he can't hackz, so he goes mad and talk BS about Sony, simple as that...
Kran  +   1703d ago

You realise the Red Ring of Death made headlines the first time it was spotted right?
rockleex  +   1703d ago
PS3s usually turn off before it can overheat
But sometimes it just can't turn off quick enough so you're screwed.

Plus, Sony loses on each PS3 repair... well at least on the non slim models.

But then again, we haven't heard of any slims getting YLOD.
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tacosRcool  +   1703d ago
I agree with jadenkorri
DaTruth  +   1703d ago
The Ps3 does have a mechanism that turns it off when it overheats! When my fan failed my PS3 would shut off and blink 3 red lights!

Sony did implement that code.
Spydiggity  +   1702d ago
alright sony fanboys...
listen up. the ONLY reason that other article became so popular is because YOU made it a big deal. if you had let it go, it wouldn't have exploded in popularity. second, whenever we see the MS articles (which is frequent) it is again YOU that make those articles so popular. but notice whenever we see RRoD articles, we don't see followups from 360 fanboys making excuses on n4g. that's a lot more than i can say for you. you ppl need to open your eyes. the slams come from everywhere and they go to all the systems and companies that make them. you ppl are such victims...get over it.

i doubt anyone WANTS their system to fail...that makes for bad PR. it's a ridiculous claim to make, and if ppl just didn't pay attention, there would be no problem.

the sad truth is that your lives are so pathetic that you have nothing else to get fired up about than the claims of some dude about a video game console. start worrying more about things that actually matter and less about this tripe.
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Mini Mario  +   1702d ago
"its funny that anything bad about MS or the 360 gets swept under the rug and doesn't even make a headline"

Yeh coz that RROD was really thrown under the rug....? lol

..and then stomped on
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r1sh12  +   1703d ago
Sony arent the best at fixing the YLOD, they are just the most trusted, its actually a really easy fix.
A friend of mine who fixed his own since his ps3 was out of warranty decided to start buying the YLOD consoles from ebay and fixing them.
He even provides his own warranty, so if the person has bought the console from him and it messes up again he will fix it.
Sony do make quite a bit of money from PS3's that are out of warranty.
£120/$120 or so per fix is a significant amount to charge for a fix that actually costs less than £40/$40 or so.
Im not sure why the article goes on to talk about the xbox since MS give a free repair service and a 3 year warranty.
Yes the RROD was a serious issue but MS responded by giving extended warranties.
milohighclub  +   1703d ago
what i think is funny is how a HACKER, Is trying to accuse sony of been dishonest...ironic.

@ r1sh12.
and it only took them what? 4yrs or so to offer that warranty.,.

how did i get a disagree?? its true!!
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rdgneoz3  +   1703d ago
@milohighclub I'm gonna say r1sh12 disagreed with you because he doesn't want to believe it took MS 4 years to offer that warranty.
Bzone24  +   1703d ago
4 years? Wouldn't be exaggerating a bit would you?

Did take a little while, but it was closer to 1 1/2 years.
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r1sh12  +   1703d ago
No i didnt disagree, I really dont care what everyone thinks of each console.
I just pointed out that MS offer a free repair service, My xbox has not red ringed, and my ps3 has not had the YLOD. I guess im lucky.
I dont really use the agree, disagree crap, I just express my opinion, which in the previous post, the only opinion was that MS repair consoles free and the Sony make money from repairs..
I dont care how long MS took to fix the consoles, I just like games.
jerethdagryphon  +   1703d ago
it dependso n the actual fault if its a true rrod or anything else fixing it can be a royal pain without proper tools and an hour or so with them as you reball the gpu
Motorola  +   1703d ago
All you do is heat the motherboard, let it sit, apply heatsink. Oh and the best way to avoid getting disagrees is to NOT acknowledge that you are getting them
avengers1978  +   1703d ago
360 close 50-60% fail rate. PS3 9-13% fail rate.
Now witch company is more likely the one that wants there console to Fail.
palaeomerus  +   1703d ago
Given those made up numbers I'd say "BOTH".
Adrela  +   1703d ago
Yep, Microsoft totally wanted to make their console fail and then have to fix the consoles at no expense but their own. Makes sense, right?
DaTruth  +   1703d ago
Except that MS is obsessed with sales numbers and would likely easily pay 1 billion just to say "we're ahead of teh Sony. After 3 yrs you will have to buy a new one and if you are the unlucky ones who's died before the warranty was implemented.

How many games do you think MS sells to replace scratched games? They fixed that easy to fix problem yet?
Adrela  +   1703d ago
What are you talking about? With sales, they don't count refurbished consoles...Considering how they are refurbished. That is what you get with the warranty.
And what do you mean by the scratched games? You worded the question oddly.
avengers1978  +   1703d ago
These numbers aren't made up; they are what have been reported repeatedly on countless websites. I didn't actually accuse MS of wanting there consoles to fail, but it's just as stupid as the author of the article saying Sony wants PS3's to YLOD.

Sorry if you can't take it, but a much higher precentage of 360's fail than PS3's. I had 2 360's RROD on me.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1703d ago
nuff said. What else are they going to say.
playboi28  +   1702d ago
It is truly amazing how people still try to defend Microsoft and the Xbox to the point of fault. Look, people aren't just bashing the Xbox, it is all proven fact that the 360 was made like crap. That is not saying that the system is inferior (which it is BTW), that is saying that Microsoft cut corners manufacturing them and the failure rate is exponentially ridiculous. The problem is that people so blindly defend the 360 and retaliate on the PS3 because it doesn't crash like that. I have personally had my 360 break three times and my PS3 never broke.

And about my comment of being inferior, that was only referring to the actual hardware which, like it or not, it is inferior. That does not mean it is worse. The PS2 was technically inferior to both the Xbox and the Gamecube, yet outsold them both. The Genesis was inferior to the SNES but still sold almost equally. The Game Boy was inferior to the Game Gear and it outsold it by far. What makes a system better than the next? Games. Considering that both systems get almost all the same games, what is the problem? I do have to admit that first party PS3 games are superior to first party 360 games, but that's my opinion I suppose...
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playboi28  +   1701d ago
Did I hurt a fanboy somewhere's feelings or something. Everything I said is proven fact except the last part about first party PS3 games (which are actually technologically superior as well BTW).
greenisgood   1703d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
snake-OO  +   1703d ago
one thing the hacker failed to realize is , that ps3 does shut down if getting too hot, it happened to me twice. and know this cuz the systems red light flashes continously let u know that it to hot and too leave offf for a while.
WildArmed  +   1703d ago
That's true.
I've had that happen to me quite a few times when I was having a Resistance 2 splitscreen marathon with my friends for about 18 hours straight xD
Every time i'd happen. we'd give the ps3 an hour or two break.
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Eric Cartman  +   1703d ago
18 hours? O_O?

We usually play PES with my friends and sometimes it works for 10-12 hours. Never had problems with it.

I once played Dragon Age Origins from 8pm to 8am and that's my record. 18 hours is too long. That's just cruel.
WildArmed  +   1703d ago
lol I agree.
And I swore to never do it again..
until I got got another New game.. me and my brother alternated 7 hour gaming shifts over the weekend -.-
(so the ps3 really didn't get any rest :( )
rdgneoz3  +   1703d ago
Yah, I've seen a PS3 shut down from heat once because my friend had kept his in an enclosed shelf under the TV and it had no ventilation at all. He didn't realize it wasn't the smartest thing to do till felt how hot it got after I told him.
units  +   1703d ago
how is 360 bashing article going to solve anything
gamer2010  +   1703d ago
In the minds of the fanboys at psxextreme.com it does.

I never once jumped on this story and made an issue of it like the Ps3 fanboys would do if it was about the 360. But they are not content to let a nonsense issue die on its own (the only reason it even got to the front page of N4G in the first place is because the PS3 fanboys made a bunch of comments in the article), instead they have to deflect by bashing the 360.

That's why I have no respect for the radical fanboys at psxextreme. Their name suits them well, since all they are is a bunch of extremist fanboys that evangelize for one console and bash the other.
fathoms  +   1703d ago
Fun to lie, isn't it? What have you read at our site? Would nothing be an accurate assumption?

In the past few months, I've done an entire feature article PROMOTING Halo: Reach and how much I like it, and PSXE readers know I had a 360 long before the PS3. I also have questioned Move's supposed widespread appeal, questioned Plus, and questioned Sony's business practices in the first part of this generation (low hardware availability, little software, etc.).

It really is fun to be a bashing prick like yourself, especially in a community that encourages ignorance. Of course, N4G ONLY takes the articles that might paint us in a bad light, and of COURSE, wouldn't take the Reach promotion article, or the one where I said the PS3/360 might be the best gaming combo ever, or any of the HUNDREDS of articles, features and interviews that complete invalidate your claim. But really, keep preaching your "no respect" while never reading a single solitary word. We'll just continue to ignore it and produce the most intelligent, CIVIL community and well-written PlayStation articles on the 'Net.

And of course, you have nothing to say against the article in question, here. You didn't read that, either. ...real tough to spot the idiots 'round here.

-- Ben S. Dutka
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nanometric  +   1702d ago
lonix  +   1703d ago
funny thing
xbox 360 has a thermometer in the cpu/gpu

however the software doesnt let it shut down when its too hot

it does on slims
jerethdagryphon  +   1703d ago
also if you were playing a game say doing gt5s endurence trophy and the system shut down due to over heat the flack theyd get is rediculas

putting a message on puts onus on the player to shutdown
Gam3s4lif3  +   1703d ago
One word for these kind of articles: FLAMEBAIT
gcolley  +   1703d ago
no company intends this. they only try to control the damage it causes after the fact. only an idiot would think it is ever deliberate.
yewles1  +   1703d ago
Twice my PS3 has shutdown on me due to overheating. The hackers are showing their true colors again, and this kind of article will be swept under the rug... again.
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GoldPS3  +   1703d ago
Just another butt hurt hacker that can't hack his PS3 like he want becuz Sony is making it hard for him. Now he want to make Sony look bad. He can do what he want but he can't change the fact that PS3 has a lower failure rate than 360.
Horny Melon  +   1703d ago
I doubt this buuutttt..........
Its a crazy coincidence that I updated to 3.5 and it YLOD on the very next gaming session. However the YLOD fix worked and I don't think this would be the case if it was a software issue.
kasasensei  +   1703d ago
Fat ps3 have ylod because there are some hardware issues with these, not because there is a secret-hidden-command in the firmware, stupid "hackerz".
Fat ps3 are shit and sony's support too.
2 months to get your ps3 and 4 months to get your game back.
DJMarty  +   1703d ago
My UK Launch Fat PS3 is still Going strong, not one single problem.
kasasensei  +   1703d ago
oh i like when people take their personnal examples like an universal rule.
You know what? I used to be like you, on the denial since i bought my ps3, bashing my crappy 360 that died 8 months after purchase... but one day, i started to have artefacts and grey screen, freezes and black screens. They were rare, but 3 months later, after a 10 minutes Motorstorm2 session, i tried to reboot the console without success. Game stuck in it. Just 1 month after the 1 year warranty. And the guy @sony said : "pay or trash it, it's up to you, none my business we are not here to make some gifts."
Maybe one day, you will understand and stop denying.
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BrianG  +   1703d ago
@ Kasasensei

Lol, you just bashed DJMarty for using a personal account to defend a point, but you used your own personal account above,

2 months to get your PS3 back and 4 months for the game, plus your "opinion" that there is something wrong with the fat PS3's.


And also, consumer electronics have a warranty, if your past your warranty, you must pay, thats how it is with everyone, you think MS will fix your Xbox 360 when you are out of warranty for free? Also, Marty didn't say anything about bashing a 360, are you seeing things? You should have that checked out.
Sarcasm  +   1703d ago
"oh i like when people take their personnal examples like an universal rule. "

Wait what...???

Based on your own experiences, you're taking your personal example like a universal rule.

Then you go and bash DJMarty.

Kids these days.

BTW, My family we still have 2 phat PS3's with no issues since launch.
Roonie  +   1703d ago
If Sony
wanted to "YLOD" ps3's on purpose to get more buyers then the failure rate should be as high as 54% like the other console......
mastiffchild  +   1703d ago
Indeed, and considering for most of PS3's lifetime Sony sold it at a loss why the hell would they want to sell more than one to each customer? Seriously, the lack of logic in what this guy said and Maxxconsoles showed in not thinking things through either is incredible. Stupid as all hell. Even if PS3 cost 20p to make how much are Sony making off a less than 0.5% fail rate? Seriously, you have to wonder at the minds of the idiots who wrote this stuff and even more at those who approved the original story. I will forever remember who approved this one as it's the most ridiculous article ever put on N4G-and that's some accolade!
heroprotagonist  +   1703d ago
I agree that the hacker's theory is ridiculous, but so is the idea that the 360 ever had a failure rate as high as 54%

If you believe either of those things I have some beach front property to sell you in Arizona.

BTW, where is the proof that the PS3's failure rate is 0.5% ? I'm talking about actual proof, not figures people pull out of the air or got from "surveys".
oguzsasi  +   1703d ago
My PS3 has that
Lens problem after a firmware. I try to fınd a week on the internet for what caused this! Noone knows whats the issue at all! So yeah its deff
inently Sony. How can a 2 months old PS3 s lens would broke?
BrianG  +   1703d ago
Well, your still in warranty im going to assume, since your PS3 is only 2 months old. So send it in, get it fixed for free.

I don't understand, if Sony wanted to intentionally break anyones console wouldn't they do it when the console is out of warranty? Not 2 months old. They lose money off of that type of transaction. Think about it.
xg-ei8ht  +   1703d ago
How the 360 got it's groove on.

1 year head start.

Ban 600,000 360 users

RROD - 52% lol

Poor hardware, Poor company.
oguzsasi  +   1703d ago
E74 lol
Sarcasm  +   1703d ago
You think the hardware and company is bad? Try the consumers.
evolution54  +   1703d ago
Not saying the hacker is right but it is bullcrap that my PS3 gave me the YLOD when I hardly even use the machine. I'm not a hardcore gamer. I would use it to watch a blu-ray movie here and there and whenever I do play games, I would never play for more than 1 hour per session, 2 at most. It's ridiculous. The weird thing is, I got the YLOD right after the warranty expired.

My 60GB PS3 have never shut down on it's own due to "overheating", unless you're talking about crashes because I have experienced a lot of those when playing Oblivion, especially during parts where a lot of things were going on at once. Hell, even playing Bomberman online would occasionally crash my PS3. Since I wasn't going to pay Sony extra money to fix the machine (most likely would have just given me a refurbished one), I decided to fix it on my own by doing a reflow. It worked temporarily but broke down again with the YLOD symptom just the other week.

Two of my friend's 60GB PS3's also is broken but not due to YLOD but due to a broken blu-ray drive. It's bullshiet because once again, like me, they hardly use the machine other than occasionally watching movies and playing a few hours here and there.
#15 (Edited 1703d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
iceman06  +   1703d ago
I agree...
There IS an issue with it. But, it is nowhere near catastrophic levels for the company. It sucks that the consumers that DO get hit with this issue have to suffer. I only really know one person that has had the YLOD. But, I think that his issue was related to the hard drive and not the heat and warping issue. The Blu-ray issue was an issue with launch consoles, probably due to mass production issues in the factory. I don't think that this is a problem with Sony purposely doing this. I think that it is just being on the wrong side of statistics. I just keep my fingers crossed that my launch PS3 stays alive. Although, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. I have put it through gaming hell!
monkeyfox  +   1703d ago
Modern console GPU and CPUs are soldered straight to the motherboard (as opposed to PCs that have pins etc) The YLOD mainly occurs because of the GPU being continually heated up and cooled down over a long period of time - After some time microscopic cracks appear in the solder causing the processor not to function. I have taken my own PS3 to be repaired (£60), they have re-flowed, fitted better cooling fan and the problem has not re-occurred after almost 9 months of solid use.
jerethdagryphon  +   1703d ago
give the monkey a price
bubbles up for having the right answer and understanding what actually is done to repair it

thermal stress is the culprit exacerbated by the lack of lead in solder.

well said
Reefskye  +   1703d ago
The way to make a PS3 YLoD would be not to give warning messages? it would also help when the system goes in to stand-by the cooling fan would also switch off? which is doesn't. The cooling fan stays on till the system is cool enough then it switches the fan off. As far as I know the 360 doesn't do this soon as you turn the system of the fans turn off to. that to me makes more sense of M$ trying to make their consoles RRoD so people buy new one's.
dead_eye  +   1703d ago
The only way your gonna really get that message to pop up is if the fans break or like me you take the ps3 to bits and forget to plug the fan back in. then 5 mins into playing a game you'll get that message and if i remember right the ps3 will shut off.
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zenghangyu1   1703d ago | Spam
UP  +   1703d ago
I really should not be asking this but to those who have had YLOD was your system breathing? Because leaving your ps3 flat on carpet is not good for the system.
ranma6899  +   1703d ago
i have mine ontop my 3 ps2 games so there total six games 3 on each side
then i wait hour and cover my ps3 up for the night.
southernbanana  +   1703d ago
I'm not going to say that Sony wants their consoles to break, but I did have 2 PS2's develop the famous disc read error shortly after their warrenty period was up. My 80GB PS3 did develop the the YLOD, but it gave me a good reason to buy a slim :-) On the flip side my lauch 360 red ringed, but it was fixed at Microsoft's cost and has given me no problems since. My Wii hasn't given me any trouble yet, but it is the least played console I have.... In short, game console will eventually wear out if used enough. I really don't think Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintedo build their machines to break.
#24 (Edited 1703d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jack who  +   1703d ago
Sony Wants PS3s To YLoD? ...Wrong Company To Accuse

i dont get it

they trying too say other company should be accused for ps3 ylod problem? or what i is confused
Skadoosh  +   1703d ago
Incoming fanboy website damage control!

I've had both consoles break down on me. The difference? Microsoft fixed my 360 for free while the ps3 wanted to charge me over $100 to fix my ps3. I was forced to go ahead and buy a ps3 slim. I wanted one anyway but still, at least Microsoft was kind enough to recognize the problem and take care of their customers.
YoshiMeetsU  +   1703d ago
Yup they wanted $150 for my bro's PS3 phat to fix it after YLOD. That POS went straight to the garbage after the BR and HDD were scrapped and sold. Never again..

Anyway, the original article was lacking.. but this reminds me of the Sony kill switch.. funny stuff but untrue.

But hey, Ben Dutka wears Kaz's testicles as a summer dress.. So of course he is out defending, deflecting and doing his best bu bu bu MS cry baby routine. All he needed to say was "I believe this is false" but he had to bring MS into it.
#26.1 (Edited 1703d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
fathoms  +   1703d ago
If either of you somehow believe that your personal experience completely nullifies the catastrophic reliability of the 360, cited by hundreds of sources in the past five years, you're too stupid to chew your own food.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1703d ago
OK this is crazy
I DO NOT think Sony did YLOD on purpose, no scandal to see here. At least not in that regards, the scandal is that Sony claims the failure rate is lower than it really is. By doing this they get away with charging people 150bucks for repairs.

There is no way the PS3 fat failure rate is less than at least 25% When I worked at Best Buy PS3's were YLOD'ing constantly.
#27 (Edited 1703d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ATi_Elite  +   1703d ago
What a dumb article as no company would ever want any of their products to be associated with a high failure rate.

The 360 holds a 6 million units sold lead over the PS3 but I always have said those extra 6 million are from 360 owners having to buy another 360 to replace one that RROD.
hiredhelp  +   1703d ago
This is from a 360 hacker. and a hacker thats tryed to obviously hack in to the ps3 find the new next best hack. and found its been very difficult.

there no evidance hex whys or code whys to emply theres such a code on several parts to state that sony ps3 has to say YLED. this total fab.

for the record. who ever was the one who come out with this tripe . i say FUCK YOU'' YOU SAD BASTARD. KEEP TO HACKING THE 360. you can ban me now mod's. ;-)
#29 (Edited 1703d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Shield  +   1703d ago
Stupid Rumors!
No company wants their console to fail on purpose to believe this is just plain asinine!
hiredhelp  +   1703d ago
your right mate they dont. but some do have a tendancy to strip things apart that gets offerd to them that could of been a good product.just so they can make it cheaper for them and hype the price ten fold. (KINNECT). this not a hit at kinnect just pointing out microsft had a offer of project natel instead of keeping all the good stuff.they downgraded it. not good.

but yes every company wants to sucsees just microsft likes to be dominating.
bubbles to ya.
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