DailyVania (9/26/10): Castlevania Lords of Shadow’s sales won’t compliment critical acclaim

Rely on Horror writes: "The above pictured Limited Edition version of the game will obviously be hard to fins post-launch. Unfortunately, the same could be said for the standard edition of the game on both platforms. Honestly speaking, is there really any exposure being made for this on outlets outside of gaming websites? I could be wrong, but thus far there are no TV spots for Lords of Shadow. This leads to another one of Konami’s, unfortunate, habits: their tendency to rely on the franchise’s loyal followers and that with it’s storied legacy people will see Castlevania on the cover and automatically give up cash for the game. This is further proven by Konami adding the Kojima Productions logo on the cover."

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rdgneoz33002d ago

Looks like it'll be a fun game. Hopefully it gets the sales to compliment it. Waiting for the EU PSN store to have the demo go out to non PS+ members this week.

showtimefolks3002d ago

the way i look at it


5 games in october so we will see i see

LOS,fallout and MOH selling the best out of those 5

the only game from that list i might get is MOH because of free game and i don't have a FPS RIGHT NOW

kurisub3002d ago

Thank god this game at least has a demo. If it's good (and I'm assuming it is) it'll at least expose a lot of people to the game who might not have liked or notice the series before.

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