Silicon Valley: Top 10 Most Successful Video Game Consoles

From the PlayStation 3 and the Game Boy Advance to the Super Nintendo and the Xbox 360, 411's Justin Weinblatt counts down the most successful video game consoles of all time!

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Godmars2902976d ago

If they're just looking at levels of overall success, then why is the PS1 so far down? it should be right behind the PS2.

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Pandemic2976d ago

Why is the image an Xbox 360, when it should be a Playstation 2..

SilentNegotiator2976d ago

Because Trollmask posted it.

MrMccormo2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Did a 15-year-old write this article? The iPhone is #1? Nice fakeout, but the 360 and PS3 are on the list? The Game Boy SP, not the original Game Boy is there? Gimme a break...

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HydraxFFx2976d ago

WTF where the hell is Virtual Boy? And nice pictures at the end.

knifefight2976d ago

Virtual Boy 4evaaaaa! I think it sold hundreds of trillions.

moegooner882976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Quote from the article 'First of all, the PS3 is in last place, in terms of units of hardware. In particular, the PS3 has not fared well in America, which is currently the most important market in gaming. Because of this, Sony also lags in software sales. Modern Warfare 2 has sold 11.5 million copies for the X-Box 360, and only 8.5 million copies for PS3'

Someone tell the author that gamers play games not sales

according to the author "What makes a system successful? A combination of factors. A list of the top selling consoles would be boring, so I'm also going to factor in quality of software, impact on the industry, and a healthy dose of my own opinion. For this list, I'm only counting consoles released post Nintendo"

Bluray had the biggest impact on the industry this gen, and PS3 has many AAA exclusives and better game variety.

HydraxFFx2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Read the title of the article, it doesn't matter what gamers play, this is about the sales.

EDIT: That quote you just gave, is the exact reason why the author had to explain himself in saying why the PS3 made the 8th spot.

Also while Bluray had a good impact on gaming this gen, the number impact would easily have been XBL, online gaming really kicked off this gen, look at what PSN has become because of XBL.

CrawFail2976d ago

Read the article, the guy isn't basing this article on sales at all otherwise the PSP and NES would be right next to eachother.

Just another top 10 crap opinion article.

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Trunkz Jr2976d ago

Ipod up there? What a joke.............

frjoethesecond2976d ago

Looks like someone closed the article as soon as they saw that. Nearly did that myself. Epic plot twist.

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