Sony Goes Big At The Eurogamer Expo!

PSBlog writes: Hello everyone! My name’s Tom Bramwell and I’m the editor of a website called We do reviews, news, that sort of thing – but we also run an annual event called the Eurogamer Expo and we’ve got an absolute TON of PlayStation 3 stuff there this year, so I thought you might want to hear about it!

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Redrum0592851d ago

I guess the other 2 are OK aswell

Lol, I kidd I kidd :p

killcycle2851d ago

Damn... friday and saturday sold out already.
Sunday ain't got much to show..

jokia0052851d ago

we can see some of new titles that sony has never announced like Agent.I believe sony is going to show us new titles that we haven't seen like Agent.

Agent agent AGENT.....please....XD

killcycle2850d ago

No Agent unfortunately..

i've checked the list :(

2851d ago
2851d ago
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