Kratos In Mortal Kombat, One Step Away From Confirmation Video Proof

Kratos in Mortal Kombat would make gaming history, This video confirms that we're literally one step away from this deal being sealed.

THIS VIDEO FEATURES Corey Balrog, Stig Asmuessman, David Jaffe, ED BOON, and more

Now considering the competitive nature of the game industry and overall developer/publisher talent, how huge of a impact Mortal Kombat will make in terms, of sales, fan service, and overall industry support in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom 3 if Kratos becomes a character in the game?

Check Out This Sick Detailed Video Below Showing What's Next For Mortal Kombat.

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SasanovaS19873000d ago

dude, how often u see journalists chillin with producers... this is what gaming is about...gamers chillin with gamers. not these journalists who know how to write with grammar in proper paragraph forms interviewing producers and game designers about games they most likely dont give a shi7 about. fact is, when hiphopgamer rates games, notice he always rates them 9s and 10s...u know why? because hes a gamer, not a reviwer. he tells u from a gamer perspective, not how many frames it drops when something big happens on screen, or the jaggie on the shadow...keep it real hhg

ipwnall3000d ago

No one's even attacked him yet and you're defending him?

Most of us dislike HHG because he posts flamebait videos, far from the truth "facts" and lies.

His reviews are equal to a little boy's, always being amazing with everything. It's saddening. Kratos will not be coming to Mortal Kombat, as map editor will not be coming to Black Ops (last week's story).

My beef isn't with HHG mostly though, it's with the people who approve him.

gunnerforlife3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

ipwnall your first line cracked me up lolz

LiquifiedArt3000d ago

"Most of us dislike..."

Sounds like your talking for everyone, I was unaware that your my leader..And I complete disagree with you. I don't mind HHG at all. He's doing his own thing, good for him.

ipwnall3000d ago


Uh, no. "Most" means exactly that. I'm not speaking for everyone, just that "most". And I'm sure if you take a poll on how HHG is doing with gamers, it won't exactly be good with him.

Hell, I showed my bro an interview he had with Stig some time ago and my brother laughed. He said it seems anyone can do something in the industry nowadays.

ISKREEM3000d ago

He over exaggerates the smallest things, it's so damn annoying. Even if this were to happen, it's not like it would be the first time Kratos appeared in a fighting game.

NYC_Gamer3000d ago

i have no problem with HHG..dude gets alot of interviews with big time devs....rather you like it or not

The Lazy One3000d ago

"i have no problem with HHG..dude gets alot of interviews with big time devs....rather you like it or not"

whether you like it or not. whether.

barom3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Man just by watching this video you can see how creative Cory Barlog (the GoW2 director) is. I really hope he releases a game soon. I personally thought he made the best GoW and really just this video with comments like "let me ask the belt" and the whole thing about Kratos' fatality reseting the game save, you can see he got a lot of creative fuel in his tank.

Anyway, despite me hating on HHG, I love his interviews. He poses some really great questions that no one has ever asked before. His interview with David Jaffe is still my favorite Jaffe interview. Currently, the best interviews usually comes from either gamasutra or HHG. Real talk! hahah!

Why o why3000d ago

he doesnt spam my monitor screen....I/we click his links.

I cant stand patcher, he doesnt spam my monitor ...I DONT click his links

See a trend starting, do i even need to go any further. No journalist is perfect. Id trust his bad grammar flamebait headline writing self over the perfect grammar so called professional UN-EFIN-QUOTE idiots from EDGE magazine any day of the week.

A lot of people just hate the dude because of his misinformation yet the same never give credit when he's right. Some how he sounds, acts. Some his colour. His wrestling belt doesnt harm me even though i think its silly but he DOES interview people most of us only see through our screens and he does actually seem to be a gamer first.

Kratos in mortal combat makes a whole heap of sense

Justin_bristoe3000d ago

do u .....think he's lying about kratos on mk??? he's been the first to break news a good few time so shove azz much.

Natsu X FairyTail3000d ago

Man I'd like to just kick it with HHG while smoking some Sour D and bumping this throwback Biggie smalls I'd whoop him @ any game hahhaha.

HHG a cool mofo.

headwing453000d ago

Then I saw "By HHG" and I was like "AWWWW"...

The only real reason why I hate this guy is because he lies in his titles every week, I always have to watch out for his articles now so I don't get my hopes up for no reason

hikayu3000d ago

the way i see , hhg's titles are like rickroll's . they're almost never wat ur looking 4 .

Red_Orange_Juice3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Kratos exclusive character on PS3, I like that

proper title: One tiny step towards confirmation

DelbertGrady3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Idiot doesn't even know the names of the people he's interviewing. It's Stig Asmussen, not "Stig Asmuessman".

I'm a gamer and I think HHG is a joke. He never does deep interviews like EDGE or Game Informer...because he can't. His lack of intellect forces him to rely on flamebait articles and videos where he focuses more on his spinning wrestling belt than the people he's talking to.

And no, he's not passionate about gaming and never was. He's only passionate about himself and does anything to get exposure and confirmation.

Death24943000d ago

Sorry mate, but you don't speak for the general public. As far as "far from truth" goes, he called that NBA Jam would arrive on ps3 and 360 a while ago. Another thing, you can't stand him yet you're commenting on his article. Why even click if you know it's him? You're just adding fuel to the flame that you supposedly hate. He is really considered press by Sony (flown to Santa Monica studios to see GOW3 early with Kotaku and IGN). He must have some credentials if you're being recognized by one of the big 3.

xAlmostPro3000d ago

@ipwnall actually i dont dislike HHG either.. and if you actually took note of what he says alot of it isn't bullsh*t although i will admite his headlines are abit over the top(but hes said himself its for hits, without hits you dont get known) and i agree with him saying that, i hate these 'journalists' that are so great at the job.. even know most of the time its "this game i dont like because this is my console of choice"

atleast HHG is a gamer, not only that if you listen to what he says the map editor was a RUMOUR, he said its a rumour he didnt THERES GONNA BE A MAP EDITOR IN BLACK OPS".. so you saying that makes you just as bad as the HHG you're making him out to be..

when he says things like "this WILL be in a game" he actually right 99% of the time, otherwise like i said he states loud and clear its a rumour..

and his interviews are among the best, he chats to all these big developers/designers/managers etc in a gamer to gamer manner, asking what gamers want to know..

not just crap like "how much will it cost?" "whats the release date?" "how long has it been in development"

i find him pretty random, but at the same time he has great contacts, always has informative interviews.. and keeps you up to date with the latest, be it facts, speculation or a rumour hes heard something else about..

thats my opinion of course, but i think he gets a hard time when hes actually better than half of these guys who review based on the console they play out of work

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bobrea3000d ago

Implying that being able to use proper grammar and paragraph structure is a bad thing.

The Lazy One3000d ago

A good counter example is Torrence Davis. He's a gamer just like hip hop, but he can actually discuss his points and write/talk like someone that graduated high school.

Ares84PS33000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Gaming is one thing, being a journalst is another. Being a game journalist should not require any less than being a journalist for...say NY Times.

You must do the same thing as other journalists. Sadly gaming journalism is the bottom of the journalist world. It's the scum. HHG is the very bottom of that scum. He should learn to talk properly. He should learn about grammar and how to writte in paragraphs. Also when you say that he tells it from a gamer's point of view. Well guess what, every gaming journalist is a gamer but most of them know how to review and there are certain areas that they look at to judge a game. You can't review a game by your own taste because that makes no sence what so ever. What might be a 9 to me might be a 3 to you and vica versa. If he want's to run a joke of a site than fine. I got no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with is how this clown and his site are mentioned in the same breath with proper journalists and proper gaming sites.

You know when a journalist has to make up stories that aren't true yet pass them as truth, than that journalist doesn't worth anything as a jorunalist.

I can make up crap too you know and pass it as news.

Nowdays every idiot get's to create a website. How HHG got to be this famous....or should I say, infamous.

ChronoJoe3000d ago

No sorry.

Your IQ must be at a certain level for me to respect your opinion.

"notice he always rates them 9s and 10s...u know why? because hes a gamer, not a reviwer. he tells u from a gamer perspective, not how many frames it drops when something big happens on screen"

Yeah, only reviewers notice bad graphics, slow down, FPS drops, missing AA. Maybe they don't know what to call it, but any gamer - looking at the screen can tell that some things wrong when looking at a game that has one of these problems.

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redDevil873000d ago

Kratos Vs Scorpion ... that would be an epic fight

Mista T3000d ago

I can see it now, his fatality would be like what he did to Helios, :P


TheLastGuardian3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Damn I am jealous that HHG got to chill with all the GOW directors except I thought he said David Jaffe was in this video. I really hope Kratos is in Mortal Kombat. I'm kind of on the edge because I'm not really a fighting game fan anymore but I did like the 2D MK's from back in the day. If Kratos is a character in Mortal Kombat I will definitely buy it. If it does happen you can all thank HipHopGamer for putting the idea in the developers head.

Cheeseknight283000d ago

Something from HHG I actually enjoyed watching. I can't believe I actually want Mortal Kombat even MORE now!

Anorexorcist3000d ago

and now hearing all of this, I am actually more motivated to look out for the next MK game.

I guess that's the bada$$ery of Kratos.

Chuck Norris checks under his bed every night for Kratos.

F4sterTh4nFTL3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

So if they want to fit him in, what story will they have to bring him to the Mortal Kombat Time or Universe. That would ruin the whole Mortal Kombat identity just to accommodate Kratos.

If they are to do this then they must leave him out of the story and just make him a versus playable character.

ThatArtGuy3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Superman does not. Also, it's only one character. Having Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Caliber IV wasn't a problem.

The Lazy One3000d ago

soul calibur makes sense. It doesn't have an established storyline through all it's game other than "there's a sword and everybody from everywhere is trying to get it"

It would be like sticking kratos in mario or some crap.

TheGameFoxJTV3000d ago

And Kratos in mario would be a bad thing? I can imagine it now, ripping the head off toad and eating it. XD, then is where the fun really starts.

pixelsword3000d ago

Star Wars characters make no sense being in Soul Calibur.

Time issues make no sense, The Fact that Vader as a sith and Yoda never met (due to Yoda's self-banishment) makes huge continuity issues for the whole thing. Besides that, The "power" that Vader found didn't have any time-distortion capabilities; just distance capabilities.

Vegeta90003000d ago

It would be an exclusive to the PS3 version of the game. It's not like adding in Kratos would ruin anything (especially as it's only 1 character). Besides, Kratos would fit in a game like this so it's not like you're putting in some super hero where they don't do fatalities.

golsilva3000d ago

yeah i see where you coming with the whole dc vs mortal kombat bringing less violence and more of a campy feel. but this is kratos, sony pretty much wants him to be as violent and badass as can be. its a perfect fit with mortal kombat ethos.

also what do you think krato's fatality should be?

house3000d ago

riping the head off could be one.

stabs him in the neck and pulls them along with his head.

there so many

gunnerforlife3000d ago

believe me Kratos fits into MK perfectly, its like he came out of MK and went back in time to Greek Mythology loool

The Lazy One3000d ago

he fits the style, but he doesn't fit the lore at all.

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Malice-Flare3000d ago

would that mean the next MK is PS3 exclusive or would Kratos just be exclusive to the PS3 version?

gunnerforlife3000d ago

think of it like uh that game that had Darth vador and Yoda in ps3 and 360, this is like that.

golsilva3000d ago

just an exclusive to the ps3 version. this is becoming a pretty common practice where each console of a multiplat title has exclusive content of some sort whether it is dlc, characters or something. its helps for those multiplat owners buy the game on their console instead of their competitors.