Where Has Geoff Keighley Seen The Kinect Advert Before?

SystemLink: "Never thought I'd write that title in my lifetime. Still, the man has a point. The prolific video game journalist and host of GTTV left a recent tweet that gives wonderful insight into how well he can remember things."

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bjornbear3005d ago

nope...another day another MS facepalm (and I'm not trying to troll here...seriously, just follow the link)

WhittO3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Atleast they didn't edit in the games to show "really accurate control" lol, they basically showed a bunch of people jumping and at the end edited in something that made Kinect look responsive...

Guessing if they showed an add that had fake responses etc to what you would really get, there would be alot of P/O casuals complaining/returning it.

mittwaffen3005d ago

Act mature in any negative PS3 post; when he has a chance to bash 360 he does.

bjornbear - that 1 bubble doesnt do you justice, how do you create 0 bubbles for people?


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Natsu X FairyTail3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Can'T believe most of the fools in here are quick to talk but wasnt saying nothing about this playstation move commercial that looks like all the motion control cr1p ads.

or in this one ( take buttler off and it looks exactly like Wii COMMERCIAL they even have the same Settings)

this shows that the focus on n4g is solely xbox360 and everything related to it cant stop talking about it.

by the way i DOnt expect the Lames to agree.

you guys are hypocrites thats all i'm saying. Yall tend to let everything slide when it's sony doing it.

TrueStoryGuy3005d ago

Because the title had nothing to do with "PlayStation Move".

Gilliand3005d ago

First one reminds me of those stations at the beginning of MGS4

Ares84PS33005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Anyway, I can't really comment on the responsivness of Kinect because I never tried one. But from what I've been reading it isn't so great. Compared to the Move which follows you 1:1.

I'm not going to claim that Move is much much better but as of right now Sony has delivered on their promisse regarding motion controlls and critics agree as well that it is amazing.

Also, how do people let everything slide when it comes to Sony??? I swear to God I wasn't expecting that from the most idiotic person on any video games site. Why???

Because when the PS3 came out and in the next two years all you could read online is how bad the PS3 sucked. Every critic and site was against the PS3. Everyone hated the PS3. All you could read is the PS3 doomed and so on. The PS3 got so much crap in two years I've never in my entire life seen so much hatred towards anything. And now you come out with this stupid sentance.

As a very smart person said once...... YOU FAIL!

lowcarb3005d ago

"Because when the PS3 came out and in the next two years all you could read online is how bad the PS3 sucked. Every critic and site was against the PS3. Everyone hated the PS3"

Both consoles were hated on by fanboys in the past not just PS3. Been here for years and will tell you 360 has never had a free pass either. Natsu is spot on and the fact you try and justify it by saying 360 fans somehow started it backs it even more.

pixelsword3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

@ Natsu X

I don't think any of the ads from any of the console makers look similar to each other myself (I don't have the ability to make successful connections in that way), but you're right to say that if some things are pointed out that they all should be; it's only an even-handed thing to do.

Redempteur3005d ago

lol all i remember is the 1.05 min kevin butler ads with vikings at the end and plants on fire ...

simplyRealistic183005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

can you not read, he said every CRITIC and SITE, he never once mention Fanboys

look, this is your quote

"Both consoles were hated on by fanboys in the past not just PS3."

this is His

"Every critic and site was against the PS3"

of course fanboys hate the opposing console, they are fanboys ,

The 360 was not getting hated like the PS3 by "Critics" and "***Sites",

So you trying to justify the hate is really funny

I dont even know why you guys bother, this site is filled with sony fanboys because the PS3 is flourishing right now, and it was getting put down back then

If it was the opposite, and the 360 was getting hated in the beginning, and they were doing good now, it would be the SAME EXACT THING

***Sites that are not ran by fanboys, well on the surface anyways

lowcarb3005d ago

I honestly didn't catch the critic part. my bad

gcolley3005d ago

@Natsu X FairyTail - why are you surprised? did you forget what website you are on? there will always be a huge bias towards immature PS3 fanboys on n4G over the MS fanboys. not sure why but PS3 fanboys are more fanatical and resemble religious fanatics if you don't agree to their beliefs.

strickers3004d ago

Natsu X.
If you can't see the difference between the Wii ad and the Move one then you are not very bright.
The Move one is supposed to look like the Wii ad.It's called a spoof but instead of the perfect family sitting around laughing together,looking so in love,they are competing like real families do.Jesus,some people have no idea.Do you think District 9 is just a film about aliens?Read between the lines.

SilentNegotiator3004d ago

Stop using "lame" as a noun, silly troll.

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BrianB3005d ago

wow you should see what sony's doing there actually copying the wii's controller, and the same marketing the wii used for motion plus

DelbertGrady3005d ago

And to make matters even worse, the Wii Fit ad was miles better.

Clarence3005d ago

You all thought M$ could come up with something original?

writersblock3005d ago

But we expect them to have the decency to be discreet when they rip shit off

dragon823005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Like when they used the theme song from LittleBigPlanet for their Xbox Live ads??

dragon823004d ago

How do you disagree with me?? I gave you video proof.

gta_manic3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

But the Kinect one was 30secs of flail and 3 secs of the tv screen

Soldierone3005d ago

The thing that bothers me is it fails to show Kinect in action. Wii one was showing them moving along with whats happening on the screen, the Kinect one just showed how stupid you look swinging your arms around for no reason. Which happens on all 3, and its fun, but show us why they are doing it and what they are looking at.

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