Game Design and Quality Decline

Game design is no new concept to the gaming industry. It encompasses almost everything and anything to do with videogames. But before delving deep into the bowels (with full intention of ripping them out, since that’s all we gamers ever do with bowels) of game design, we have to understand what ‘design’ is. What defines good design? What defines bad (or in some cases downright dastardly-for-all-the-wrong-re asons) design?

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immortal842973d ago

this how I feel about some games. These days most devs are focusing on creating cinematic experiences over making a game that feel as a game.

hardcore19122973d ago

for n4g. n4g readers will have a hard time understanding this article lool

theonlylolking2973d ago

Uncharted 2

Thats all I have to say.