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PS Move gets its very own Battle Rifle, looks stunning

Gamersmint : Amazon.com has recently listed a brand new Battle Rifle attachment for the PS Move . (Playstation Move, PS3)

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prongs123  +   1646d ago
just what we need...them aliens are not the same anymore :D.
psst: we want a sword too.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1646d ago
Have fun holding this with one hand as you move around with the navigator in Socom 4 Killzone 3 or any other shooting games that doesn't run on rails...

This is stupid and pointless your better of with a pistol attachment cause that way you can easily hold it with one hand.
mastahmind  +   1646d ago
the navigator sits where you hold your hand to shoot..
hardcorehippiez  +   1646d ago
the navigator fits in the handle and its easy to use
Hideo_Kojima  +   1646d ago
I only see one trigger which I guess is the trigger on the Move controller...

Doesn't the nav have 2 extra triggers of its own?
ShoryuSwordsman  +   1646d ago
"your better of with a pistol attachment...."
read article please. there is a pistol attachment, costs 5 bucks less, and i assume u ought to be able to put the nav attachment in there as well.
Beahmscream  +   1646d ago
Seriously? O.o
copium  +   1646d ago
you can see the nav controller in the picture...
gamingdroid  +   1646d ago
Now we get plastic stuff for the hardcore gamers! This is no longer for just the casuals!!!
Sasuke159  +   1646d ago
Did u even look at the picture? don't u see the navegator controllers is in the gun where u hold it.
moparful99  +   1646d ago
Wow you are dense.. If you took time to do just a lil research you would know the navi controller sits in the back of the "GRIP" and from everything i've heard this is an excellent gun acc.. I'm having a hard time deciding between this and the official sony gun..
Gam3s4lif3  +   1645d ago
wow look at the disagrees...PS3 fanboys run around N4G
morganfell  +   1645d ago
So a PS3 fanboy is an individual capable of reading an item description and looking at a photo of decent resolution and spotting the obvious?

What does that say about non-PS3 fanboys?

You are attacking attention to detail and reading comprehension. Wow, Joe McCarthy would have loved you.
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hazelamy  +   1645d ago
the navigation controller fits into the grip behind the trigger.
zoom in on the picture and you can see it.

and the disagrees have nothing to do with "fanboys" it's because guntrol was wrong.
sikbeta  +   1645d ago
Looks Great, I want!!!
plenty a tool  +   1645d ago
so it begins. crappy and downright cringeworthy attachments.."look dad, it's like a real gun"

@ guntrol: looks like you upset afew people with your comment..lol 65 disagrees! n4g just gets worse
Hideo_Kojima  +   1645d ago
OK I GET IT! The navigator is on the gun
I don't think your being fanboys but I hope you don't think am a Troll either just check my previous comments on N4G.

But what about the triggers on the Navigator? From the picture it looks like you cant use them because they are located inside the gun and behind the shooting trigger. So without L1 and L2 how would you play a game that requires you to press L1 or L2 to sprint?

and what about triangle and square how would you press those buttonsyou would have to let go of the grip point the top of the gun towards you and press it with your left hand to reload and open doors in Killzone 3 while you make your character turn in the game because you just moved the move controller aswell?

What about when you want to through a grenade in games that use the move to do that?

You move the whole gun as if your throwing a javelin?

Stupid... the attachment is stupid and you are stupid if you get it. It doesn't add anything to the gameplay and just makes it harder.
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Figboy  +   1645d ago
if you go to the source link provided, Amazon.com has a really high quality picture of the peripheral and the L1 and L2 buttons are located on the side of the gun, just above the trigger.
LinuxGuru  +   1645d ago
@ Guntrol
No, YOU'RE stupid for immediately writing off this accessory. And obviously your overly dense brain can't comprehend that a developer can provide MULTIPLE control options for one game, meaning that throwing a grenade wouldn't require tossing the gun like a moron, like you assume.

People LOVE full rifle controllers...haven't you ever been to dave and busters or gameworks?

Seriously, all you've done is prove that you're extremely dense, defensive, and just plain non-observant.
Rrobba  +   1645d ago
No, just no. The navigator fits nicely in the same way as the Wii Zapper.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1645d ago

I see well than I have nothing against this rifle anymore.
I still wouldn't get it but at list it works.
BrianB   1646d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
gtamike  +   1646d ago
looks stunning
Jamegohanssj5  +   1646d ago
If they made a sword peripheral I'd go out and purchase move right now.

cayal  +   1646d ago
I'd buy it if they made a Star Wars LightSabre game.
Gago  +   1646d ago
pew pew pew
pixelsword  +   1645d ago
True, but it's still with buttons :)
specialguest  +   1646d ago
Does not look stunning
Is that ugly thing supposed to resemble an AR15?!? They could have done a better job...a much better job.
cyborg  +   1645d ago
You must really
be lacking in judgement, I don't see how it looks ugle from any angle
specialguest  +   1645d ago
First of all, thank you for replying
I am somewhat of a gun enthusiast, and that's a bad representation of an AR15.

I believe this what they attempted to make it look like:

Instead, they got a rifle that looks like it was constructed by a crossed-eyed 3 year old baby. Everything from the gun stock, to the placement of the magazine and barrel is just ugly and wrong on many levels. Where is the handguard you're supposed to hold the rifle up with? The magazine clip?!? No one freakin hols the magazine clip in the real world.

This right here is a more accurate representation:
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-Gespenst-  +   1645d ago
It's a fuck!ing toy you maniac. Relax.
Pug  +   1645d ago
specialguest? ... specialneeds I think.
specialguest  +   1645d ago
I am relaxed
Just justifying my opinion, thats all. Then again, an opinion really didnt need to be justified.
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Maddens Raiders  +   1645d ago
hotdamn -
Sony, slow down! lol
ThaTeflonDon  +   1645d ago
Here's your sword!
cyborg  +   1645d ago
A sword will be awesome but only if they make a star wars game for the same...oh wait that makes it a saber would be awesome!
frankymv  +   1646d ago
awesome sauce
LolololRumz  +   1646d ago
I wouldn't wanna get hit in the face with that
blackpanther25  +   1646d ago
would this actually work well. I mean will it feel good.
IDK i would have to try it first
rumplstilts  +   1645d ago
Basically a badass looking Wii Zapper. Stupid peripheral. Seriously. You'd look like a total tool sitting on your couch playing Socom with that thing.
ukilnme  +   1646d ago
If I had any plans to buy Move I would actually pick that up too.
Philoctetes  +   1646d ago
Same here.
I may or may not buy Move, but if I do, something like this would actually be kind of cool.
ActionBastard  +   1646d ago
I look forward to not buying this.
bjornbear  +   1646d ago
i'm all for move (since it works and shows potential)
but this peripheral crap is lamo ='(

well...sony gotta cash in sometimes eh? =|
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soulraver  +   1646d ago
Whats the problem with having options, i dont know why people diss on so many products, if you don't like it fine, someone else does, im glad they have the option of buying it.
Foliage   1646d ago | Trolling | show
LycanSoldier  +   1646d ago
You do realize people are ripping on it cause it looks shit, right?

360 or PS3 fanboy, no-one in their right mind would say that's a good looking "gun"
Bathyj  +   1646d ago
LycanSoldier, compared to the Guncon 2 and other lightguns I'd say its an excellent looking gun.

Yes you might get laughed at if you turned up at a paintball match with it, but within the context of videogames its pretty cool.
jambabie69  +   1646d ago
to soulraver
i say that samething when it comes to cross game chat or wanting voice messaging on psn, but get slammed with disagrees-

optional is optional. tired of how most on here are so damn sony fanboyish to defend this, but yet when someone utters an OPTION for psn they get attacked. freaking BS.

anyways had move since last week, and naw i won't be buying this. rather have a pistol.
harrisk954  +   1646d ago
"sony gotta cash in sometimes"
This is not a Sony product. It is manufactured by a company called ICON.
WildArmed  +   1646d ago
well...sony gotta cash in sometimes eh? =|
except the fact that these 'add-ons' aren't made by Sony

btw, this is a horrible add-on.
Looks uncomfortable and I wondering how you would reach the button that are located below the controller.. (or at the front end).
Forget about using your joystick comfortably.
nycredude  +   1645d ago
Dude this isn't even made by SOny.
ikkeweer  +   1646d ago
@Action Bastard, me too
Unfortunately I have a cousin who will keep on begging for me to get it once he finds out it exists.
TheBand1t   1646d ago | Personal attack | show
uxo22  +   1646d ago
@Foliage 6.1.2
"Unlike their BS shows, they have absolutely no current support for scanning in objects and using them as an accessory. The PS3 on the other hand CAN scan in almost any object and have the game recognize it."

I'm not saying that you are wrong, but I have never knew that Move could scan in objects and use them in a game. Can you give me a link to that. Serious I would like to see which game does that. Once again, please provide a link.

#6.4 (Edited 1646d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AllyOmega  +   1646d ago
Object scanning.

google is your friend. :)
uxo22  +   1646d ago
Thanks for the links. You are right google was my friend as I had already seen those examples. I guess what I was wondering is, can I draw whatever I want and have it scanned into the game.

I'm am almost sure that the car that this guy drew in was predetermined and already programmed into eyepet. What would it do if I placed my nikon d90 in front of the camera or my paper weight form my desk.

I thought object scanning was for the most part going to be anything you happen to have that you want to scan into the game.

Anyway, thanks for the link, although I'm still not convinced that the car in the eyepet video wasn't pre-programmed.
AllyOmega  +   1645d ago
What happens in eyepet is...
If it doesnt directly know what the object that you drew is, itll make it into some sort of ballon looking thing. It will scan it, but because the software doesnt know what it is, it cant make it.
rekof  +   1646d ago
that looks surprisingly good ,.. If the trigger feels great,.. might actually check it out for Time crisis,..
Hazmat13  +   1646d ago
hehe battle rifle halo. lol i need to get this! wait do i need a Nav controller as well?
Chapulin  +   1646d ago
Relientk77  +   1646d ago
Sweet the BR is coming to PS3 ... which means Halo is coming to PS3

xbox fans r gonna be so pissed

dirtydbz  +   1646d ago
yes this thing has the nav controler in the handle ( so won't work with ds3) but the aiming should be awsome although I can see issues with it is not the worst idea ever
idunnowutimdoing22  +   1646d ago
That looks completely useless lol
Hazmat13   1646d ago | Personal attack | show
wat634  +   1646d ago
I dont like guns
That have a glowing globe on the side.
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Foliage   1646d ago | Personal attack | show
PopEmUp  +   1645d ago
Foliage is right
Wat634 don't know shit about gun, is not surprise N4G will disagree with you
JRobes  +   1645d ago
der... teachers learned me good in school
Learn some f*ing english... your replies may actually mean something to someone if you don't sound like a hill-billy
matey  +   1645d ago
yah lets get a gun that might make us forget the laggy controls and 30fps move is crap played tigerwoods 11 on iy crap crap
Rocket Sauce  +   1646d ago
I like the placement of the barrel, great idea - ultra realistic.
Foliage  +   1646d ago
It isn't incredibly realistic, but they were trying to make it so you can breakaway parts to alter the gun shape:

Having a secondary barrel that low isn't completely unrealistic. There are many gun attachments in real life, you'd be surprised.

After all the crap that released for the Wii, it's kind of hard to nitpick these more realistic weapons. They aren't going to give you the real thing, with a slot for the move controller. That would cost a fortune.
#14.1 (Edited 1646d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
JRobes  +   1645d ago
yes.. it is unrealistic
the only things that would be in that placement on a gun are a tactical flashlight, grenade launcher, or a flip up bayonet. They should have just removed the barrel from their design and made it more like a sub-machine gun
SSKILLZ  +   1646d ago
Dead Space Extraction for Ps Move any one ?......this looks awesome!
chilled2m  +   1646d ago
So... One hand holds the pistol grip, and the other hand holds on to the magazine? This peripheral is obviously trying to look like some sort of M4 or Colt Commando, so why doesn't it have a nice rail with a grip or at the very least the stock m4 grips?
Ah well, beggars can't be choosers
spartan_dx  +   1646d ago
This looks great
its a hundred times better than the other "gun" atttachments they sell for the move this makes shooting games much more realistic and better than it would be playing them with just the move and nav controls. The rifle holds both the move and navigation controllers but it can also turn into a hand gun by removing some attachments and its pretty cheap too for 30 bucks.
n4gno  +   1646d ago
Yes, and nobody seems to notice but : if it works, that "gun" using your 2 hands, would be way more easy to play with several hours than pistols in one hand.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1646d ago
so far the gun attachment is not a good idea
many of the shooters available require the use of the move button, making the gun attachment useless
ozps3   1646d ago | Immature | show
dirtydbz  +   1646d ago
not that I am positive about this but the move controller has an ext port ( othrwise the triger wouldn't work period) that being said anyone who has used a rifle and a pistol would know that a shoulderstock makes percision aiming that much easier .
as much as I would love this for somthing like cod mw2 there are not enough buttons avalible to be able to switch guns doubble weild and such therefore I see the problems inherent with this item
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1646d ago
now if the suits at sony would either open up the psn store to indie devs, or get to working on arcade style games that could take full advantage of things like this we could be flooded with all sorts of fun options to try this tech out with.

Duck Hunt, Rush N Attack, Time Cop, Terminator games anyone? 5 to 10 dollar titles that could be used by anyone just picking up the device, and challenging enough for most players. Old school nintendo style shooting gallery type games that actually can incorporate aiming would be a great casual gamer enticement to purchase the move for people on the fence. Would make the psn store a good option rather than heading to the video store to rent what might be in stock.
Nugundam0079  +   1646d ago
oh great
more stuff for the shooter heads.
jak3y13oy  +   1646d ago
Sexy BEAST of a gun! Want that on Black Ops as you can customize it alot ;)
LoveSpuds  +   1646d ago
Looks quite good to me
but I am not a gun nut. WHat I can speak about is how crap light guns have been down the years.

This one looks really good compared to what has come before, if they can knock out some good gun games I would bick this up for sure.

By the time it reaches us in the UK it will probably be cast in bright orange plastic though :(
Rahim92  +   1646d ago
It would be amazing if this gun had vibration/rumble
jianijue   1646d ago | Spam
qweqwedg   1646d ago | Spam
NateDPG  +   1646d ago
WOW this looks amazing and should work great with shooters as you can put the navigation controller in the grip, so with the hand you pull the trigger you can move with the thumb. Should make things much easier and very comfortable.

Very nice http://www.i-con-products.c...
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ATi_Elite  +   1646d ago
This looks great except.......
They should have put the glowing move bubble under the barrel and shape the side so the glowing move bubble looks like a 203 launcher, also add some buttons on the 203 launcher for more realism.

other than that it looks pretty cool.
ReBurn  +   1646d ago
Looks like a bubble gun. Which is kind of funny when you think about killing on-screen enemies with it.
GoldPS3  +   1645d ago
I will be buying one for sure
Shnazzyone  +   1645d ago
IS it just me...
Or does there seem to be a bit too much praise on N4G for things done with move that were called stupid and useless on wii.

Hypocrisy for sure.

hazelamy  +   1645d ago
actually, that looks pretty cool. :)
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