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prongs1233005d ago

just what we need...them aliens are not the same anymore :D.
psst: we want a sword too.

Hideo_Kojima3005d ago

Have fun holding this with one hand as you move around with the navigator in Socom 4 Killzone 3 or any other shooting games that doesn't run on rails...

This is stupid and pointless your better of with a pistol attachment cause that way you can easily hold it with one hand.

mastahmind3005d ago

the navigator sits where you hold your hand to shoot..

hardcorehippiez3005d ago

the navigator fits in the handle and its easy to use

Hideo_Kojima3005d ago

I only see one trigger which I guess is the trigger on the Move controller...

Doesn't the nav have 2 extra triggers of its own?

ShoryuSwordsman3005d ago

read article please. there is a pistol attachment, costs 5 bucks less, and i assume u ought to be able to put the nav attachment in there as well.

copium3005d ago

you can see the nav controller in the picture...

gamingdroid3005d ago

Now we get plastic stuff for the hardcore gamers! This is no longer for just the casuals!!!

Sasuke1593005d ago

Did u even look at the picture? don't u see the navegator controllers is in the gun where u hold it.

moparful993005d ago

Wow you are dense.. If you took time to do just a lil research you would know the navi controller sits in the back of the "GRIP" and from everything i've heard this is an excellent gun acc.. I'm having a hard time deciding between this and the official sony gun..

Gam3s4lif33004d ago

wow look at the disagrees...PS3 fanboys run around N4G

morganfell3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

So a PS3 fanboy is an individual capable of reading an item description and looking at a photo of decent resolution and spotting the obvious?

What does that say about non-PS3 fanboys?

You are attacking attention to detail and reading comprehension. Wow, Joe McCarthy would have loved you.

hazelamy3004d ago

the navigation controller fits into the grip behind the trigger.
zoom in on the picture and you can see it.

and the disagrees have nothing to do with "fanboys" it's because guntrol was wrong.

sikbeta3004d ago

Looks Great, I want!!!

plenty a tool3004d ago

so it begins. crappy and downright cringeworthy attachments.."look dad, it's like a real gun"

@ guntrol: looks like you upset afew people with your 65 disagrees! n4g just gets worse

Hideo_Kojima3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I don't think your being fanboys but I hope you don't think am a Troll either just check my previous comments on N4G.

But what about the triggers on the Navigator? From the picture it looks like you cant use them because they are located inside the gun and behind the shooting trigger. So without L1 and L2 how would you play a game that requires you to press L1 or L2 to sprint?

and what about triangle and square how would you press those buttonsyou would have to let go of the grip point the top of the gun towards you and press it with your left hand to reload and open doors in Killzone 3 while you make your character turn in the game because you just moved the move controller aswell?

What about when you want to through a grenade in games that use the move to do that?

You move the whole gun as if your throwing a javelin?

Stupid... the attachment is stupid and you are stupid if you get it. It doesn't add anything to the gameplay and just makes it harder.

Figboy3004d ago

if you go to the source link provided, has a really high quality picture of the peripheral and the L1 and L2 buttons are located on the side of the gun, just above the trigger.

LinuxGuru3004d ago

No, YOU'RE stupid for immediately writing off this accessory. And obviously your overly dense brain can't comprehend that a developer can provide MULTIPLE control options for one game, meaning that throwing a grenade wouldn't require tossing the gun like a moron, like you assume.

People LOVE full rifle controllers...haven't you ever been to dave and busters or gameworks?

Seriously, all you've done is prove that you're extremely dense, defensive, and just plain non-observant.

Rrobba3004d ago

No, just no. The navigator fits nicely in the same way as the Wii Zapper.

Hideo_Kojima3004d ago


I see well than I have nothing against this rifle anymore.
I still wouldn't get it but at list it works.

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BrianB3005d ago ShowReplies(5)
Jamegohanssj53005d ago

If they made a sword peripheral I'd go out and purchase move right now.


cayal3005d ago

I'd buy it if they made a Star Wars LightSabre game.

pixelsword3005d ago

True, but it's still with buttons :)

specialguest3005d ago

Is that ugly thing supposed to resemble an AR15?!? They could have done a better job...a much better job.

cyborg3004d ago

be lacking in judgement, I don't see how it looks ugle from any angle

specialguest3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I am somewhat of a gun enthusiast, and that's a bad representation of an AR15.

I believe this what they attempted to make it look like:

Instead, they got a rifle that looks like it was constructed by a crossed-eyed 3 year old baby. Everything from the gun stock, to the placement of the magazine and barrel is just ugly and wrong on many levels. Where is the handguard you're supposed to hold the rifle up with? The magazine clip?!? No one freakin hols the magazine clip in the real world.

This right here is a more accurate representation:

-Gespenst-3004d ago

It's a fuck!ing toy you maniac. Relax.

Pug3004d ago

specialguest? ... specialneeds I think.

specialguest3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Just justifying my opinion, thats all. Then again, an opinion really didnt need to be justified.

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cyborg3004d ago

A sword will be awesome but only if they make a star wars game for the same...oh wait that makes it a saber would be awesome!

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LolololRumz3005d ago

I wouldn't wanna get hit in the face with that

blackpanther253005d ago

would this actually work well. I mean will it feel good.
IDK i would have to try it first

rumplstilts3005d ago

Basically a badass looking Wii Zapper. Stupid peripheral. Seriously. You'd look like a total tool sitting on your couch playing Socom with that thing.

ukilnme3005d ago

If I had any plans to buy Move I would actually pick that up too.

Philoctetes3005d ago

I may or may not buy Move, but if I do, something like this would actually be kind of cool.