People with Ipads dont need consoles or handheld

According to an article in The Huffington Post, people with Ipads have no need of Handhelds nor Consoles.

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saint_john_paul_ii2973d ago

Yes, Because I dont care about real gaming, and i game with no buttons
/end sarcasm

No FanS Land2973d ago

LMAO, someone might use this exact sentence towards kinect.

Hideo_Kojima2973d ago

To begin am not a casual gamer and an iPad would NEVER fully replace my need for a console like the PS3 however...

If i had an iPad I would probably game a bit less on PS3 because sometimes I don't care what game am playing as long as its fun easy and stress free.

I don't always want a real challenge which is why i sometimes resort to games like LBP or even PC flash games.

If I had an iPad I would sometimes play it while am watching TV and sitting on my coach even if I was in reach of my PS3.

But could I survive totally on casual games?
Probably no longer than a week.

WildArmed2973d ago

Weird, bcoz my Ipad can barely do anything gaming related.
The games that I have on it barely even keep my attention for 5mins.

-Ikon-2973d ago

I though only MS could come up with something so LUDICROUS....

Guess not!!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

The iPad is a perfect device for the casual gamer who also needs to email, browse the web, movies, music, podcasts,spreadsheets on the go, Ebooks/Audio books, etc. I'm waiting for Facetime upgrade before I buy.

Amazing software/hardware. I love this company.

Huffington's piece is the typical view of a casual gamer who thinks one little piece of tech can fill in the needs for everything else.

Haters going to hate but Apple will continue to dominate MS and all other competitors in this space.

Oh and Apple just because the second most valued company in the U.S.

monkey nuts2973d ago

There is no such app for loneliness..........

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Said the dude who's commenting on my comment.

kneon2973d ago

The ipad has a few uses but it's a poor replacement for any of those five devices mentioned.

# 5 - traditional video games consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Wii)
not even close, not unless you've been buying consoles to play bejewelled

#4 - MP3 player
Sure it can play MP3s, but do you really want to lug something that big around if you just want to listen to some music

# 3 - Laptop Computer
Limited software, poor interoperability. It's ok if all you wanted to do was surf the web and do a little email

# 2 - portable game consoles (DS, PSP)
Too big, poor controls

# 1 - E-book reader
Poor screen compared to e-paper, limited battery life and for me it's too big. My shiny new 5" e-reader fits in my pocket.

thewhoopimen2972d ago

I think i'm in a pretty good position to talk about this. I just picked up a 64gb iPad a week ago in order to pursue editing my DSLR photog RAW files on the fly and uploading it.

I decided to pick up a game during my downtime and surprisingly have been playing pretty hardcore strategy and RPG games with the unit.

There are alot of very well-made and deep titles on the iPad. The portability and "giant" screen size is fantastic, the touchscreen is very responsive (to the point of being able to play like street fighter II using a virtual joystick). The game I'm playing right now (battle of Wesnoth) is a blend of RPG/Strategy and easily 100+ hours in length. Best of all most of these games cost less than $8 (avg. around $5).

I think sims, strategy, rts, rpg, arcade titles, and even FPS lend themselves very well to the iPad interface.

Anyway, just sharing my two cents.

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Pedobear Rocks2973d ago

news sources don't need 'Huffington Post'.

mikepmcc2973d ago

If you actually go to the Huffington Post story, it was a SURVEY, with different respondants saying which devices they didn't need anymore. And when the reporter in the video said the number five item people said they didn't need anymore was a gaming console, she said that those people didn't understand what a gaming console could really do. Meaning the reporter was SUPPORTING VIDEO GAMES. You people...

sak5002973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I've been playing like crazy on iphone4. My time on 360 is getting less and less as can fly a plane in Xplane, race around tracks in NFS:Shift/Asphalt, Real racing, fight my way in SFIV, have halo like fps in N.O.V.A. The graphics due to REtina display are much better than psp or ds.

I spent 4~5 hours in hospital yesterday as my GF was in for food poisoning and kept myself busy with Angry birds while she was getting her IVs.

So yes if you have life you can enjoy more games on your handhelds not sure about these PADs though as they are bulky and awkward to use.

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FAGOL2973d ago

I think you are what people call a 'casual gamer'.

Pedobear Rocks2973d ago

PSP kicks your cell phone games' ass. Thanks for the laugh.

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IrishYamato2973d ago

Thats because most iDevice owners are not gamers

Half-Mafia2973d ago

well i have PS3,360,iPhone 4, iPad and a PSP. i play them all apart from my PSP now cause i use an iPhone which is a phone with great games.

kerrak2973d ago

So, waht are you playing:

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