Gran Turismo has 756 standard cars

According to a demonstration that SONY performed to demonstrate a new technology called PLAYVIEW TECH, it has disclosed the total number of standard cars that will come in Gran Turismo 5.


Here is the google translate of the article:

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MAR-TYR-DOM2706d ago

After the LBP delay i really hope this doesn't get delayed. If it does, i will personally go and burn some houses on my street down.

Rumor2706d ago

This game is gonna make me become a --for lack of a better term-- racing simmer

kancerkid2705d ago

The standards cars are just upscaled from past games. They do not have damage modelling or anything.

nikoado2705d ago


I believe standard cars still have performance affecting damage, and superficial dmg(scratches etc.)

They don't have "panel separation" though.

likedamaster2705d ago

Does this mean 756 cars with no crash physics, etc.?

God_Of_Epicness2705d ago

Great, after my exam, I'll buy this game (along with premium cars), Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Gaming ftw!

Biggest2705d ago

Ir's strange to me that this late in life people are asking the same questions about GT5. It's like a Glen Beck thing. You may know the answer, but if you don't like the answer, keep asking the same questions.

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SeanRL2706d ago


PS3Freak2706d ago

The disagree fairy is running rampant today!

OT: I really don't know if I can wait until November 2nd for this freakin game. It's too much.

thor2706d ago

Not really.

Standard cars are confirmed just updated models of previous GT cars (so they took say the GT4 model and smoothed out some of the corners). Since there are a lot of previous car models, it wouldn't be too hard to port them over.

I will not use standard cars. Nearly everything that GT5 has that is new is lost on standard cars. They have inferior damage, no cockpit view (making weather far less impressive), and worse visuals.

They should have left out the standard cars and rather left GT5 with a few more premium cars. The standard cars are a blemish on the game; dead weight that nobody wants to see.

To top it off, certain things like the VW Bus are PREMIUM. This means that whether a car is premium or not has nothing to do with how fast it is, how beautiful it is or how much you want to drive it. This means that although GT5 has around 250 premium cars, they won't be the ones that we want.

jetlian2706d ago

did that it would have half the cars forza has

Mr Marbles2706d ago

but I wouldn't say they won't be the ones we want, I would say, they will not all be the ones we want. In other words a bunch of the premium cars will be cars that we would much rather have seen on the standard car list, and there are probably a bunch on the standard car list that we would rather have on the premium list.

thor2706d ago

@Mr Marbles

Yeah I agree with you there, my wording may have been a bit clumsy though.


Exactly, GT5 DOES have half the cars Forza has. I don't know why they take so much time to model each car - it CAN'T be perfectionism because they're happy to ship a game with so many standard cars in it. Turn 10 were able to model the interiors of all of their cars, and add damage to all of their cars - and the cars were still very close to their real-life counterparts. What did Turn 10 do that Polyphony can't? Why couldn't all 1000 cars in GT5 be modelled to a reasonable level of detail (incorporating cockpit view and damage for all cars), and then they could work on improving them up until launch, rather than setting an unreasonable target where the diameter of the exhaust pipe needs to be accurate to within the micrometer leaving other cars as just up-rezed GT4 models?

jetlian2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

they would need another 15 years. 5 to do 250 cars 20 years for 1000 cars. I think a lot of it is forza's doing. If forza didn't have rollovers,damage, and whatnot this would have been out sooner.

Everyttime they got readu to ship a new forza with came forcing them to update something.

SoapShoes2706d ago

That's retarded, you're just pulling stuff out of your butt. The standard cars will look great and will have cockpits. They won't have as detailed of a cockpit or fully designed under carriage, but they'll still look great.

Really I don't care what you think, if you're upset by this then enjoy your vinegar.

Mr Marbles2706d ago

problem is if you are expecting a logical or reasonable response or debate from these people your out of luck. No one here will ever question Poly or Sony in any negative way whatsoever.

GT5 is god to them no matter what, they could announce tomorrow that suddenly there will only be 50 premium cars and these people would all scream AWESOME in unison. They are completely mindless automatons that cant seem to say a negative thing about Sony/PS3/Poly even to save their lives. In the long run this customer attitude only hurts the consumer, Sony will lower quality with such lowered expectations.

Personally I like alot about the GT series and am looking forward to it, but I am of sound enough mind to see when they are pulling BS or when perhaps they made a bad choice in a part of the game design. I also have no problem pointing it out or discussing it, not to troll or bash Sony, but just because its a game we all have an interest in. If there are negatives they deserve to be discussed just as much as the positives.

Elwenil2706d ago

So the 756 standard cars are just smoothed over GT4 cars? That must be a lot of smoothing to stretch the just over 650 cars in GT4 to over 750. Fools.

thor2706d ago


I said "previous GT cars" - GT4 was just an example I gave.


I'm not, this has been confirmed in interviews. Research it yourself if you want, or go onto and ask the nice folks there.

@Mr Marbles

Yeah it's annoying that you can't have a decent discussion on this site. I'm looking forward to GT5 as much as anyone here - I'm a MASSIVE racing game fan. Sometimes I am too aggressive, but even when I want to just have a calm discussion I get labelled a fanboy and the youngsters on this site throw out crude insults or assert their position without making a point.

raztad2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"just up-rezed GT4 models"

Oh really?

Those cars dont look like "just up-rezed GT4 models" to me.

Seijoru2706d ago

They are using the same measurements and details they took from the cars while making GT4 dumbass, not just up-resing it. GT4 had perfect accuracy so they didn't see a reason to take all those measurments again.

thor2706d ago


Yeah they do. Black-tinted windows are a giveaway. The edges have been smoothed and the texture resolution has been increased.

Lack of cockpit view is the main negative for me; the black-tinted windows pretty much confirm this.

NateDPG2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

The standard cars still look better than Forza's and you must be kidding if you think black-tinted windows proves anything.

blasian2706d ago

I dont think PD would have time for any more premium cars. The amount of detail in a single car is ridiculous and to have 250 cars already like that is really great. Although it would be nice to have 1000 premium cars it just wouldnt be possible right now.

thor2706d ago


I would rather have a compromise of say 500 cars at 90% detail rather than 250 cars at 100% detail and 750 at 50% detail, just my opinion on the matter. For me the standard cars were a mistake and PD should have not set their standards so high that they had to make this compromise.

raztad2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

So Black-tinted windows is your definition of "just up-rezed"? come on thor, you can do better than that.

Just for the records I'm not saying Standard cars are not improved GT4 cars. That is very well known. However those standard cars, save cockpit view and damage detail, are up to GT5 visual fidelity.

In short, Standard Cars are not just up-rezed, but fully retextured and behave as you would expect from a GT5 car.

EDIT: I wanted to add, that if you truly believe standard cars are "just up-rezed" you are giving GT4 too much credit.

blasian2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

i can agree about the 500 @ 90%. It was probably because of nascar and wrc. Ill still be playing them though for the platinums.

NateDPG2706d ago

This thor guy is talkin some real crap:

"You may have heard that the standard cars will simply be remodeled versions of cars from GT4, but Polyphony wants to remind you that they're using the textures and physics the other cars have. Essentially, the models are being reused but it's hardly a copy-and-paste job. And here's the quote that clarifies the in-cockpit view, from IGameReport:

Standard cars do indeed have a cockpit/dashboard view, just not nearly as detailed as the premium cars. The existing cars are not just being copied; they are all being generated properly to create authentic experiences from car to car."

poindat2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

For the record, I disagree with thor and absolutely love the choice that standard cars give to the game, but he's correct about the features of standard cars. It has been confirmed MULTIPLE TIMES by Kaz and PD themselves that standard cars will not have cockpits. It's amazing how so-called "fans" of this game can miss such vital information.

You're only setting yourselves up for disappointment so stop being ignorant, go research the issue to find the truth (if I just gave the sources to you, you would just ignore them), and get over it. The game will be AMAZING regardless. The standards are definitely much improved over their GT4 counterparts, but will simply have a less complex damage model and lack a cockpit.


Someone who actually knows what he's talking about

flipposguitar2705d ago

the 69 camaro Z28 is standard... yup...that deffinatly looks like black tinted window to me... :/

cmon dude a Polyphony SCEA said that they used what info they had from gt4 about the cars and made them completly for the new gt5 engine. not a simple copy and paste job. direct quote here "The existing cars are not just being copied; they are all being generated properly to create authentic experiences from car to car.”

Dee_912705d ago

i think its the fact you keep saying "simply" and "the same" iswhats pissing people off
if you hoonestly think it was simple and so easy to just upscale cars like its a everyday thing then u are totally misunderstand the word upscale.
you really think ifit was that easy and simple and the exact same as gt4 u think 250 prem cars would take this long to make really ?

To people pissed about no cockpit for standards dont worry kaz said gt6 will be here much sooner than the wait for gt5 from gt4 and more than likely they will add a few more cars and implament cockpit vieww in gt5 standard cars .. justt my educated guess

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poopface12705d ago

I only had GT3 but My favorite thing was buying all the cars.

DigitalAnalog2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

You are so caught up in the detail of the cars that you forget the REAL reason what the game is all about. I'll give you a hint:


It's one thing to put details on the car but what about the way how the car handles? From what I've read, EACH car mimics it's real life counterparts. It doesn't matter if the 756 standard cars lack the interior's or not but rather HOW it feels like on the road. The idea is to take NASCAR, RALLY cars and put them in locations and arenas that NEVER thought possible. How it feels like to drive them in those situations. It's ALL about the driving and the possibilities. You call yourself a driving fan, but from your argument it seems to me your more the "car modelling" fan.

What happens if I DON'T like any of the 500+ premium cars (from your argument)? With a 1000 cars, I can have a variety of choices and pick which one suits my style. After all, I'm all in for the driving and the interiors are there for aesthetics purposes.

GT6 would definitely have more premium cars than the last but even then, the most important aspect is how "simulated" it is on the road. And THAT is what GT5 is all about.

-End statement

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mrmcygan2706d ago

So do PS3's already have playview or is it going to be put into a firmware update?

arnoldocastillo20032706d ago

I think its gonna be implemented only with games directly in the software of the game.

The_Count2706d ago

Someone mind telling me what playview is. I've been a bit busy with this Katy Perry fiasco.

Ah ah ah

TrevorPhillips2706d ago

and I have $150 on GT5. Cannot wait for this game only 1 month and a half left :D

PixlSheX2706d ago

So.. this means there are 240+ premium cars?

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