Dead Rising 2 Screen Tearing, MASSIVE one... on the PS3

4 guys, 2 girls and a blog writes: It is extremely disheartening when such a famed developer/publisher like Capcom would allow buggy final products to be marketed.

Long story short, the PS3 version of Dead Rising 2 is plagued with VERY VERY nauseating screen tearing throughout the map. Even when the map is devoid of any objects, it tears like hell.

I have tried the Xbox 360 version and notice no such issues on the platform.

Capcom, what the hell are you doing with QC? and DR2 is supposed to boost up your company's sales performance. *Sigh*

Please release a patch soon, the game is really unplayable with all the tear.

For now... 0/5.

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Natsu X FairyTail2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

can u make a video of it and show the Screen tearing? I've never heard of your website and dunno if its trustable

Montoya2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


I thought everyone and their mama knew about 4guys2girlsandablog.blogspot.c om

This is the ONLY place for reliable information for REAL gamers.


mikeslemonade2797d ago

I wasn't going to play this shovelware game anyway. I have both systems by the way.

Downtown boogey2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


It's funny how most of N4G users can't conceive sarcasm...

SilentNegotiator2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

4guys2girlsandablog DEFINITELY has an advanced copy of both versions of the game. DEFINITELY.

"the game is really unplayable with all the tear"
Definitely made-up BS. We've already seen PS3 footage, definitely FAR from "unplayable".
Some screen-tearing? Yes.
Unplayable? Hardly.

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Traveler2796d ago

I got the PS3 version today and sadly it does have quite a bit of tearing. Then again I am fairly sensitive to screen tearing so it might not bother some of you as much.

hikayu2796d ago

no picture = no show

im sorry but when anyone can write "article" nowaday , words hardly matter anymore .

theEx1Le2796d ago

*Looks at title. clicks article*
*looks at source, does not give a blog the hit*
*lols at usual trolling in comments section, leaves*

jadenkorri2796d ago

does what above said and just says thou, I'll make the call myself when I'm playing in HD on my 52 inch sony bravia tv. I have played many other games and seen these stupid articles for those games, yet no screen tearing.

commodore642796d ago

So far, I agree that 4guys2girlsandablog.blogspot.c om is a no name blog that could be making stuff up.
However, I have heard other websites report similar findings.

I guess when the game is finally released and if the screentearing on ps3 is found to be an issue in reputable analysis, then we can conclude 4guys2girlsandablog.blogspot.c om is to be trusted after all.

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ryuzu2797d ago

Not trustable? Since when has that mattered on NewsFromLamers?

Still, this game looks very average on the PS3 - it looks just like a 360 game in fact, because that's what it is.


2797d ago
ryuzu2796d ago

Bash 360? Where? Paranoid much?


Basil-Rathboner2796d ago

I bought this game on friday for ps3. Sadly the game does suffer from a pretty hellish amount of screen tearing but for me it has not detracted from my enjoyment of shoving a coat hanger down a zombies throat. The boss battles are quite tricky and the game suffers from a heck of a lot of loading screens when you travel around the map.

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tinybigman2797d ago

i don't care i wasn't a fan of the first game and i won't spend my money on the second one. if developers can't figure out by now how to stop this stuff from happening on the PS3(if it does exist) then they don't deserve to receive any of my hard earned money.

chanto232797d ago

They shouldn't even bother releasing such a poor port and instead keep it exclusive to the 360.

xX TriiCKy Xx2797d ago


xAlmostPro2796d ago

runs fine for me, and my friend.. tonight we're even doing co-op to get all trophies & fully level up n stuff :)

siyrobbo2797d ago

i remember resident evil 5 tearing like a bitch at any resolution other than native 720p on 360, wonder if it helps using a different resolution?

meetajhu2797d ago

Yeah when did N4g started approving Blogs? I have plenty

OneSneakyMofo2797d ago

From nuff said.

StanSmith2797d ago

I have had this game since since its release on friday and there is tearing but its not as bad as this clearly flamebait "blog" is making out.

The moron who wrote this surely can't be that stupid to think that there would be no tearing when there are thousands of zombies on screen at once.

Also to those complaining about the graphics not being amazing.... Get Real! With the amount of Zombies and the amount of weapons and clothing customisations and vehicles along with the psychopaths that you fight, i think the graphics are damn good and the developers should be proud of this AAA Game.

The game is really great and i urge people to at least rent it just to try it out. I've not encountered a single bug yet which shows how well the developers did with the multiplatform development.

Consoldtobots2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

I've been playing it since yesterday and confirm this is COMPLETE BS. Fanboy websites = nauseating.

StanSmith2797d ago

Capcom can't win whatever they do. Gamers moan when they make poor games but when they actually make a quality game like dead rising 2 which performs great on both 360 and PS3, Gamers still bitch and moan.

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Parapraxis2796d ago ShowReplies(1)
Consoldtobots2796d ago

lol @ 9 disagrees, either Im lying or the fanboy brigade is out in force for this latest troll against the PS3.

CoxMulder2796d ago

Yep, the 360 fanboy brigade is back with a vengeance.

Don't worry though, they're firing blanks.. :D

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NYC_Gamer2797d ago

show us the video and i'll approve this

darkziosj2797d ago

just like all the ps3 multiplatform games

n4gno2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

In opposite dreamworld 360, where fanboyz have only one thing to play : ridiculous differences beetween two multiplatforms (but only when something is superior on 360, helping to forget all the inferiors things in the same game)

"The 360 has better performance or graphics on most multi-platform games. "

yeah yeah right, if you feel better with your inferior experience believing that, why not :) (but only with 200X zoom, with comparisons made by others biased fans like you.) the way, screen tearing is a 360 speciality (fact !), ps3 do that way less often.

since more than 4 years, ALL the great games are most of the time exactly the same (or have very little differences for ps3, or 360), but i agree it's not a good thing for ps3, who should have better version every time, with superior hardware and exclusives..

@Jazz4108 (new desperated fanboyz multiaccount) lol, you are the joke of the day :
"ps3 fans only like exclusives because its the only thing they can brag about since they have nothing to compare it too. " you can compare ps3 exclusives to ANYTHING you want (but don't, you're gonna cry)

P_Bomb2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Off the top of my head Bionic Commando and Just Cause 2 tear on the 360 but not the PS3. Same with Darksiders before they patched it. So

gamer20102796d ago

It doesn't change the fact that if you read all the face offs and comparisons it is most often the PS3 versions that have the worse screen tearing, lower frame rate, lower res textures, worse aliasing, and so on.

P_Bomb2796d ago

That in turn doesn't change the fact that 'most of the time' is not the same as 'always'.

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wat6342797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Orly? Well, at least we get the best version.

mrv3212797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Just like Final Fantasy XIII /s

Anton Chigurh2797d ago

That's the only multiplat title that runs better on the PS3.

mrv3212797d ago

So your telling me I could not list a single game that runs better on PS3? Not a single game? Like Burnout Paradise?

el zorro2796d ago

Burnout Paradise was exactly the same on both consoles. I don't know why you PS3 fans are so confused about that. Go read the Digital Foundry face off.

And yes, there are a few games that are better on the PS3, but it is the other way around most of the time. The 360 has better performance or graphics on most multi-platform games.

moparful992796d ago

No el zorro thats a miguided conception that everyone has.. 95% of the people that play these games will not notice screen tearing, frame rate dips, and other post effects that pop in and out... Nearly every multi plat runs near identically on either platform but for some reason all of these arm chair critics come out of the woodwork with these obsurd claims and expect everyone to believe them to be true.. Most of the digital foundry comparissons are sooooooo tecnical and the differences that they find are very minimal but they are there so they give the nod to either platform and suddenely its a win for said console... This crap is getting very irksome...

gamer20102796d ago


Completely false. I have done lots of comparisons myself and the differences are very often not minor and are in fact quite noticeable and actually impact the visual quality of the games.

Sites like Digital Foundry have to be fair and impartial otherwise it would be easy for someone else to come along with their own analysis tools and prove that they were inaccurate. Nobody has ever been able to do that.

You can claim most people won't notice the differences, but I think that is false. I know that many gamers, myself included, notice and are annoyed by things such as screen tearing, framerate slowdown, jaggies, and low res textures. I notice these things easily and without trying.

The reason the comparisons are getting "irksome" to you is because you are a PS3 fanboy and you can't stand that the PS3 versions so often turn out to be inferior.

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wazzim2797d ago

Yeah, although even the PC version sucks visually.