Gamefly Top Queued List - Bioshock on Top

Bioshock jumps to the top spot of the Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Metroid Prime Corruption is at the top of the Nintendo Wii list, while PlayStation 3 gamers have Lair queued up at the top. It still appears that Xbox 360 gamers are the majority at Gamefly as 9 out of 10 of the cross-platform spots are Xbox 360 titles.

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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BB4130d ago

I personally use GameFly for games that I'm unsure if I want to buy or not, but want to try out. How can anyone want to rent BioShock? Every media outlet, blogger, forum poster is praising this game. This is a MUST OWN TITLE!

thereapersson4130d ago

Some people rent games even after seeing what others think about them. Even if a game is critically received or gets panned across the board, some people like to make up their own mind. It's why i'm still going to rent Lair, even though many sources have said it is subpar.