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Pach-Attack ep 134 - HipHopGamer Special

GT writes, "Pachter interviews the self-proclaimed #1 journalist in the gaming industry, HipHopGamer, highlighting the big moments of PAX 2010! Don't forget to bring your questions to the Ask Pach page to get them answered on future episodes!" (Industry)

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Pandamobile  +   1770d ago
Wow, two of the biggest idiots in the games industry; together at last.
rroded  +   1770d ago
Ron Jeremy  +   1770d ago
damn if only i was there
Two birds with one stone......now where did i put my slingshot?

I will say im having a little fun but nomatter what i think of those two HHG is on his grind making money,he came from nowhere and put in the work so i respect him for that but not his crummy predictions.

Ps. HHG i hope your grannys ok now cancer is terrible prayers out to your family
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1770d ago
that right there is crazy, nah'm sayin

Q: What is your inspiration dude?
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Gue1  +   1770d ago
You know who made HHG this famous? The haters...
INehalemEXI  +   1770d ago
"Shot out to hiphop granny." haha I wonder if she plays games too. Lol I started with a calculator funny dudes.
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starvinbull  +   1769d ago
He talked about Black Ops "new" multiplayer mode where with every kill you're on another gun and then when you have killed with all the guns you win the match which is basically Gungame.

It's not new in the slightest.

Gungame on CSS rules by the way, only mode I'm actually good at.
rockleex  +   1769d ago
I like HHG's enthusiasm...
But I HATE his hit seeking headlines and titles.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1770d ago
Hey atleast they'Re getting money! What paper u touchin while yall making fun of them?

edit: post some of them for me to watch.
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Pandamobile  +   1770d ago
I get money from making gaming movies on Youtube, so...
Ron Jeremy  +   1770d ago
natsu...i made and make more 'paper' (oooh natsu you so ghetto s/)
Than u.By being a hung like a donkey international pornstar
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Sarcasm  +   1770d ago
It's called a real job, not prancing around with a wrestler's belt.

Except Pach, he's probably rich. lol
Megaton  +   1770d ago
#1 journalist. He's a tabloid blogger at best. A surfer girl without the anonymity, except probably less accurate than he/she was. He doesn't even know the meaning of the word "journalist".
cereal_killa  +   1770d ago
So true Panda +bubs, these 2 should get there own TV show or Movie!! oh wait they already made a movie about them (Dumb and Dumber).
DarK-SilV  +   1770d ago
it seems gametrailers members disagree with you , they love HHG
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BattleAxe  +   1770d ago
Come on Panda, I don't think this kind of crap is necessary.
Pandamobile  +   1769d ago
I do.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1770d ago
lmao agree
DelbertGrady  +   1770d ago
The two biggest idiots in the gaming industry finally meet.

@Pandamobile - Psychokinetic commenting? *switches keyboard ports* :)
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1770d ago
I'm sure everyone thought that when they read the description.
FanOfGaming  +   1770d ago
Nice interview, HHG & Pach
N4PS3G  +   1770d ago
Vanquish is not 60fps is 30fps(and dips below)... HHG is the "#1 journalist" according to him yet he knows less than half the users in N4G *sigh*
KingPin  +   1770d ago
hiphopgamer self-proclaimed #1 journalist - lmao- and that supposed to mean something to us? hell- im self-proclaimed #1 software engineer of my generation. doesnt mean because thats what i do, im the #1. please HHG dont give urself more credit than you deserve. For game reviews and previews, id say you the last guy i come to but u not even on my list! i like honest game reviewers not guys that bullshit because they got a free copy of the game or because their guest happens to be involved in the game. if it sux, it sux! dont go throwing 9/10s when the game is a 6 at best.
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maxcer  +   1770d ago
i miss the days when just nerds played videos games
jbiz320  +   1770d ago
so many haters on this site.. jeez
if you dont like him DONT WATCH.. jesus some of you sound like bitter azz b!tches. Dude is living his dream while youre at your keyboard on a saturday night with an angry face hating.
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btk  +   1770d ago
These two have a reputation. When the news is submitted - people will comment. And the consensus is that they both suck. No hating on them. They just suck.
Blaster_Master  +   1770d ago
I think your comment sucks. But we all have our own opinions right?
Megaton  +   1770d ago
I love your crowd.

Us: "Sick of HHG making crap up all the time for stupid flamebait headlines at N4G."

It's like sticking your fingers in your ears and going "LALALALALALALA!" when someone's telling you something you don't wanna hear. Legit criticism doesn't exist with you guys. He wants to be a journalist with a hip hop/gaming combo website, carrying around a spinning wrestler belt everywhere he goes? Awesome, more power to him. Live your dream.

I stop supporting that when he stops keeping it real. He constantly makes things up as if he's the Shadow Broker of the industry, like he's got agents with insider info in every corner of every studio. He's just like Surfer Girl and Gamesblow, he just doesn't subscribe to the anonymity because he craves celebrity. I guarantee you his accuracy rate is about the same, if not lower than theirs. People like you just choose to focus on the couple things he actually guessed right, and ignore the 100+ he got wrong.

Any potential he has to be taken seriously as a journalist by people who matter is squandered because of his insistence on acting like he runs a tabloid. Cut the flamebait bullshit, stop passing off ass-plucked rumor as insider info, realize that games can be scored lower than 9, and I think you'd be in a much better place. The enthusiasm is good, but everything else is a mess. You can't feed off hitbaiting forever.
mac4u10  +   1770d ago
WOW Congrats HHG!!
blade206  +   1770d ago
good going hhg
freezola75  +   1770d ago
Word up HHG!
Good interview HHG. I am not a Pachter fan at all. In fact, this is only the 2nd time I have ever watched his show. Anyway, Nice job homie.

Long live Hip Hop Granny Forever!!
CrzyFooL  +   1770d ago
Hip? Hip Hop? HipHopAnonymous?
blumatt  +   1770d ago
"Big Daddy" reference. HHG is a joke for sure.
K-Tuck  +   1770d ago
"Hip Hop Gamer"
I'm just glad I'm not the only one who dislikes this guy.
TABSF  +   1770d ago
I'm sure Pachter and HipHopGamer mean well, they seem like nice enough guys

Its just the comments that they make that are based upon opinions not facts
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gamingisnotacrime  +   1769d ago
Love the USA man
a guy gets from his basement to travel around and fullfill his dream, sweet.
Haters, go fk yourselves, keep it to yourself and let other do their thing
Jamaicangmr  +   1769d ago
That was some major dick sucking going on there hope they remember the listerine after.

I always wonder why hiphop can't just answer a damn question. Mr. Pachter asked him if he knew Jaffy just as a refference point to his point and hiphop went off for 30secs talking about jaffy, how great he is and where he met him. Could've just said yes hiphop.

Hiphop is much better than Mr. Pachter but it's just that he exaggerates too much and it's annoying to me. You can't really know if he's telling the truth unless you get it from another source.

Mr. Pachter is just a waist of bandwidth and people around him need to tell him the truth.
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Clarence  +   1769d ago
I have to agree with on that. Say what you want about hiphopgamer, he has gotten a lot of interviews some big people in the gaming industry.
GuruStarr78  +   1769d ago
I like both of them. They seem genuinely passionate about gaming. Pachter is a suit, but I could see hanging out with both of them and having some good discussions about the industry.
tdogg06051991  +   1769d ago
I truly think that was a perfect Duality
You have Patcher the rich wall street type and HHG the from the bronx came up from the street type. They both carry like one half perspective from a gaming industry, I would love to see more.
Clarence  +   1769d ago
How can you hate on anybody doing what they love. Much respect to the HipHopGamer.

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