P*N: Dead Rising 2 Review

Nathan Hardisty from Platform Nation brings us the early review of Dead Rising 2, courtesy of early European release dates.

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Krimmson3004d ago

Dead Rising 2 is considered a Hack and Slash?

Mit3004d ago

Anyway, I saw a lot of gameplay on this. I might buy it for my ps3 so I could play co-op with my friend. We loved DR1 back in 07. Now he can Co-op with me since it's on PS3 now.

rdgneoz33004d ago

Seeing as you can attack zombies with a combination of boxing gloves and a bowie knife, it is a little.

showtimefolks3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

this game begs for bargin bin even though reviews have been above average but same problems as first and it took them 3 years or more


so there are bettetr games coming waite for a price drop that's just my opinion to each his own

Perjoss3004d ago

the only problem the first had was the aiming was on the wrong analog stick... SOME people complained about the save system but thats 'fixed' too, the 1st was an amazing underated game, 2nd is no different, improvement in fact.

rdgneoz33004d ago

While I will be getting LOS, Fallout, and Vanish (waiting on enslaved), I played the beta for MOH and that is a lot more bargain bin that DR2. DR2 is at least improving on the original while MOH is just like BC2 / COD.

Kemicalbeliefs3004d ago

I havent fallen in love with this yet. I've played it a couple of times but it just feels like a 'how to just kill zombies' game. The first had a much better feel to it but I guess I should give it time.
Hopefully the story will develop as I go along but so far....hmmm.

showtimefolks3004d ago

i just wanted them to make things right for this game 3 years is more than enough time.

uncharted 2 took 18months of devs time i mean come on capcom and than gamers get blamed for not buying good games i feel like i have played this already because its so similar to DR1 which back than was awsome may i add

showtimefolks3004d ago

killing zombies lol never gets old

i also can not waite to play RDR with zombies

ReservoirDog3163004d ago

Haha, you really don't like this game huh?

3004d ago
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