Far Cry 2 Screenshots

Ubisoft's Leipzig Game Convention press kit contains a set of screenshots from Far Cry 2, the first person shooter sequel in development at Ubisoft Montreal. We'll have more Ubisoft GC media posted soon.

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MK_Red4080d ago

Some of those screens are simply stunning. Love the fire & flames one.

mighty_douche4080d ago

might have to sell my ass for a few years tho before i can afford to get nasa to build me a pc that is capable of those visuals!!

ALI-G4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

but i do not know much about pc gaming, can someone advice ?

money not big issue. things like : will the game look good in 1080P projector or it better to buy 1900*1200 MONITOR ? Ageia physix is it any good or waste of money ? cooling: i know nothing about it ect....

mighty_douche4080d ago

your not such a tit outside of ps3 threads!

monitor all the way for pc,
like crysis this game will be built to use multiple cores, so go for either core 2 duo (E6600 or better) or quad core, now available from $200,
id reccomend at least 2 gig of ram, band names are very important here!
Ageia physix card i wouldnt bother with, just get a high end graphics card such as 8800gtx or 2900xt (both dx10 which im sure this game will support), they have all the power you'll need,
good motherboard if you want to overclock,
stock coolers supplied with these products will do the job unless you do overclock, but if you got the money id say H2O is the way to go!

you could go on and on if you wanted but for about $2000 or £1200 you will be able to find everything you need, oh then you need a decent monitor or play it on your HD tv if you have one, i do this with halflife 2 and it looks amazing!!

lets stick with comments like this ALI and you never know maybe you'll get a few bubbles back!

alexander22rednaxela4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Uwe Boll is directing a far cry based movie, maybe it will tell the story leading up to or after far cry 2?