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Nazi Zombies Returning With Call of Duty Black Ops

When Call of Duty Black Ops had their big multiplayer reveal earlier this month, Nazi Zombies was a big no show that many fans noticed. While official news about the popular gametype has been silent, some confirmation may be on the way. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Treyarch, Xbox 360)

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lostinplace  +   1648d ago
They would be crazy not to bring it back
JLesinski  +   1648d ago
Absolutely. Nazi Zombies was too large of a success to even consider not including in Black Ops
will11  +   1648d ago
Nazi Zombies made COD5
rdgneoz3  +   1648d ago
10 bucks says they charge for it as DLC.
WhittO  +   1648d ago
lol how many times has this been announced!!
Millah  +   1648d ago
We all know "nazi" zombies are going to be included in the prestige edition of the game or whatever. The real question is whether or not they are going to create an entirely new and improved zombies game.
Rumor  +   1648d ago
Better be worth it
ilikecookies  +   1648d ago
agreed. This has already been announced. I work at gamestop and someone came in to ask about it and we told them yes.
rockleex  +   1647d ago
I want competetive Zombie Mode
Imagine playing Search and Destroy, Soldiers VS Zombies!!!

Zombies have their own abilities that you can unlock and upgrade just like the soldiers do.
MrAwesome  +   1648d ago
Never played it before but everyone says it's awesome so this is great news.:)
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will11  +   1648d ago
Just youtube it. 50% of the videos on YouTube are about zombies.
lovestospoodge  +   1648d ago
Sense, this makes none
Cuz we have nazis today...
vickers500  +   1648d ago
Uh, yeah, we do.

Nazi - A member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP); One who subscribes to or advocates Nazism or a similarly fascist, racist, or anti-Semitic ideology; One who imposes one’s views on others
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lovestospoodge  +   1648d ago
german nazis i mean
not tattooed jacked skinheads
vickers500  +   1648d ago
German nazis do exist today.

I assume you are talking about German nazi *soldiers* though.

You should have worked on your comment more and given it more time instead of just rushing it out and adding tacked on abbreviation. Overall I give your comment a 6/10.

Mit  +   1648d ago
who played W@W knew this would be in black-ops. Not even a surprise.
vhero  +   1647d ago
At least we know why they were backing up MOH having terrorists in there game as you cant get more offensive than having Nazis in your game dead or not...
gtamike  +   1647d ago
Killing Floor is the best zombie game out
HyperBear  +   1648d ago
How true indeed. But what would they call it this time? Taliban Zombies?? Cause they can't use Nazi anymore.
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jdktech2010  +   1648d ago
Alien zombies? Just saying.....probably Vietcong or Russian zombies depending who the "main villains" are in this game
DanyBrown  +   1648d ago
Comi zombies FTW
kissmeimgreek  +   1648d ago
or just zombies this time?
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1648d ago
rob zombie
jdktech2010  +   1648d ago
It's an unofficial official announcement...it would be like Halo not bringing back forge and theater (to an extent).

That being said, I'm at a crossroads here. Do I buy Black Ops, Medal of Honor or AC: Brotherhood? I've already got Reach and I'm worried about too much FPS but Medal of Honor and Black Ops look so good. Sometimes I hate being a gamer in the age of ridiculously addicting/good games.

Maybe I should get a life or something and stop playing......nah

Edit: Sorry folks, forgot to say I'm buying two of those....Amazon screwed up my Reach delivery on release date so I basically got a half a game's credit applied for their mess up. It allows me to buy another game.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1648d ago
The way it see it is like this:

You can choose Black Ops and go for a probably crappy single player, but a multiplayer that will keep you addicted for a while (but might also have some unbalance to it).

Or you can go MoH and have a good single player, multiplayer that might be subpar, but more balanced.
-Alpha  +   1648d ago
I'm going with Black Ops. I love me some Call of Duty with friends, and split-screen= insta-win.

I was going to get LBP2 but now all I have to look forward to are shooters :(
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1648d ago
Castlevania is my Arkham this fall, and I think I'll go w/ COD. Also Fallout is must. There's quite a lot coming. Ass Creed Brotherhood and Force Unleashed 2 both look great, I need more time, there's like 7 games between now and GT5 & Black Ops.

Slightly off topic: What's the big December releases?
bjornbear  +   1647d ago
well for me its either FO:NV (yes I know GoTY next year with everything is cheaper but f*ck it)
and Castlevanida LOS OR! GT5 (debating these two)

no BO for me, just not my thing tbh (BF:BC2 vietnam will do for action FPS realism multiplayer freshness)

good to see zombies are back though, might get it second hand eventually if its worth it
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darren_poolies  +   1648d ago
Wait for some reviews on MOH just incase, between Black Ops and AC: Brotherhood............. Black Ops, as much as I love AC you should wait until it has gone down in price because Blacks Ops will last you longer.

add me if your getting it for the PS3: darren_poolies :)
jdktech2010  +   1648d ago
I'll probably get it for 360 because I have a headset there and not on my PS3
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1648d ago
That's a corny reason. You factor 3 things friends, online cost, and DLC. 360 is getting timed DLC for one month for each pack. But PSN is free. I haveore PSN friends than Live friends too. Plus any headset works on PS3.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1648d ago
I vote Black Ops and Brotherhood.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1647d ago
@A Cupcake for Gabe
Ahem, I don't believe a computer headset works sir.
Noobasaurus_REX  +   1648d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1648d ago
Nazi Zombies..?

I would think not. Perhaps Vietcong Zombies.
mrv321  +   1648d ago
The Nazis' where bad, we know that... hence why they are the perfect enemy because there doesn't need to be ANY story to explain why they are bad.

But the Vietcong on the other hand... all I know and what most people know is that Communism was spreading to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and American soldiers where sent in to prevent it. Many people today will not see the Vietcong as enemies and Vietcong zombies as a bit immoral, maybe just Zombies would be much better some could be armoured.
Nicky7   1648d ago | Offensive
frankymv  +   1648d ago
their really throwing everything into this game aren't they.......
Gam3s4lif3  +   1648d ago
Best part in the game imo...or one of the best
Fruit Loops  +   1648d ago
only reason im buying this game......
Sasuke159  +   1648d ago
He just comfirmed right there if he realy said that :)
adonis183  +   1648d ago
everyone i heard M$ Is Gonna Milk The Halo Franchise every 1.6 years
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1647d ago
shut up.
xiangyaode8   1648d ago | Spam
xxxAnubisxxx  +   1648d ago
How much?
The question now is, how much are they gonna charge for this? Because we all know Activision well enough to know that this will be DLC...
jina1133   1648d ago | Spam
instrumentalist  +   1648d ago
Aw the hell with it
Lose the real guns and any ties to real life. We're craving for yet another zombie shooter, aren't we. CoD, you've fallen low..
Grimhammer00  +   1648d ago
If u guys are talking about the hardened or prestige edition free 4 map zombie mode.
Old news.

It's $15 if you want it with regular edition.
NLGSean  +   1648d ago
“If Zombies have anything to do with our top-secret Co-Op mode, then it’s a safe bet there will be a trailer for it eventually…”

Josh Olin posted this on twitter...best proof so far that zombie mode will be back...
gypsygib  +   1648d ago
I wish MW2 had Nazi zombies, it was my fav part of the multiplayer.
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DanSolo  +   1647d ago
Zombies for Cash....
There will be Zombies in the game, you know they fully plan on milking us for as much money as they can get from us.
The thing is because so many people liked the Zombie mode, they will aim to cash in on it as DLC as much as possible, even charging us for the inclusion of the old zombie mode from WAW.

I say they should just make a Zombie game and go from there!
beavis4play  +   1647d ago
i know what you mean.
i bought WaW off of amazon for 18 dollars just for the zombie mode.......and i love it. i was pissed to find out i couldn't buy a map pack with just the other 3 zombie maps........nooooooooo, activision decided to put one each in 3 different MP map packs. so, i've only got the map that came with WaW.

can anyone tell me if the other 3 zombie maps are really different from the one that comes with the game?

oh, and dansolo - GREAT idea! they ought to just make a zombie game - it'd be awesome! bubbles.
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xiangyaodee9   1647d ago | Spam
EazyC  +   1647d ago
Misleading article...Is misleading!
yuanfeng13   1647d ago | Spam
ArronC07  +   1647d ago
I wish people would boycott Activision, money grabbing *****.
JLesinski  +   1647d ago
This is America. Everyone and every company are money grabbing *****....
yuanfeng13   1647d ago | Spam
shorte85875  +   1647d ago
oh no.
makes it sound like its gonna be an add-on :(

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