Wii Fit: First Impressions

Lock up your daughters. And your Mums, and any Dads who've been showing an uncharacteristic interest in muesli and walking since their last check-up. In fact, just lock up everyone you know, the young and the old, the fit and the fat, the gamers and the ones who won't even play Wii Sports. Lock them up and throw away they key, because Nintendo is coming for them, and once they get them you'll never get to play on your Wii again.

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ENNO3954d ago

god damn its so hardcore :P

purin3954d ago

this game will definately be a hit
i won't be getting it for me, rather my family
*fears he'll brake the balance board* XD

WaggleLOL3954d ago

What a pathetic joke of a system.

Nightrider1283954d ago

your probably a 360 fan boy WaggleLOL. This game 'll be sweet like all the others.

ALI-G3954d ago

for everyone said WII will fade by now.Graphic in not everything.if WII had graphic close to PS3/360 i would not bought it. i do not play it as much as 360 or PC but still reallly enjoy it .next year, N will come with something new and the wii willl still sell as hot cake.
people should learn from PSP vs DS .

BrotherNick3954d ago

I can't help but read this in an Ali G accent lol.

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