Do You Have a Counterfeit PS3 Controller?"

"In case you haven’t heard, the latest PlayStation 3 update has had certain…effects on unlicensed controllers. But even if you’re a loyal Sony fan and supporter, you may have unknowingly been sold one of these devices. How do you know? Here are some things that you can look for."

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doctorstrange2767d ago

*Runs to check controller*

Thank god they look legit

Yi-Long2767d ago

... I bought 2 white controllers in Hong Kong for about 280-300HK dollar a piece, which certainly looked original...

iPad2767d ago

My dualshock 3 vibrates more on the right side than on the left side. I keep thinking is faulty "/

What about yours? i really need to know.

jerethdagryphon2767d ago

thats cause the rumble on the right is a larger motor

Crazyglues2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I ordered a new Raven PS3 controller, and you know what, I don't remember seeing that PS3 logo anywhere on the page...

I'm beginning to think that new Raven PS3 controller is not a licensed product...

I actually called them to ask them about the USB new update blocking controllers and they were clueless as to issue.. They also said they didn't have a release date for the product.. wtf..

I have been getting delay notice after delay notice from saying it will now ship in October 1, Really, how the hell is it going to ship when the dam company that makes it doesn't know when it's coming out..

This is turning into some serious bullsh%& for real.. And they have no idea if there controller is affected by this..

I'm going to call again Monday and see if I can get to the bottom of this?


Ocelot5252767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"When you turn on a counterfeit the controller, the flashing red lights on the outside will actually shine THROUGH the casing of the device, something that would never happen on an official product."

it also shines trough the original SIXAXIS, but not on the DS3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PlayStation LifeStyle!!!!!!!

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redsquad2767d ago

I'm still using the original controller that came with my launch fatty, so I think it's safe to assume it's legit!

Darkfocus2767d ago

you only have one controller?

redsquad2766d ago

Er... with that PS3, yes. Another with my Slim upstairs, two Move wands and a Navigator.

Ocelot5252767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

well i had two sixaxis controllers from 2007, but their sticks became squeaky, so I bought a DS3

Neckbear2767d ago

I have an Arcade Stick I put together myself...

Good thing it still works, but other fellows I know were not so lucky.

FITgamer2767d ago

The red model of the DS3 the lights do show through the controller shell, so that statement is not completely true.

khellendros12767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I have a rapid fire controller that I bought from Best Buy. It's shaped like a 360 controller. Does anyone have this controller and knows if it works? My PS3 is out for repair so I can't check.

Edit: Just found out it's made by Rocketfish

Eiffel2767d ago

It should work, this may just pertain to controllers that appear to look like legit DS3 and not third party controllers. I have a DREAMgear Shadow 6 Wireless controller and tested it out, works fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.