GC07: New HAZE Screenshots

Haze also gets a few new images from the Games Convention.

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xg-ei8ht4133d ago

Look at pic 14, that is one sweet looking game.

THC CELL4133d ago

Not thats what i call a game,
sorry lads but this is topping halo 3 in my books

P4KY B4133d ago

THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active chemical in cannabis.

So we all know what you've been smoking to think that this is going to beat HALO3.

Your stone is going to be blown at the end of september.

WaggleLOL4133d ago

Halo 3 is the worst looking fps game by a huge margin. Not really much to be proud of to be "better than Halo".

4133d ago
Daxx4133d ago

You say that but it doesn't change the fact that millions are going to buy it and have a great time playing with it.

Haze looks great but please don't call it a halo killer or the next halo.

techie4133d ago

He's just saying it looks better than Halo - what's wrong with that? Who cares if Halo sells millions - if that's what makes it better game then congratulations. But yeah - Haze is looking good, hopefully the gameplay can live up to what Halo has provided you with in the past.

Torch4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

"...we all know what you've been smoking to think that this is going to beat HALO3"

Pardon me, but why would that be so hard to believe??? No need to attack the guy for benignly stating his personal opinion.

My question is: What would you say in the remote incident that Haze blows YOUR stone later this year?

(not that it's very likely, as you've obviously already implanted into yourself an extremely rigid and fortified preconceived notion about Halo 3 - despite the game's questionable quality.)

I think we own the same book. There's no denying that Haze looks SWEET!

Ahh, just when you thought things would be so simple:

Haze or UT3...Haze or UT3...Haze or UT3...

Man, life's just FULL of dilemmas, isn't it? ;)

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SimmoUK4133d ago

wow very nice looking game I didn't realise it looked THAT polished, i'm looking forward to this one now...

tudors4133d ago

I like the pic that I have added (if it works this time) but the game does not look unlike anything that I have seen before, the vehicles look pretty lame, as a FPS is looks pretty generic.

Sorry but I was just reading about Prototype and that seems to be fresh with new ideas, Haze just does not hit the spot for me.

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