FIFA 08 to include video uploads, 5 vs. 5 online play

EA announced some new details on the next iteration of the FIFA series at Leipzig. FIFA 08 will run at 60 Fps on both systems and feature 30 leagues, 575 teams and 15000 players.

An announcement also came regarding a post-launch downloadable extra mode which will allow gamers to play 10 person 5 vs. 5 matches online. Up to 10 consoles (EA said PS3s, but we're assuming it will be available for the 360 too) can connect online for true member-of-the-team online football action.

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kn3982d ago

If EA putting effort into the PS3 this time has anything to do with the PS3s success in Europe and the popularity of football (soccer) over there?

Snake_Doctor3982d ago

60 fps? on PS3? from who?
mind bottling

Premonition3982d ago

Ya I agree, They cant get 60 Frames on Madden which probably as almost or more of the same ammount of people out on the feild as FIFA and FIFA has like 10x the people in the stadium with it comes to soccer games like world cups etc. Either a different team is working on this game or the team that worked on madden 08 just were to lazy to even try and figure out how to get it to 60FPS, I mean for crying out loud, people like HAZE had a monitor that showed what the game is running in, so there shouldnt have been no excuse for it.

djt233982d ago

now that sound like fun