Yet another Halo: Reach secret discovered writes: "Yesterday a new secret in Halo: Reach was found. This time the secret is four hidden Banshee vehicles on the level "The Package" in campaign. Right now, it is uncertain if there is more to this secret such as a Scarab Gun or even something bigger. "

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MetalFreakMike2517d ago

Odd......wonder why they put them in the level.......maybe they put them in to find another secret hidden in the level?

BeOneWithTheGun2517d ago

...if I could do coop on my 4gb Slim :(

CaptainAmerica2516d ago

or if you even owned a 360 you could have.

MetalFreakMike2516d ago

This is why I just kept my 60 gig pro version. Gamestop was trying so hard to sell me the 4 gig version. I seen no point in getting it because I own over 40 arcade games and 4 gigs is not even close to holding them all along with my saves. Besides, my 60 gig still runs very well with no problems so far.

Rybakov2517d ago

ill have to try out of curiosity but im thinking this is shenanigans

catguykyou2517d ago

Bungie always takes the time to stuff their games with these kind of secrets. Reach is awesome!

NewsForMe2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I wonder what is out there. Maybe more switches or an easter egg.

8thnightvolley2517d ago

thats alot of space to play with thou seeing how far off the banshee can fly away

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The story is too old to be commented.