Top 5 PS3 Exclusives That 360 Owners Want

Msxbox-world takes a look at the other side, and some of the games appearing on PS3 that would be most welcome on Xbox 360 as well.

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Rrobba2766d ago

No Uncharted 2 or KillZone 2?

Red_Orange_Juice2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I don't think "Top 5" can do justice here.

Supman2766d ago Show
Red_Orange_Juice2766d ago

for me #1 360 exclusive is Alan Wake

inveni02766d ago

They probably don't think they need Uncharted 2 because they have Gears. But U2 is waaaaay better than Gears. Everyone needs to play Uncharted 2 at least once. I had to tell my cousin about U2, and he was kinda like "meh". But he recently told me that he finally got it and loved it. I've never heard him talk about a game with such enthusiasm. He even went for the platinum.

Uncharted 2 is a reason to buy a PS3 in my book.

karl2766d ago

well... it should be a top 20.. if u really want to name all the exclusives that 360 owners want

top 5 doesnt leave much space.. to many games deserve to be there

LycanSoldier2766d ago

Gears 2
Halo: Reach
Forza 3
Crackdown 2
Fable 2

There you go, 5 [GOOD] games exclusive to the 360 that aren't on the pc

8-bit2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

The only 360 games that I would like on my PS3 would be Gears, L4Dead, Meatboy and Limbo.

@Lycan eh, I don't care for Halo, Fable, Forza or crackdown.

Ven10002766d ago

But why would a PS3 owner want Forza 3 when they can have Gran Turismo 5????

vsr2766d ago

and don't have enough skills to play these games

inveni02766d ago

The only 360 game I'm interested in is Fable, and the next iteration of that game should be coming to PC, Still don't need a 360.

outrageous2766d ago

The only game on the PS3 worthy of the 360 is the KZ franchise. I own a PS3 and it's got the worst line up of games ever considering it's 4 years old. This year had/has the worst line up of games...nothing for anyone with any kind of skills. I haven't bought one game on the thing this year. If it wasn't for LBP, no one would of even used it at all around here.

Resistance is a rip off of Halo. Uncharted is a rip off of everything ( Indiana Jones story, platforming stolen from Prince of Persia, Gears cover system ) and really is a children's game that kids don't even want to play...O_o...HR isn't even a game, Infamous is a rip off of Star Wars Force unleashed and gets owned by that game. GOw is a nice 8-10 hr rental. MGS4 while it looks nice, you will never finish because it's old and dated with terrible game play. GT 5 is a car sim where you go around in circles till you start yawning and quit...there's nothing. M$ and 360's line up this year COMPLETELY outclassed PS3 in every way possible including multi-platform games that looked, played and sold better on the versatile 360.

The $200 360 had the best line up in gaming...

Mass Effect
Metro 2033
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach ( Hello???)
Fable 3
Kinect in November

You can't beat that line up for a $199 investment.

Scotland-The-Brave2766d ago

HAHHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you crack me up man (i mean little girl), you really should do stand up comedy.

punkpop1012766d ago

When you have Reach he don't care at all about a game that has only great graphics. Come on ps3 fanboys disagree with me.

jizzyjones2766d ago

You have successfully become the dumbest person on N4G with that comment.
PS3 exclusives have pulverised 360 exclusives, thats not even a debate anymore.

plenty a tool2766d ago

i have both, and whilst there are some great games on the ps3, it's exclusives are not the be all and end all of gaming.

i have a ps3 for the exclusives i couldnt live without.. uncharted, kz, gt and well, thats about it really. i didnt eve buy mag after they made the game with the shoulder buttons to fire.

sorry kids, the ps3 is a great console with some unmissable games, i think the same applies to the 360 aswell.

for me, ps3 for blu-rays and SOME of its exclusives, and the 360 for everything else. the last game i played on the ps3 was gow3. the next will be gt5 and then kz3. whilst my 360 gets used 10x more.

let the disagrees and bubble rape commence. coz if you disagree enough and take my bubbles, then it must not be true right?? surely everyone loves sony as much as you lot!! lol

SpaceGhost2766d ago

Crackdown 2 is mediocre when compared to the previous one in the series or other sand box games for that matter, Fable 3 is going to once again another over hyped game which most likely will not measure up to the hype. Like ven1000 said their is Grand Turismo for Forza 3, I think you meant gears three which is going to be more of gears 2 which was also just more of the first one. Gears three is going to sell more then the bible, Hyperbole, and Halo reach is Halo Reach.

Windex2766d ago

we already said no PC

and Forza 3 <<< GT5. so no use.

Crackdown 2 has terrible reviews

fable 2 had low 80s reviews.

so i guess only 2 games that PS3 owners wants.

Gears and Halo.

2766d ago
MadMan002765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


PC isn't a Console you dumbass, MS work with computers first game console next if Sony had a computer business they would do that same...PC can't be included considering it's not a game console.

I wouldn't mind Valkyria Chronicles on 360 If I didn't have a ps3 already. Every other game I don't give a shit about, Maybe GT5 like 4 years ago when people actually cared about racing games.


You're pathetic, you can tell you're fanboy for saying GT5 is better when it's not even out yet.

If you go by reviews you're lose...why are you letting a nerd control you're life and tell you what NOT to buy...isn't that what you're mom is supposed to do not some random nerd?

Plus, Forza 3 got a 9.2 Fable II was a 8.5 which is not bad...Look how high that is for having kinda bad graphics.

Though, it's sad how people jump on the wagon and claim the game sucks because reviewers game it "bad" what there aren't fanboys when it comes to reviewers or what? Try games Like Magna Carta 2, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undisocvery RPGs the games back in the PS2 area that people actually cared about.

Oh wait they suck because it was reviews bad, right? So does that mean FFXIII is amazing and one of the best games out there because it was a 9.0?

jeseth2765d ago

...the only Xbox franchise I would really like to see would be Fable. But not as a multiplat. Can you imagine how massive and deep Fable could be if it were PS3 exclusive? But it won't happen ever so that's that.

Playstation always has and always will have the best exclusive games that cover the widest range of genres.

I also really thought KZ2 would be on this list along with possiblyu the Resistance franchise. Xbox gamers clearly enjoy the FPS genre more than others and it surprised me to see Demon's Souls and Valkyrie Chronicles on this list. If DS and VC were on 360 they wouldn't probably get any more attention than say ... Alan Wake (LOL, had to throw that jab in there LOL).

Anyways, you could go on and on about 360 vs. PS3 but bottom line is Playstation has been smacking Xbox around since '08 and it isn't going to stop. Sony has great devs and Xbox just buys timed exclusivity and dlc.

Whoopdy do!

Dee_912765d ago

i think those are the one Jake Sullivan want lol
( the author)

Legion2765d ago

I have the money to purchase any system I want... yet I no longer have a PS3 and the Wii... Why? Because they just don't have anything I want.

Never been a fan of racing games, GT5 is out.

God of War...? Give me a break... not my thing.

The other games... hohum... bored just reading the article.

I still have original Sega and Xbox games that I love to play. Just finished "Knight of the old Republic" again. (played it on my 360)Wish they would bring that to the 360 with some Mass Effect 2 graphics!

Am I a Fanboy...? Maybe... more of a FanOldman. But I know what I like and what I don't and nothing has ever gotten me to want to play the PS3 exclusives. My main reason for purchasing the PS3 and Wii before...? Because I had to have the latest things.

The reason I got rid of them...? The Wii because I thought it was just stupid. PS3 MAINLY because I HATE the controller. But also because I never played it. (p.s. I don't own bluray movies...)

bennyace2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Because we all know, that video games skills and maturity are two things that go together !?!? /s

Windex2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Lol... fanboy rant

FFXIII was not even close to 90.

it was close to low-mid 80s.

and i think you gonna cry when GT5 comes out.

and i am sry to hear that ur mom doesnt let u buy games. haha

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Blaze9292766d ago

Hasn't this article been done to death now? Man I wish that source filter here was custom to our liking. Would block a ton of these stupid websites that lost stupid stuff.

vsr2766d ago

and don't have enough skills to play these gems

AmazingBrian2765d ago

I'm a multiconsole owner, and I only have/plan to get one of those games. That would be VC.

ColinZeal2766d ago

...not enlightened. Uncharted 2 is a perfect game. Everything is awesome with that one.

Writing, graphics, acting, shooting mechanics, pacing... everything. Perfect game.

Areeb112766d ago

'Is that a tibetan dagger in your pants?'
'Maybe im just happy to see you'
yeah.. PERFECT writing for sure.

DelbertGrady2766d ago

"You've got a great ass, Sully"

Extremely deep and 100% heterosexual.

8-bit2766d ago

I loved Uncharted 2's humor. Who could forget "I'm sweating like a hooker in church" - Sully "You brought a hooker to church?" - Drake

coolbeans2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Plz don't take this too srsly, but how old are you? If JIM Belushi made that joke 10+ years prior in K-9 (movie), then you know a joke's been overused :P (no offense to Jim Belushi fans).

ZombieAutopsy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Amy Hennig is one of the greatest writers/directors in video game history, you can deny it all you want but you know it's true.

Yea sure Uncharted can be kinda cheesy but that's the point if you have ever actually played the game you would pick up on it very quickly.

coolbeans2766d ago

...if you say so. Just wondering whether or not ppl realize this joke has been around for long time. Same ordeal with "That's what she said" and ppl thinking it originated on The Office.

bjornbear2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

the writing IS exceptional for an action game

writing doesn't have to be DEEP to be good

you people are extremely sour if thats how you react =P U2 does have exceptional writing because of the WAY it delivers the story.

he never said the STORY was isn't, its quite cookie cutter, but the WRITING - the way the story is delivered IS exceptional

you can dispute it and be sour and resentful, it doesn't take away from the fact that U2 is quite unanimously one of the most perfected video games ever made =3

mastiffchild2766d ago

Writing, and comedic writing esp, are 90% about timing and the timing and pacing of U2 is just about the best thing about it. Most gags are old and it's down to people to use them at the right moment and in the right way and that is something Uncharted excels at. Not your cup of tea? That's fine too-the vast, over whelming majority of gamers have never played and have zero interest in ever playing a Halo game and that series gets by just fine without them, no?

Just saying that what is "perfect" for one man is irrelevant to the next but , surely, we should all be able to agree if something is of a good quality even if it isn't our cup of warm brown. Just as Halo is a finely crafted series Uncharted also has it's good points. I really don't feel people can say there's a lack of quality in U2 and esp not when looking at it as a product of it's aims. the thing with lists like this is they're entirely subjective-you tend to buy the console which has the games you like best anyway(if you only buy one that is),there's shedloads on them all and I haven't got time to fit the buggers in as it is!

That said, if I had no PS3 I'd feel worst about losing out on MGS4 as it's still, imho, head and shoulders above anything else this generation-the often ignored freedom in the gameplay and variety of gameplay styles is almost as great an achievement as Koj managing to wind all those loose ends together in the plot. To me it's genius but never have I seen a game so derided by so many who never played it. Sadly, that's going to be the lasting memory of gamers this generation
in my mind- daft pettiness.

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BrianB2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

personally i dont want any of those games, the only ps3 games i want is Virtua Fighter,Tekken 6, MGS R, and FF13......oh but wait



I don't want any of those games MGS 4 is a movie a bad movie, uncharted 2 is the ballerina TPS, Killzone 3 Resistance 3 and Socom 4 are just halo and cod clones , and The Last Guardian.. what the heck is that ?


How could anyone not want MGS4 or Uncharted 2 or Killzone 3 Or Socom 4 or Last Gaurdian OR Resistance 3 IS BEYOND ME!

TheBlackSmoke2766d ago

Cool and the only 360 games I want are Mass Effect 2, Bioshock, Ninja gaiden 2, All of the exclusive Jrpg's, oh that gta dlc (damn that permanent exclusivity), dead rising, hmm those exclusive dlc titles, braid, castle crashers.....oh wait!!

Its so cool how M$ "stole" the Metal gear sold franchise even though the story is over..woo hoo!!

Lol 360 got completely raped for exclusives, Halo, Fable and gears on rotation for the rest of the 360s lifespan.

AKS2766d ago

At least he got his edit in there and got maximum value for his single trolling bubble.

tacosRcool2766d ago

Also remember that GTA IV was supposed to be a PS3 exclusives along with FF 13 among others.

coolbeans2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Not this trolling by BrianB but also by TheBlackSmoke. *looks at agrees/disagrees* You people are actually encouraging to fight trolling with trolling AND agreeing with your prefered side? Pathetic

TheBlackSmoke2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@ coolbeans.

Except im not trolling, im just pointing out how stupid trolling the PS3's lost exclusives is when the same can be said (and even more so) for the 360.

Its like a fat guy calling someone fat.


Again my point is not what each console has lost, the fact is they have BOTH lost exclusives, but when its all said and done PS3 still wins out on quality and quantity.

coolbeans2766d ago

I never said the message itself was trolling, just the way it's being presented. Just show who's the better poster by saying "both consoles have lost exclusives" or something simple like that. It makes everything easier and your side of the arguement is more fairly presented.

TheDesperadoLives2766d ago

"Halo, Fable and gears on rotation for the rest of the 360s lifespan."


wsoutlaw872765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

so you only like the games that are also on the 360, why? are you afraid of cheating on m$. The fact that you only like them when they are on the 360 means your opinions hold no weight what so ever. So that means we all know if uc2 came to the 360 you would instantly brag and fill your pants. Its the obviouse truth even if you cant see it.

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avengers19782766d ago

Xbox fans don't want any PS3 exclusives just ask them, and they will go into a rant about how terrible they all are.

WoshJills2766d ago

Maybe that's why they are losing all of their exclusives? lets PlayStation fans to ask Sony for stuff...I requested Portal 2, Mass Effect 2, No More Heroes, and a Left 4 Dead Collection. Still waiting on the Left 4 Dead Collection.

avengers19782766d ago

One blu-ray bot L4D's one low price, I'm down with that.

Gago2766d ago

jeez fanboys these days

JLeVRT2766d ago

And... God of War.

BUT it's not gonna happen...

Except for MGS

oricon2766d ago

Why would Xbox gamers wanna play games like GoW3, VC, Demons Souls. I thought they just play shooters.

I kid I kid. >>

PR0X12766d ago

Uhm some people like game xyz others like abc... If xbox people wanted ps games they would get the ps3 not the 360.

masterg2766d ago

Should have been a top 10.
Where is LBP / Uncharted2 / MGS4

Mit2766d ago

360 owners don't even want these....playslaves just assume they do.

ZombieAutopsy2765d ago

This article is written by a Xbox site meaning whoever wrote it is most likely more of a xbox gamer meaning if he doesn't own a ps3 he would want them on the xbox, but don't worry I know you just want to make xbox fanboys seem like they have everything they want.

Tikicobra2765d ago

I agree. That was a strange list.

gamerzBEreal172765d ago

they have gears and halo not saying thats better but 1 great TPS and FPS is good enough for one console imo i wouldnt have time to go on uncharted then hop on gears on 1 console i dont know how people with both do it

ScoobyDrew2765d ago

Top five flamebait articles this week...

vhero2765d ago

Should just rattle off 5 shooters ps3 have exclusively really though as these games are not shooters so probably wouldn't sell that well on 360 anyway.

gtamike2765d ago

They want them all cause their console/company don't have first party devs unlike Sony.

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Gam3s4lif32766d ago

lol maybe ur the one tht is jealous

Hellsvacancy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Not another 1 of these "articles", come on, wheres the "News" in News For Gamers, every day i wait for news on Hitman V but all i ever see on ere is crap like this, its get annoyin after a while, must b even worse for the 360 die-hard fans

Oh, and 4 the uninformed, im the 20th highest PS3 fanboi on N4G and im finind these articles pretty lame, pathetic, sad, borin

Edit: Look what article its sittin above on the main page

shadowmask? mofo, u can kiss my ar*e, i dont want people thinkin i approve of crappy articles like this, kinda like *look what we hav and u dont sucker" childish sort of attitude that i want no part in, hence y im tellin u all

Dave-The-Rave2766d ago

I agree..though these things are pretty interesting.

nix2766d ago

i'm the 20th one!!! not you!!!

ShadesMoolah2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Yet you've got all the time in the world to click and moan about them. Get a life mate.

There's a reason you have one bubble Hell's because you obviously talk utter sh***...