GC 2007: EA announces Be A Pro: Online Team Play feature for FIFA 08

Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA 08 will include a new feature called Be A Pro: Online Team Play that allows 10 people anywhere in the world to connect online to play a single match of FIFA 08. This feature will be available to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game and will be free to download six to eight weeks after the release of the game.

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RuffRyder4133d ago

EA.....FREE errm i need to go lay down.

ALI-G4133d ago

HEY DO NOT KNOW ps3 network can only handle 2 at atime.

jromao4133d ago

At that time all planet will be playing PES 2008, for much features Fifa got, they keep missing the gameplay.

SwiderMan4133d ago

Why my same story failed approval, but was up ten mins. earlier and has no reports. Anyone figure that one out?

Lord Anubis4132d ago

perhaps a duplicate. You would need to ask news bot since he spend most of his time moderating.

JamieReleases4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

This was actually posted before :) Yours was a duplicate but thanks for posting it! I've added it to alternative sources.

jlytle12344133d ago

this article should say "EA announces a ps3 game that won't suck because pro evo will kick its ass if it does"