Space Giraffe And Street Trace:NYC Is Out On Xbox Live Arcade

Space Giraffe
Price 400 Microsoft Points
Availability all Xbox LIVE regions except Korea
Size 40.75 MB
[ESRB: E (EVERYONE) COMIC MISCHIEF] Single Player, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 1, 5.1 Surround Sound, HD (High Definition). Upgrade now for 100 levels of pure, action-studded enjoyment from the makers of Llamatron and Tempest 2000. Collect powerups to activate Bonus Rounds and master the strategies necessary to maximize your score on every level.

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MK_Red3958d ago

While Space Giraffe is getting rather mediocre reviews, from trailers and videos the game looks really hot and fun.

benny o klaatt3958d ago

didnt think much to space giraffe or street trace.