Levine Replies to Bioshock Widescreen Cropping

Bioshock Creative Director, Ken Levine has made an official reply over at the 2K forums regarding the cropping of the top and bottom of the screen slightly in widescreen.

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N4GayFanturds4080d ago

Shouldn't they be hard at work on Bioshock 2??!!! j/k

I feel sorry for the PC peeps if this is PC only. I haven't seen it on my 360 copy...yet.

closedxxx4080d ago

But it's not a big deal. I played the game for over 5 hours before hopping online and finding out about the screen cropping issue.
Ignorance may be bliss, but the game wasn't an less impressive with this "flaw". If you avoid playing this game because of this issue, you're only screwing yourself out of a great gaming experience.

N4GayFanturds4080d ago

"Ignorance may be bliss, but the game wasn't an less impressive with this "flaw". If you avoid playing this game because of this issue, you're only screwing yourself out of a great gaming experience. "


NaAsAr4080d ago

playing on a 4:3 screen for example shows the face of the 1st little sister in the 1st cutscene. on my HD tv, the pc and 360 her face is not in view when she bends to stick you in the tummy and when she is talking to mr.bubbles...

Mikey_Gee4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

You should be able to see BOTH tattoos on BOTH wrists while in game other than when your character stretches out for a boost of Plasmid or to tap the wrench in his palm. Actually you get cut off on the right arm at the pinky finger .... NOT COOL !!

All he talks about is the PC version when it does the exact same thing on the 360 version. I had this game bought and pre-ordered, but once I found this out I switched my money to another pre-order and just rented it. With no multiplayer and this hang up, for me it becomes a rental.

GREAT GAME or NOT .... two dings in the red pushed it to the rental class for me. IF they fix the 360 version, I may buy it to keep. But I sure as $hit in a goose did not buy a 1080p 61" HDTV to see LESS than I can on my $200 Walmart TV set.

So in short .......... "FIX IT" .... "ON BOTH PC AND 360"

closedxxx4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

You CANCELLED your preorder, and decided the game was a RENTAL because maybe 10% of the screen is cropped? Seriously?
I've had no issues with gameplay, and if I hadn't been told the screen was cropped, i would have never noticed. I've not come across a single part of the game whether it was gameplay or cinematic sequences that have been unplayable, or hard to understand becuase something was not visible on screen.
The game is great. And it received outstanding reviews for the PC version AND the Xbox360 version, and I'm sure those people were playing in widescreen, completely unaware that the screen was cropped.
If they played the game and gave it a 9+ out of 10, I seriously doubt the game is any less amazing because of a screen cropping issue.

Mikey_Gee4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

... but the fact is "I" was on the fence about just renting rather than buying even before the crop issue. This was just the deciding factor. I at no time said it was a game killer. The game IS INDEED outstanding ... NO DOUBT ..... but as a rule I normally do not buy single player only games as it is. Oblivion being one exception to the rule due to the HUGE REPLY value. And you are correct ... the crop issue has about 5% negative ..... no .... has ZERO negative impact on the game/gameplay. But as I said, I was on the fence between buy and rent on this single player only game FROM DAY ONE !!!

Don't take it the wrong way, the game is AWSOME ..... VERY AWSOME ... I would also give it a retarded high score, BUT .... as I said, I was on the fence about dumping $80 (after tax Cdn) on a single player game REGARDLESS ... !!! This just happened to be the deciding factor. I have it rented and will keep it till I finish and FULLY ENJOY the game. Not very often will I run through a single player more than once. Even if they do fix the SMALL issue, only about 10% change I will buy it since as I said ... I will keep it as a rental till I finish it.

Sorry if you took it the wrong way .... but to the UNSURE ... Bioshock is a truly OUTSTANDING GAME and my post was in NO WAY meant to be a negative comment. Part of the reason I am so fricken tired at work today is due to the damn game ..... to bed to late and up to early.

REGARDLESS ... they should get rid of the heat from it buy FIXING it on both. No impact on gamplay or not .... folks want to see it rectified.


PS360PCROCKS4080d ago

Your all having this problem? How gay! How can you develop a game like this KNOWING 50% if not higher would be playing it in widescreen! This kind of pisses me off and now knowing this it's going to make me very irritated when I do get the game. Patch this 2k this is unacceptable.

Mikey_Gee4080d ago

DUDE ... fixed or not ... it really is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being as big an issues as folks make it out to be. I would really not get to hung up on it.

BUY or RENT ... do not deny yourself this game. For me, I just lean toward rental in a single player only game. I hope my above posts did not give the impression I was knocking the game.


Adamalicious4080d ago

It's kind of annoying that he didn't even admit to it in the note. How much more information do you need? All you have to do is say "sorry, we screwed up - we're gonna fix it."

I'm still playing the game, but I hope they take care of it.