Is this the PS3 controller we've been waiting for?

All Systems Go asks the question if this new third - party controller from Nyko is the answer for those looking for an alternative to the DualShock 3.


There is also a "standard" model available, that is set up like a DS3, for those who don't want the Xbox 360 Layout.

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niceguyWii32494d ago

NO, fix those staggered sticks and align them then we can talk. One thing I hate is staggered sticks, I hated them on the gamecube and I would hate them on a playstation.

MrAwesome2494d ago

Let's just hope Sony dosen't update the PS3 so it can't use these...

trancefreak2494d ago

oh give me a break unless u like exploding controllers you have nothing to worry about.

CimmerianDrake2494d ago

Who's we? I don't recall ever asking for anything different from the Dualshock controller. Maybe it's because my hands, which aren't small, are symmetrical, don't sweat like I have a glandular problem, and I know how to hold the controller properly. But hey, I'm a freak.

CimmerianDrake2494d ago

Thanks for not thinking I'm a freak, I appreciate the compliment. :)

WildArmed2494d ago

Here I thought all this time that the DaulShock 3 was the ps3 controller that 'we' all had been waiting for =/

I guess I just must be naive to think that Sony is providing the best SONY playstation 3 controller.

hesido2493d ago

You may not like this, you may prefer DS3 a thousand times over this, but "let's hope they block these from working" is quite a pathetic approach, why would you want less options?

Projekt7tuning2493d ago

@ trancefreak
Or a Mad Catz control that was perfectly fine till 3.50.
So it's not just the elusive exploding controllers.

MrAwesome2493d ago

I said "let's hope sony DOSEN'T update the PS3 so it can't use these" meaning I don't want them to take out this option next time you read a comment as stupid as the one you thought I said double check.

ExplosionSauce2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

If you absolutely can't afford a DS3, then go ahead and buy this.

But aside from that, I honestly find it quite ugly.
I always find the feel of the D-pad and buttons on the original controllers the best, imo.

None of that "too small for comfort" bull either!
Before the PS controller, almost all other controllers were even smaller(NES,SMS,SNES,GEN) and we would play those things for hours!

Arnon2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

What does the dualshock have to do with symmetry?

The dualshock's analog sticks are not ergonomic due to the fact that the original controller was designed for the directional pad, hence why it's normally in the spot where the left analog stick would go.

I mean... there's a reason why every other controller has been the same in design.

ExplosionSauce2493d ago

You wanna make it seem as if our thumbs were stiff and meant to be in an upward position.
Tilting the thumb is just as comfortable.

You have to admit that the hand in that picture is purposely holding the PS controller in a quite unnatural position that you wouldn't normally use.

What happens when you're gonna reach for the D-pad on the rest of the other controllers? Oh exactly, the same thing.
I thought people's hands were "too big" for the PS controller. Shouldn't it be a lot easier to reach back and forth between analog and D-pad on the DS3?
Come on, there's a reason why people love the controller for nearly 15 years.

Get your trolling as out of here.

Syronicus2493d ago

That is a silly argument considering that the other analog stick opposite to the one pictured in your post is not in the "more comfortable position"...

MuleKick2493d ago

That was easy.

MuleKick2493d ago Show
outrageous2493d ago

The PS3 controller is easily one of the worst controllers ever made on the face of this planet or any other planet, anywhere in the known universe...AMEN.

It's easily one of the biggest complaints I here and I can't stand the thing. It's a basic principle in all of engineering...FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. I will be checking out a couple designs like this when they finally come out, hopefully BEFORE 2011 and KZ 3. Then I may have a reason to wipe the dust off the shiny black behemoth. Assuming Sony hasn't banned them like the madcatz controllers...what's up with that nonsense.

Gue12493d ago

that D-pad looks like it's gonna hurt your thumb real bad.

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BLuKhaos2494d ago ShowReplies(6)
VileAndVicious2494d ago

Not the controller Ive been waiting for.


I totally agree on the staggered sticks.
If I want a giant 360 controller Ill play my xbox thanks.

NegativeCreepWA2494d ago ShowReplies(6)
FACTUAL evidence2494d ago

Uuuh Hell no! If I wanted to play shooter all dam day well yea...Well I won't say it's too bad. If you ask me, It's a superior controller, because it has the initial 360 setup. Not only that but it has the beneficial D-pad people admired/loved for the past 15 years.

boodybandit2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

One with off set sticks and one with them aligned.

gamerzBEreal172494d ago

who has been waiting for anything? im happy with my dualshock3 and my PSmove

Imperator2494d ago

I always laugh when people complain about the DS3. "It's too smalllll!!" LMAO. It's the same design we've seen for the last 15 years and there's a reason for that. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Aloren2493d ago

Yeah, and that reason is that fanboys cried when sony tried something else.

rumplstilts2493d ago

The boomerang controller looked awesome! But all the Sony fans bitched and denied themselves their own controller successor.

ThanatosDMC2494d ago

The controller we've been waiting for? I thought we all ready have the Dualshock 3...

dredgewalker2493d ago

No, I'm perfectly happy with the dual shock. My hands are perfectly at home with Sony's controller and I thank them for not changing the design and layout. If you're a long time PS user then there's no way that you are going to be uncomfortable with it. I already tried other 3rd party controllers and they just don't feel right for me. I can simply tell a Sony made controller from a 3rd party one blindfolded simply due to the feel of how the buttons presses. The only thing I don't like about the new dual shock is the rear trigger buttons.

hennessey862493d ago

only a complete ps3 fanboy who gets paid royaltys from sony will not admit that the 360 controller is better except for the d pad but thats gettibg sorted. Im lookin to pick up a new ps3 controller so alternatives are a good thing for me

n4gno2493d ago

Just look here, gamers are talking, and only some xbox fanboyz (4,5 against 100), like you, are complaining about that :)

dredgewalker2493d ago

I've never held a 360 controller in my entire life and if I did I would feel alienated because of the unfamiliar layout to me. I only said that the PS controller is best for me because I am so used to it after 15 years of using it. And I don't get any royalties from Sony saying this, and if I ever did then I'd buy more PS3 games with the money.

Christopher2493d ago

No. #1 thing I hate about 360 controllers is the off-set analog sticks.

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GuruStarr782494d ago

Maybe if you read the story, you would see that there are two versions that has the "staggered sticks" and one with the "traditional" layout......

TROLL EATER2494d ago

this controller is needed for killzone 3

thebudgetgamer2494d ago

the dualshock is the best controller i have ever used.

NastyLeftHook12494d ago

Agreed. i prefer it for fighting games by a huge margine

thebudgetgamer2494d ago

i respect that but for my money the dualshock is the one.
even though i love my 360 controller for racing games.

lastdual2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

That's wonderful, but then you're clearly not looking for an alternative, and so this article doesn't apply to you.

Personally I think it looks like a promising controller for people who are.

NegativeCreepWA2494d ago

Thank you, I'm one of those people thats always been looking for something to replace the DS.

NegativeCreepWA2494d ago

You know what I really want, is to be able to use a Nav and mouse combo that would be perfect. Analog movement with mouse precision.

GuruStarr782494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ lastdual:

Well said, bubble+

someone who actually read the story and did'nt just jump on the "ignorant-fanboy-hate&quo t; bandwagon.

TheLastGuardian2493d ago

The Dualshock 3 is perfect in my opinion. Never has there ever been a better D+Pad. I like my analogue sticks right next to eachother. That Nyko controller looks too edgy. I like the roundness of the dualshock. It fits my hands perfectly.

kwicksandz2493d ago

You high??

Nintendo and sega both have patents on better dpads then the current DS3.

alphakennybody2494d ago

DualShock controller anyday.

theonlylolking2494d ago


All the dualshock 3 needs is to be a tiny bit longer and 2 buttons on the back of the controller like on the mad catz MW2 and put some FPS freeks on and brilliant controller.