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Submitted by GuruStarr78 1961d ago | opinion piece

Is this the PS3 controller we've been waiting for?

All Systems Go asks the question if this new third - party controller from Nyko is the answer for those looking for an alternative to the DualShock 3. (PS3)

Update There is also a "standard" model available, that is set up like a DS3, for those who don't want the Xbox 360 Layout.

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niceguyWii3  +   1961d ago
NO, fix those staggered sticks and align them then we can talk. One thing I hate is staggered sticks, I hated them on the gamecube and I would hate them on a playstation.
MrAwesome  +   1961d ago
Let's just hope Sony dosen't update the PS3 so it can't use these...
trancefreak  +   1961d ago
oh give me a break unless u like exploding controllers you have nothing to worry about.
CimmerianDrake  +   1961d ago
Who's we? I don't recall ever asking for anything different from the Dualshock controller. Maybe it's because my hands, which aren't small, are symmetrical, don't sweat like I have a glandular problem, and I know how to hold the controller properly. But hey, I'm a freak.
CimmerianDrake  +   1961d ago
To the disagreer
Thanks for not thinking I'm a freak, I appreciate the compliment. :)
WildArmed  +   1961d ago
Here I thought all this time that the DaulShock 3 was the ps3 controller that 'we' all had been waiting for =/

I guess I just must be naive to think that Sony is providing the best SONY playstation 3 controller.
hesido  +   1961d ago
You may not like this, you may prefer DS3 a thousand times over this, but "let's hope they block these from working" is quite a pathetic approach, why would you want less options?
Projekt7tuning  +   1961d ago
@ trancefreak
Or a Mad Catz control that was perfectly fine till 3.50.
So it's not just the elusive exploding controllers.
MrAwesome  +   1961d ago
I said "let's hope sony DOSEN'T update the PS3 so it can't use these" meaning I don't want them to take out this option next time you read a comment as stupid as the one you thought I said double check.
ExplosionSauce  +   1960d ago
Hmm I don't know about this
If you absolutely can't afford a DS3, then go ahead and buy this.

But aside from that, I honestly find it quite ugly.
I always find the feel of the D-pad and buttons on the original controllers the best, imo.

None of that "too small for comfort" bull either!
Before the PS controller, almost all other controllers were even smaller(NES,SMS,SNES,GEN) and we would play those things for hours!
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Arnon  +   1960d ago
What does the dualshock have to do with symmetry?

The dualshock's analog sticks are not ergonomic due to the fact that the original controller was designed for the directional pad, hence why it's normally in the spot where the left analog stick would go.

I mean... there's a reason why every other controller has been the same in design.
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ExplosionSauce  +   1960d ago
You wanna make it seem as if our thumbs were stiff and meant to be in an upward position.
Tilting the thumb is just as comfortable.

You have to admit that the hand in that picture is purposely holding the PS controller in a quite unnatural position that you wouldn't normally use.

What happens when you're gonna reach for the D-pad on the rest of the other controllers? Oh exactly, the same thing.
I thought people's hands were "too big" for the PS controller. Shouldn't it be a lot easier to reach back and forth between analog and D-pad on the DS3?
Come on, there's a reason why people love the controller for nearly 15 years.

Get your trolling as out of here.
Syronicus  +   1960d ago
@ Arnon
That is a silly argument considering that the other analog stick opposite to the one pictured in your post is not in the "more comfortable position"...
MuleKick  +   1960d ago
That was easy.
MuleKick   1960d ago | Offensive
outrageous  +   1960d ago
Form follows function...
The PS3 controller is easily one of the worst controllers ever made on the face of this planet or any other planet, anywhere in the known universe...AMEN.

It's easily one of the biggest complaints I here and I can't stand the thing. It's a basic principle in all of engineering...FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. I will be checking out a couple designs like this when they finally come out, hopefully BEFORE 2011 and KZ 3. Then I may have a reason to wipe the dust off the shiny black behemoth. Assuming Sony hasn't banned them like the madcatz controllers...what's up with that nonsense.
Gue1  +   1960d ago
that D-pad looks like it's gonna hurt your thumb real bad.
BLuKhaos   1961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
VileAndVicious  +   1961d ago
Not the controller Ive been waiting for.


I totally agree on the staggered sticks.
If I want a giant 360 controller Ill play my xbox thanks.
NegativeCreepWA   1961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
FACTUAL evidence  +   1961d ago
"Is this the PS3 controller we've been waiting for?"
Uuuh Hell no! If I wanted to play shooter all dam day well yea...Well I won't say it's too bad. If you ask me, It's a superior controller, because it has the initial 360 setup. Not only that but it has the beneficial D-pad people admired/loved for the past 15 years.
ScoobyDrew  +   1960d ago
stealth troll harder...
boodybandit  +   1961d ago
They have two styles of the Raven
One with off set sticks and one with them aligned.
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gamerzBEreal17  +   1961d ago
who has been waiting for anything? im happy with my dualshock3 and my PSmove
Imperator  +   1961d ago
I always laugh when people complain about the DS3. "It's too smalllll!!" LMAO. It's the same design we've seen for the last 15 years and there's a reason for that. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
Aloren  +   1961d ago
Yeah, and that reason is that fanboys cried when sony tried something else.
rumplstilts  +   1960d ago
The boomerang controller looked awesome! But all the Sony fans bitched and denied themselves their own controller successor.
ThanatosDMC  +   1961d ago
The controller we've been waiting for? I thought we all ready have the Dualshock 3...
gtamike  +   1961d ago
looks bad
dredgewalker  +   1960d ago
No, I'm perfectly happy with the dual shock. My hands are perfectly at home with Sony's controller and I thank them for not changing the design and layout. If you're a long time PS user then there's no way that you are going to be uncomfortable with it. I already tried other 3rd party controllers and they just don't feel right for me. I can simply tell a Sony made controller from a 3rd party one blindfolded simply due to the feel of how the buttons presses. The only thing I don't like about the new dual shock is the rear trigger buttons.
hennessey86  +   1960d ago
only a complete ps3 fanboy who gets paid royaltys from sony will not admit that the 360 controller is better except for the d pad but thats gettibg sorted. Im lookin to pick up a new ps3 controller so alternatives are a good thing for me
n4gno  +   1960d ago
Just look here, gamers are talking, and only some xbox fanboyz (4,5 against 100), like you, are complaining about that :)
dredgewalker  +   1960d ago
I've never held a 360 controller in my entire life and if I did I would feel alienated because of the unfamiliar layout to me. I only said that the PS controller is best for me because I am so used to it after 15 years of using it. And I don't get any royalties from Sony saying this, and if I ever did then I'd buy more PS3 games with the money.
Christopher  +   1960d ago
No. #1 thing I hate about 360 controllers is the off-set analog sticks.
GuruStarr78  +   1961d ago
Maybe if you read the story, you would see that there are two versions that has the "staggered sticks" and one with the "traditional" layout......
TROLL EATER  +   1961d ago
this controller is needed for killzone 3
thebudgetgamer  +   1961d ago
the dualshock is the best controller i have ever used.
NastyLeftHook1  +   1961d ago
Agreed. i prefer it for fighting games by a huge margine
thebudgetgamer  +   1961d ago
i understand that it's not everyones cup of tea,
i respect that but for my money the dualshock is the one.
even though i love my 360 controller for racing games.
lastdual  +   1961d ago
That's wonderful, but then you're clearly not looking for an alternative, and so this article doesn't apply to you.

Personally I think it looks like a promising controller for people who are.
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NegativeCreepWA  +   1961d ago
Thank you, I'm one of those people thats always been looking for something to replace the DS.
NegativeCreepWA  +   1961d ago
You know what I really want, is to be able to use a Nav and mouse combo that would be perfect. Analog movement with mouse precision.
GuruStarr78  +   1961d ago
@ lastdual:

Well said, bubble+

someone who actually read the story and did'nt just jump on the "ignorant-fanboy-hate&quo t; bandwagon.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1961d ago
The Dualshock 3 is perfect in my opinion. Never has there ever been a better D+Pad. I like my analogue sticks right next to eachother. That Nyko controller looks too edgy. I like the roundness of the dualshock. It fits my hands perfectly.
kwicksandz  +   1960d ago
never has their been a better dpad?
You high??

Nintendo and sega both have patents on better dpads then the current DS3.
alphakennybody  +   1961d ago
DualShock controller anyday.
theonlylolking  +   1961d ago

All the dualshock 3 needs is to be a tiny bit longer and 2 buttons on the back of the controller like on the mad catz MW2 and put some FPS freeks on and brilliant controller.
Vegeta9000  +   1961d ago
A bulky controller? lol
I'll stick to the dualshock.
BLuKhaos   1961d ago | Trolling | show
GOODKyle  +   1961d ago
this is old are seriously behind the ball on this. This controller came out nearly 5 months ago and it's not an alternative controller. It was a controller specifically made for the online shooter MAG. Trust me, I would know.
GuruStarr78  +   1961d ago
This controller is not even available at retail me a review...or a place it is being sold at.

"Made specifically for MAG?" and "trust me, I would know"...LOL
Chug  +   1961d ago
It's been out for a month or so
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Omega  +   1961d ago
It has not been out a month and if it was then their would be a review. Also it was delayed because I tried preordering it 5 days when it was available.
KwietStorm  +   1961d ago
lmao @ 'trust me, I would know.'

And who the hell are you supposed to be?
GuruStarr78  +   1961d ago
GOODKyle  +   1960d ago
one of the best MAG players in the world and currently the record holder for most consecutive kills at 132.
diego750  +   1961d ago
Damn!! It is horrible, like Xbox´s controller, it is nothing personal but I think that controller is VERY big and sometimeas it can be uncomfortable, DS3 is better, the only thing they have to upgrade of it...the triggers, I am not saying they are bad, just that they need triggers like Xbox´s controller. I know I can buy them, but Sony should upgrade them.
mastiffchild  +   1961d ago
I don't want triggers for every game, though, do you? I prefer the DS3 mainly because I feel, as a lefty , that the 360 pad is just TOO right hand orientated for me-it feels wrong like the CG controller before it. Were there a mirror image controller(in terms of the analog sticks) I might change my mind but even then it's a bit bulky and this seems to be as well.The other thing is I can change my DS3 from game to game:I add a rtrigger for R2 on games where there's a set up that allows it for the shoot button and have an extender on my aiming stick for some shooters as well depending on what class I'm playing(hey, I'm THAT bad any help is a bonus!!)-thing is, the DS3 currently allows me to choose but with the 360 pad I'm stuck with it aas it is on the trigger front meaning it's less versatile for me as well as seeming a bit the wrong way round.

As we left handers are, what, 1 in 10, oif all gamers you'd have thunked someone would have tried a limited run of offset stick controllers for us to try, wouldn't you? I know a lot of games allow for different set ups for us freaks but the hardware's never been forthcoming. Why not make me one Nyko? I'll terst it for you for nowt and write a biog, long essay about it. I'd like that.

So, anyhow, that's why I don't want Sony changing the controller but they should, perhaps, include a set ofr temporary triggers with each one, decent compromise that allows you to go back for fighters, driving games and action games etc?
Apotheosize  +   1961d ago
It looks like its made of rubber
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1961d ago
Actually...I want the Move navigation controller as the left side of the controller and one identical to it on the other side...with the four shapes instead of the d-pad.

Don't connect them either. I want them separated. It'd be more comfortable.

Give us the OPTION to connect them though...and you've got the perfect controller.
dirtydbz  +   1961d ago
thinking outside of the box I like that of course that means your gonna pay 60$ for a compleete controller but hell they already have one half of it out there shouldn't be hard to design the other half
Bloodlyte  +   1961d ago
Is this the PS3 controller we've been waiting for?
Short Answer : NO!


DualShock3 FTW!
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artynerd  +   1961d ago
Playstation controllers need an overhaul
Seriously, I actually own all 3 consoles, unlike most of the Sony fanboys who hang out at N4G.

The 360 controller is quite a bit better than the PS3/PS2/PS1 controller. Why? 2 main reasons:
1) Better analogs. Before you cry like a Sony fanbaby, here's a little history lesson:
The PS analogs are way too close together and they always have been. Heck, they are in the same spot Sony tacked them on when the N64 launched and they were like "hey, we want analog sticks too" and instead of redesigning the controller, they just tacked them on, leaving the Dpad as the primary control interface - that's why the PS Dpad is so nice - it's a Dpad focused controller. That said, it's NOT an analog focused controller - you can't be both simultaneously, it's not physically possible. That's also why the 360 has a crappy Dpad, because it's analog centric... but 99% of games coming out use the left analog stick primarily, so Sony loses in this category.

2) Better triggers. Plain and simple. Play COD:MW on PS3 with those goofy bumpers, then play it with the 360's triggers. WAY better. Also, any racing game you can imagine is much more responsive with the 360's triggers.

Also, my PS3 controllers cut out for a few seconds about once an hour. Other than batteries dying, I've never had any connection problems with my 360 controllers.... Oh yeah, and they have rumble, too... which was "soo last gen" when I bought my PS3 at launch :P
Lombax  +   1961d ago
Just no.
Britney Spears  +   1961d ago
ps3 controller is way better,works with more variety of games. an actual good dpad,face buttons that aren't hard and sticking out which is bad for dmc style games and triggers are bad and uncomfortable for fighters.
darkpower  +   1961d ago
1. PS3 controllers cutting out? Since when? You might want to have that checked, because that has NEVER happened with me. NEVER!
2. Nice to see that you're calling everyone fanboys before anyone can even respond or do anything you're accusing people of. Good way to get a reputation going. Furthermore, what credentials are you using to tell who is or isn't a fanboy? Is it disagreeing with you?
3. And if there was something wrong with the placement of the Dualshock sticks, a place where they have been ever since Sony first came out with the PS1 DS controllers back in 1997-8 (and you even admitted they were), then why wait until NOW to bitch? Obviously Sony is doing SOMETHING right in that regard.
4. Goofy bumpers? How are they any different? Please enlighten us? The 360 bumpers handle exactly the same. I know because I've USED them.
5. Nearly everyone knew why rumble was not in Sony's controllers at the start and understood why, though no one really LIKED it.

6. "That said, it's NOT an analog focused controller - you can't be both simultaneously, it's not physically possible. That's also why the 360 has a crappy Dpad, because it's analog centric... but 99% of games coming out use the left analog stick primarily, so Sony loses in this category. "

Hold on, so BOTH this thing and the 360 controller look nearly identical, yet this one ISN'T analog centric (whatever that means), and the 360 one is? And once more, I can use BOTH the d-pad and the analog controller on the DS3 perfectly, without any hiccups. Now you tell me how you can't have your cake and eat it too? Uncharted 2, GTA4, FF13, Rachet & Clank, Killzone 2, Mirror's Edge, God of War, and Heavy Rain have all used the left analog stick as the primary movement stick, and none of those games have been crappy to control. (S)SF4, Blazblue, so many PS1 Classics, Megaman 9 and 10, and other games use the d-pad as the primary control, and none of them suffer from it. And you forgot to mention Sixaxis, and though I know you might see that as a weapon to attack the big bad Sony elite with, it's something you completely ignored, so I guess you didn't have anything against it to attack it with.
artynerd  +   1960d ago
Let me take the time to explain why you're wrong
<i>"what credentials are you using to tell who is or isn't a fanboy? Is it disagreeing with you?'</i>

A fanboy argues against fact and common sense in defense of a product they love

<i>"if there was something wrong with the placement of the Dualshock sticks, a place where they have been ever since Sony first came out with the PS1 DS controllers back in 1997-8 (and you even admitted they were), then why wait until NOW to bitch? Obviously Sony is doing SOMETHING right in that regard.</i>

Look, the ORIGINAL controller did not have any sticks, and the dualshock just tacked them on. If you know ANYTHING about ergonomics, you will know you can't just take a great design, like the original PS1 controller and just add PRIMARY control devices to it without having to redesign the whole thing. It works, but it definitely could be better. The reality is that your thumb naturally falls on the Dpad with the current PS3 controller - you can't have 2 natural placements, that's why the Xbox Dpad sucks.

<i>"5. Nearly everyone knew why rumble was not in Sony's controllers at the start and understood why, though no one really LIKED it."</i>

Right... that's why they now include rumble with all new PS3s.. BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINED. They tried to cut costs by eliminating rumble, but it ended up being something people actually wanted. Prime example of a fanboy comment - defending a product against reality and better judgement. Sony made a mistake taking it out, big deal, all companies make mistakes. Doesn't mean they're a terrible company that makes terrible games - far from it... but to the rampant fanboy, Sony is a flawless deity, and any flaw can be pinned on something else or excused altogether.

<i>Hold on, so BOTH this thing and the 360 controller look nearly identical, yet this one ISN'T analog centric (whatever that means), and the 360 one is?</i>

Why are you arguing this point if you don't even understand what I mean by "analog centric"? Haha, classic fanboy - arguing terms he doesn't know about only because he assumes it's something anti-Sony.

What I mean by "analog centric" means the natural spot where your thumb rests is on the anolog stick. Likewise, "Dpad centric" would then mean the Dpad would be in this ideal position. Your thumb has about a 30 degree comfort zone and the span between the Dpad and the extreme end of the analog stick is well outside of it - on both consoles. That said, you can't physically and ergonomically have two control types, both DPad and analog stick, exist in the same ideal spot. This is why the PS3 controller is Dpad centric and the 360 controller is analog centric, this is also why the left analog is more comfortable on the 360. I've spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours with pretty much every controller that exists (except the original Xbox controller, that thing was garbage), and in my 20 years of gaming, the 360 controller is the most comfortable and best designed controller to-date. All you have to think about it that the dual-shock design is over 12 years old.. A lot of ergonomic study has happened since then. You have to be a fool to think it can't be improved upon, or that other people have designed better controllers since then.
artynerd  +   1960d ago
part 2
<i>"Uncharted 2, GTA4, FF13, Rachet & Clank, Killzone 2, Mirror's Edge, God of War, and Heavy Rain have all used the left analog stick as the primary movement stick, and none of those games have been crappy to control."</i>

Remember when Mario 64 came out? Everyone thought the analog stick was amazing and that it controlled PERFECTLY (read up some retro reviews if you're too young). Yeah, at the time is was as good as it got, and even today, the N64 controller isn't "crappy to control", but better designs have been made since then. All of those games you listed control about 90% as good as they could if the 360 controller is our 100% by comparison(and you'd have to be foolish to think the 360s analog sticks can't be improved as well).

<i>"And you forgot to mention Sixaxis, and though I know you might see that as a weapon to attack the big bad Sony elite with, it's something you completely ignored, so I guess you didn't have anything against it to attack it with."</i>

"Attack" Sony? Hahaha... why? What good does that do me? I love my PS3, I love Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet. Heck, LBP2 is my most anticipated game of this... well, early next year now (that definitely bummed me out, as I already booked time off of work for it) And you wonder why I label you as a fanboy? - I'm just inserting a fair and balanced opinion into a fray of one-sided brainwashed consumerism fanboys. It's sad, because people who are fanboys actually hurt our games industry - you should be calling Sony out on crap if you're a true fan, don't just mindlessly praise a company that just wants your money. Sure, they're great a what they do, but defending them against logic only makes them lazy.

You give Sony (or Nintendo, or Microsoft) your hard-earned money - THEY should be loyal to you, not the other way around. Quit defending big money corporations who could care less about your measly $700 and put that passion towards real friendships where the feeling is mutual.
TheLastGuardian  +   1960d ago
artynerd  +   1960d ago
forgot to address the 6axis as requested
So yeah, the 6axis... kind of a fail there. Let's do a little history on the 6 axis:

Sony announces PS3 at E3 2006 with the 6 axis controller, saying "rumble was last gen". An obvious attempt to cash in on the new Wii craze, with Nintendo unveiling their much-anticipated controller a few months back.

Since then, most games just use it as a gimmick. Name one game that uses it as the primary means to control it. Heavy Rain probably used it best, but that takes me to the next point in history.

Sony announces Move at E3 2009. Attempt #2 to cash in on the Wii's motion controls.

Now why on earth would Sony make Move if they didn't already know the "6 axis" portion of their controller was an epic fail?

To sooth your obviously bruised fanboy ego, I'll give you a Microsoft failure of larger proportions - The original Xbox controller. It sucked so bad they had to launch the S controller. Now that's a totally controller fail, not just one feature - the entire thing.
niceguyWii3  +   1961d ago
untill the 360 controller gets rid of that backpack of a battery pack and aligns the sticks its DS3 for me.
dirtydbz  +   1961d ago
honestly it's a matter of prefrence I like the analog sticks where they are at. at the same tile I do like the trigers on the 360 a smidge better that being said every one is diffrent ( there is no possible way in hell that ev1 would like the same controller) so in fact this is the controller they have been wating for
ian72  +   1960d ago
My PS3 controllers have never cut out for a few seconds, ever. I don't know how thats happening, never heard anyone say that before.
kwicksandz  +   1960d ago
actually there are documented cases of frequent cutouts with the bluetooth on original 6axis, i think they fixed it with the Ds3 tho
creepjack  +   1961d ago
Wow, you guys are some bitter little people, well, I'm assuming you are all little if you are complaining about the 360 controller being too bulky. LOL, my 13 year old step daughter has no issues using a 360 controller, what's that say about you guys?
xDaRkModEx  +   1961d ago
She has big hands?
Lombax  +   1961d ago
Sweaty palms...
Lombax  +   1961d ago
Why do people love the 360 controllers staggered sticks so much? I frikin' hate that!
sickbird  +   1961d ago
i wonder that myself, i actually prefer the dualshock for all games.
Kakkoii  +   1961d ago
You hate it because you're not used to it. And that my friend is called ignorance!
darkpower  +   1961d ago
I've used the 360 controller, and it's a bit weird for those not used to the different layout. For games where it's better to use the d-pad (Mega Man 9 and 10, for instance), it's a nightmare because those games are SO not designed to be played with an analog stick, and the placement of the pad coupled with how tiny it is makes it a pain to actually use. This is why the game is better on the Wii or PS3.

And you're the one being ignorant because you're trying to say that if he got used to it, he would enjoy it. How do you know that he would or wouldn't?

Oh, and yes, I knew what you meant, and no, my opinion hasn't changed from that, and yes, I think you are ignorant, and no, I'm NOT joking.
#14.2.1 (Edited 1961d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Lombax  +   1961d ago
Uhh... No.
I'm pretty familiar with the controller. I have a wired one so I can play "360 exclusives" on my pc. I also played the original Halo a fuckin' shitload with my friends. Love that game. Still play it on my pc from time to time.

Call me crazy, but I just prefer symmetry. Kinda has to do with the way my hands are made.

I don't know how your hands look but they must be effed up if something unsymmetrical is more comfortable for you. And there is a difference between having an opinion and being ignorant, but of course you wouldn't know that. ;)
#14.2.2 (Edited 1961d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
pacosanchez88  +   1961d ago
@ darkpower.

lol brutal. not really nessecary, but entertaining non the less.

last sentence in your comment, "oh, and yes,... and no,... and yes, and no, im not joking"

so is it yes or no, or yes? or no....? XD
Kakkoister   1960d ago | Spam
Lombax  +   1959d ago
1. "He's ignorant because he's hating on a slight difference in placement..."

First off, I think some people really need to know what "ignorant" actually means.

1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

2. "...and saying people must have asymmetrical hands if they like it."

Experiment time!! :D

Sit down in a chair. Lay your forearms on your knees so that you hands lay limply over your feet. Now, while keeping you hand as limp as possible, bring your pointer fingers together in front of you. Notice something?

3. "It's fine if you merely prefer to have them symmetrical, but hating is ridiculous."

Yeah, I guess "hate" is a bit strong of a word. I just didn't think that my 2 sentences would be picked apart and scrutinized word by word. This is N4G though. I should have known, and for that I AM ignorant.
Omega  +   1961d ago
because it feels more natural in your hands just like the triggers do. But your just ignorant like what kakkoii said.
pacosanchez88  +   1961d ago
@ kakkoii

here's a great idea, lets switch the gas and brake pedal on your car (asuming your old enough to drive). your not used to it right? so by you're logic, your ignorant?

@ omega
once again, wtf are you talking about. lombax was talking about the analog sticks, and you bring up the triggers? Illiterate troll
Kakkoii  +   1961d ago

You didn't read what I said carefully. I didn't say he was ignorant just because he wasn't used to it. I said he was ignorant for "hating it" just because hes not used to it.

If you switched the pedals on me, I would merely say, this is an inconvenience since I'm not used to this pedal configuration. But I wouldn't say I hate it. If I kept using the pedals that way, I would soon become comfortable with them and not care anymore.
pacosanchez88  +   1961d ago

ahhhh, i see what you mean. your still ignorant.
haha jk, thanks for clearing that up, i get you now.
Biggest  +   1961d ago
Is this "Ignorant gets a new definition!" day or something? If you don't like something you don't like something. Ignorance has nothing to do with preference.
mastiffchild  +   1960d ago
Indeed. I always put the fact I prefer the DS in every respect(I can have a trigger when I want it on my DS3 anyway-and often do)mainly down to being left handed and finding the non aligned sticks to be done mainly for right handers(and have always said I'd love to try a controller with them the other way round as it were). Now, I don't HATE nthe 360 pad but do find it a bit of a pain for most games and useless for a select few(I tried SF4 with one at a mates -after moaning about how the DS3 played with it-and was blown away by just how bad it was with that D-pad)and it5's nothing to do with not being used to it either as after all the Gears1 and 2 I've played with the 360, all the hours of Halo3 and ODST and other 360 exclusives I've had plenty of time to grow to love it and I just don't.

Does being left handed and finding a controller just isn't to my taste putting me at risk of becoming ignorant?
ikral  +   1961d ago
This is only controller besides DS3, that I need.
Punch-o  +   1961d ago
Im a big PlayStation fan love the controller.But i admit 360 controller/lay out is better for shooters. I got the Pro elite ps3 controller (360 layout) 2weeks ago. My performance in FPS has gotten better. I use my pro elite controller exclusively for FPS and everything else DS3.
Britney Spears  +   1961d ago
i prefer mouse and keyboard,don't even like controllers much for shooters.ps3's analog are better for shooters since you can move faster.of course and actual working dpad is also a plus.
Kakkoii  +   1961d ago
You suit your name well. Not thinking about what you're saying too carefully.

Nobodies arguing about mouse and keyboard being better or worse for FPS's. It's a well known fact they are better, not up for argument lol.

As for PS3's analog sticks being better... uh no. The 360's and the PS3's are mechanically the same. And if you played on shooters on the consoles, you'd know how fast it moves the camera is an option you control in the game.

And the DPAD doesn't work? Lol? Seriously, how can people be so ignorant in the name of being a fanboy.
darkpower  +   1961d ago
"Nobodies arguing about mouse and keyboard being better or worse for FPS's. It's a well known fact they are better, not up for argument lol."

That, my friend, is very ignorant. You're pushing your opinion as proven fact, something that you should never do. It's called preference. Some people like the keyboard and mouse, and some like the controllers.

The fact that people have a PREFERENCE, and that such a PREFERENCE can differ from person to person, is what isn't up for debate.

By the way, I've already confirmed that the placement of the 360 d-pad can make some games a nightmare because of the size and placement of it in my other comment above. And an option in WHAT game? Each FPS handles differently.

I think you're the one not thinking carefully, because you're just going around pushing your opinion as proven fact, something some of the well known trolls on this site...WAIT A MINUTE...
Kakkoister   1960d ago | Spam
darkpower  +   1960d ago
@Kakkoister AKA Kakkoii
First, it's rather obvious now that you're trolling from two accounts that you're basically admitting you're using at the same time to shove your opinion down everyone's throats.

You're seriously basing your OPINION (yes, it IS an opinion, no matter HOW many time you try to say it) on an article that I didn't see before, and you failed to link to? I bet you I can give you several reasons other than what you're saying as to why that was (like the console gamers sucking and the PC gamers being just better players, for one). How do you know that none of those PC gamers didn't use a controller and mapped out the buttons to their liking (and yes, some PC games ALLOW that, and gamers DO take advantage of it).

The phrase "The mouse gives more precise and quick control over you're aim" is an OPINION. It might be a popular opinion, but it is an OPINION. A FACT is when something is scientifically proven (which you'd have to go into major testing and have to put all the other factors off of the table to prove what you're saying as absolute fact). And I never once brought up the staggered sticks as what I thought was a preference, even though that IS, but rather people's preference to use a keyboard/mouse over a controller and vice versa. I was never, not even ONCE, referencing the 360 vs. PS3 battle in that reference.

By the way, go do some research before you determine why games don't offer cross platform play (why do you think Valve said the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be the "best version" before slamming XBL, or why SE is currently not creating a 360 version of Final Fantasy 14?). It has everything to do with politics between console makers and nothing to do with if one group of gamers have a better means of controlling a particular game than the other. Oh, and Final Fantasy XI DOES offer cross platform play (and can be played with a controller JUST FINE, as I played much better than some mouse/keyboard types using a controller even when I moved to PC to play the game), and FF14 and Portal 2 WILL. I know you meant FPS, but this argument can be applied to just about ANY genre (Portal 2, though, IS an FPS).

EDIT: By the way, you HAVE been reported for using duplicate accounts. Just thought I'd let you know that. That IS fact. I know it is because I'm the one who just now did it.
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artynerd  +   1960d ago
Mouse & Keyboard - trading comfort for control since 1990
Keyboard and Mouse = super fast control, but also = super fast road to carpel tunnel syndrome.

I would sacrifice speed of control for comfortable control any day. I play games to relax tho, so that's my opinion on it. I can totally see why a pro-gamer would want key/mouse.
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rezzah  +   1961d ago
EW WTF is that!?
Killman  +   1961d ago
The D-Pad looks a bit....bleh.
shammgod  +   1961d ago
pardon me, but this controller looks f'in gay
Omega  +   1961d ago
look who's talking!
AgentA-Mi6  +   1961d ago
The best controller of this gen is the DS3, last gen it was the dualshock 2 and the original dualshock two generations ago.
pacosanchez88  +   1961d ago
really omega? do you know what shammgod looks like? just acting like a fool arent you?

OT. i laugh at all the fanboys trying to defend there controller of choice. get a life people, you have different preference, get used to it. i like the DS3. am i going to tell you why? no, i dont care that much.
Omega  +   1961d ago
Do you know how he looks like? And I don't defend nothing but just that I prefer the 360 just as you prefer your DS3. I could care less about how much you like the DS3 and unlike you otherwise why are you here.
pacosanchez88  +   1961d ago
look who's talking!

that was the most appropriate response i could think of given that your comment made almost no sense.
hazelamy  +   1961d ago
if the higher position for the analog stick was more comfortable then why did ms leave the right stick lower down?
that's the only issue i have with the xbox, and gamecube, pads, i prefer the sticks to be in the same place, either have them both lower down or both higher up, if you think that's a better position, but not this half and half design.
Kakkoister   1961d ago | Spam
MaximusPrime  +   1961d ago
I'm not a fan of shooter games but I admit xbox controller is more suited for shooter games.

I own played all Playstation consoles and got used to dualshock controller. I prefer DS controllers. Layout of buttons is perfect.

I never like that analog button on xbox controller.
Dorwrath  +   1961d ago
I have both consoles but loathe the PS3 controller. It's too small, designed for kids or people with small hands. The two analogue sticks are too near each other. The triggers are god awful, curved the wrong way.

I know a lot like the DS3, but for the likes of me that have done years of physical jobs, gaming with the DS3 or any of the Playstation controllers is an uncomfortable experience.

For those who are looking for an alternative to the DS3, then they might take a look at this.
Flare149  +   1961d ago
Aside from the triggers, the Playstation controller is the perfect layout. It fits well in your hands, sort of resting on them without having to hold it, and the analog sticks are symmetrical which makes it wasy on the hands instead of having one hand way at the front.
Dogswithguns  +   1961d ago
No thank you... DS3 good enough for me.
daojishi   1961d ago | Spam
Reefskye  +   1961d ago
Funny how people complain about their hands being to big my dad is just short of 7 foot tall and has massive hands yet he has no problems. You don't have to grip the controller with all your might, if I hold it tight it feels to small but if I loosely hold it it's fine.
Odin777  +   1960d ago
Yeah these people must be fucking giants or something.
Betass   1961d ago | Spam
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