Rock Band comes to PS2 alongside PS3 & 360, No Wii version

In order to best take advantage of the userbase in Europe, Electronic Arts and Harmonix announced today at Games Convention 2007 that Rock Band would be coming to the PlayStation 2 alongside the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions in early 2008. So far, this announcement is for Europe only -- no word on a PS2 version for North America.

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MK_Red4134d ago

Well, it was only a matter of time before EA would port this blockbuster to PS2. Now Guitar Hero 3 has lost even more advantages and aside from price and GH heritage, Rock Band is certainly in a better position.

mikeslemonade4134d ago

PS2 might be getting it because they actually have an online to work with. Nintendo so far has only one third party online game out and that's madden.

MK_Red4134d ago

EA also knows that most Wii buyers are casuals that won't pay $200 for a music game and really, who would by a $200 game for a $250 console!?

Salvadore4134d ago

GH better pull out something good to attract consumers because next to RB , it looks like a demo.

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