Pull Over, EA; Activision is the New NASCAR Publisher

While Electronic Arts have been publishing NASCAR games for over a decade, the series has now switched hands to the all-consuming Activision, who will be publishing NASCAR 11.

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wakash2796d ago

damn Activision taking over..they ain't playing around no more

Sandwich Bender2796d ago

It's quickly becoming a bleak world, my friend.

SKUD2796d ago

Most certainly. Its only going to get worse.

tacosRcool2796d ago

And then destroy all of what we hold dear

nycredude2796d ago

Since when was Nascar a good game. Just another crap game to add to the long list of crap games from Craptivision.

thebudgetgamer2796d ago

dirt to daytona was an exelent game.

Zachmo1822796d ago

Yea dude dirt to daytona was awesome. only if it had online play it would of made it all the more better.

BenCrazy4242796d ago

NR2003 or anytime sierra had papyrus working on it. I doubt this will be any good but who knows, just glad its not ea.

Brklynty12796d ago

Theres a game called GT5 that has the best Nascar racing ive really

bjornbear2796d ago

release all the nascar games you want.

the real nascar simulator is GT5 =D just look at the footage!

BenCrazy4242796d ago

Because you can't race 43 cars on the track in gt5 but if i had to choose between the two, I would definitely buy GT5. More diversity in cars and racing styles makes GT5 seem like 5 games in 1.

CyberCam2796d ago

I watched the video and it looks great, but the video seem... I don't out of place with the music. I was expecting something like Bob Seger, AC DC or something of that nature for a NASCAR video. Not that nice easy listening calm music (more what I like).

Anon19742796d ago

Activision Nascar game: $59.99
Extra fee to be able to steer: $4.95/month

Kotick's response to criticism of pricing scheme? "Oh, you'll pay and you'll like it."

nycredude2796d ago

LMAO! How much to switch gears?

gamerzBEreal172796d ago

doesn't GT5 have this? i dont think we will need another nascar game

Elven62796d ago

What about PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS, etc gamers who don't have access to a PS3 or GT 5 when it releases?

I think people are underestimating the appeal of Nascar in the States, EA's Nascar games haven't been that great in a while now so if someone else is willing to take a stab at it, more power to them.

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Montoya2796d ago

Not to be an @sshole. But why would you buy a Nascar game when GT5 has a Nascar mode just as robust as any other Nascar title. Plus much, much more.

NecrumSlavery2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

You beat me to
bubbling you up.

lets see Nascar look better than GT5's. PolyDig ought to make a Nascar DLC pack and ad a Cup mode too and get rid of Bobby Kotick's need for speed

Zachmo1822796d ago

Cause some people don't own PS3's man.

Zachmo1822796d ago

Really why are people disagreeing with me? Are you saying that everyone owns a PS3?

NewsForMe2796d ago

Not much of a racing fan myself, but I'll buy GT5 so I can get into the genre without needing to buy another racing game for a long time. I don't actually own a PS3 at this point but should by January. NASCAR and F1 seem like pointless titles to me, though I don't know much about the genre. It seems any racing fan would be better of buying a PS3 and GT5 than blowing 120+ to get a fraction of the content from other sources now and still need to buy more racing games in the next few years.

CrzyFooL2796d ago

GIT R DONE!!! I wanna go fast!!

Simco8762796d ago

Please step in and crush this monopoly.

SoapShoes2796d ago

Um, look at AT&T and Comcast... I don't think they'll do crap as they give it the excuse of calling it a, "healthy monopoly".

alphakennybody2796d ago

Anyone find this comment hilarious XD!

CrzyFooL2796d ago

Take down ClearChannel while you're at it.

HungPHATx2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

No thanks I'll be playing NASCAR in GT5 in Nov

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