How Many Copies of No More Heroes 2 Does Marvelous Want to Sell?

Andriasang: So how many copies of No More Heroes 2 does publisher Marvelous Entertainment want to sell in Japan?

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sinncross2978d ago

Well anyways, I hope they do an HD port of NMH2!

Cajun Chicken2977d ago

That'd be great. Especially seeing how Move is being implemented in now.

turok2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

... that Suda himself prefers for that concept to never see the light of day.

Seferoth752977d ago

LOL they ported the first one and it completely bombed..

[email protected] Cajun, NMH2 has classic controller support. Move isnt needed and isnt the reason this game hasnt been on PS3 yet, it's because the PS3 lot are horrible at supporting games.

pcz2977d ago

no more heroes is so overrated

SandRazor2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

In some ways yes and some ways no. I'm just glad I can play No More Heroes on my PS3 soon.

Edward-Kraken2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

pcz, did you play the game? 'Coz I'm 90% sure you didnt.

pcz2977d ago

Ive played and completed both no more heroes, thank you very much!

when you return to them a few weeks after you initially completed them, there really is nothing to them.

try playing it with a mate or somebody who has never read or heard about it... their distinct boredom reveals whats wrong with the game- its all game journalism generated hype.

i think no more heroes is the perfect example of how a games image can be skewed by publicity ... the producer of the game is so over rated, he could make a rubbish game and it will get so much praise, just because its from him.

he's basically the new peter molyneux, a guy who is well know for making games, but when you play his games there is nothing too them. its all industry hype.

i dont care, disagree with me in droves, but its the truth!

Loadedklip2977d ago

Suda " Third party games do not sell on Nintendo."

Have to agree for the most part.
Third party party games sell ... but core games ... you will find a few million sellers ... but if so, they are franchises that normally sell multi-million on any other platform and not just 1 million.

Loadedklip2977d ago

For the person or anyone else that disagrees ... name 3 CORE third party titles that have sold over 2 million on the Wii.

Good luck ...

2977d ago
turok2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

stop spreading the meaning of life/answer to the universe or else u will screw us all over.

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