Mad Catz responds to PS3 Firmware 3.50 issues; offers replacements of products within warranty

Have you had problems with third-party PlayStation 3 controllers or peripherals following the PS3 Firmware 3.50 Update? Mad Catz today sent in a Media Alert to reassure their PS3 customers and offer a "suitable replacement" for Mad Catz products within warranty.

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ian722770d ago

Thats quite good of them to do this when its not really their fault.

BrianG2770d ago

It is good of MadCatz to do that. Those damn hackers.

AndrewRyan2770d ago

I love how everyone was like "Haha the hackers are gone sony is going to patch the hack soon!" and now everyone is crying as if they did not see this coming lol. I don't care. I don't use any 3rd party devices and if you do I my laughter is at you.

JD_Shadow2770d ago


This is what I've been saying all along: they're so ready for Sony to screw over the hackers that they give the blank check for them to do whatever they want to do to get them, not thinking that Sony will take advantage of it. Granted, this story is being blown up as more than it is, but use some common sense and don't bitch when someone tries to screw EVERYONE over because they think they can just do anything they want under the claim of protection because of what YOU want them to do about the select few.

Sadly, I don't see even ONE person learning their lesson over this.

Projekt7tuning2770d ago

In a different article today I commented about my Mad Catz controller going down after the update and people here on N4G called me a liar.
To those people Up Yours! I wasn't being a fanboy by saying my control went down with the update, you guys who acted like I was lying are the fanboys. You call a fellow PS3 gamer a liar because his controller stops working after an update, WOW.

Good I really liked my controller, I have baseball gloves for hands and liked the bigger control.

Windex2770d ago

i have FragStein and they released a patch so it works perfectly with 3.5

why dont Madcazts do that?

pimpmaster2770d ago

yea thanks alot for downgrading and removing options from comsumers. thanks for the proprietary overpriced add ons and making it inconvinient and costly for us. the 360 is a perfect example of this bs. i remeber when the 360 came out a 64 mb proprietary memory card was 60$!!! a 20 gig hdd was 100$! wifi adaptor which costs 30$ they sell us for 100$! their rechargable battery packs were 20$ i feel so stupid looking back at what ridiculous prices i paid. these companies dont give a ship about their customers they really do just look at you as walking dollar signs. this might be more of a rant but i dunno, sony removing third party controllers got me somewhat mad at how they treat us like we can just go ahead and say ' oh ok my controller no longer works cause of your update lol i guess ill just throw it away now. ill go buy a 50$ dual shock right away!'

JD_Shadow2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


Seriously, BREATHE!

Many third party controllers have been confirmed to still work. Apparently, Sony did not make this story up, as there has been reports of something that was going on which is what they are saying. People are viewing "exploding" controllers as making a huge fire or something, when an explosion of a controller could be as small as the case shattering throughout the room.

Thing is, what probably happened was that Sony was trying to get the controllers that posed a risk and the way they did that caused others to get caught in the line of fire. Thing is, Sony needs to clear up what they mean by "counterfeit" controllers and to further the explanations so everyone can see that they aren't trying to use this as a cover story for the hacker battle, because too many people are going into mass hysterics without taking the time to read anything. It's ridiculous.

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WildArmed2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Yeah, Sony is being really anal about this.

I can't believe they disabled so many controllers -.-
(it's not like they were using the controllers to jailbreak their ps3)

I remember when MS did the same w/ their HDDs and such too.

I really hate it when these companies ruin the current gamer's accessories.

(i mean not everyone wants to pay 50$ per controller. there are cheaper alternatives. I have 2 Dual Shock3, 1 Six axis and 1 'knockoff' of some company.. luckily they all still work! (ofc the DS3 n Sixaxis shoudlnt have any problems since they are from Sony)

so it's not really an issue w/ the fw update as much as their programming of the controller?
Since most of the new ones still work/

RememberThe3572770d ago

I mean, it sucks for the guy that can't get their controllers to work, but I can't help but think that faced with the same situation I would do the same thing.

GraySnake2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

that's what im seeing it as... a little of the blame could be laid at sony but at the same time the majority of controllers still work. the fw was geared to killing off the counterfeit controllers and such but unfortunately some third party devices got knocked off... this happened with the one of the 2.XX fw updates but sony re-enabled stuff after people reported which controllers weren't working

Edit: Some spelling errors.

gtamike2770d ago

Mad Catz things break fast :p

rezzah2770d ago

Thats why I stopped buying their stuff a long time ago. Since Gameboy Colour lol.

ChronoJoe2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Should've got licensing for there products if they didn't want to be under Sony's thumb like this.

Does suck though. I wonder how many arcade sticks still work. Sony don't sell arcade sticks, what are you supposed to buy?

Christopher2770d ago

Actually, it is their fault if devices are not built within the licensing parameters.

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GraySnake2770d ago

well if they are replacing that it must be a tad bit of their fault... just saying what the article says -

“Mad Catz would like to take this opportunity to put gamers’ minds at ease. With the exception of a small quantity of controllers sold before 2008, we believe that all Mad Catz products will continue to function as they did prior to the 3.50 Firmware update including high profile products such as our range of Street Fighter IV™ FightSticks and Wireless FightPads; our range of controllers and accessories for Call of Duty®; our Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless FlightStick; our wired and wireless control pads; and our range of Rock Band™ accessories.

Any consumer who owns a Mad Catz product and is experiencing an issue, including an issue with the PlayStation 3 Firmware update should contact Mad Catz customer services. Providing the product is within warranty, Mad Catz will be happy to offer a suitable replacement.”

RosoTron362770d ago

If your Mad Catz need to be replaced...more likely it's a very old controller and is already out of warranty.

GraySnake2770d ago

if you read between the lines then yea pretty much..

GraySnake2770d ago

lol @ disagree... don't know how i got that one.

kagon012770d ago

My TE stick still works after the update.

R_aVe_N2770d ago

I still can't believe people actually use these pieces of crap controllers to begin with.

cmrbe2770d ago

Big fat fail Sony. Sony is smart enough to find a way around it and they should. The last thing they should do is punish the majority of their cutomers because of a couple of A holes.

rdgneoz32770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

The majority of their customers are not using the cheap controllers. And from the article, the Mad Catz controllers that might be experiencing issues are old models that are probably out of warranty already. The newer Mad Catz models still work with the firmware update.

Also, the majority of customers never used the OtherOS feature and they never advertised it at all, it was just a hidden feature some came to enjoy. Hell, look at the class action law suit that Sony is trying to dismiss...

Ign article: "One plaintiff never installed Linux during the more than two years he owned his PS3; two plaintiffs used the Other OS feature only to do things equally available through the PS3 native operating system; one plaintiff supposedly also played Linux-specific games; and the last plaintiff used Linux extensively, including for electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheet software, and other 'productivity applications.'"

Only one used it and the others are just trying to get money out of the whole thing. Also, I'm curious what 'productivity applications' means...

Apocalypse Shadow2770d ago

that's the first foolish thing i have seen you say.....

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