Exclusive Nintendo Australia interview on hardcore gamers, new franchises, price-drops and much more

There have been a lot of questions from hardcore Nintendo fanboys in Australia directed at their favourite company - particularly after this year's E3. Now, after a significant price drop has brought the Xbox 360 Core pack down to AU$399.95 - the same pricepoint as the Wii in this market, IGN got a little curious about what was going on behind closed doors at Nintendo Australia.

IGN had a lengthy chat with Greg Arthurton, Marketing Manager at Nintendo Australia. They put some tricky questions to him - questions that have been echoed in forums around the web by the Nintendo-devoted who have been a little concerned as of late about Nintendo's mainstream focus. Arthurton addresses the Wii's current lack of games, Nintendo's apparent blasé attitude towards gaming press, the possibility of a price-drop and cracking new markets. Moreover, he also delves into the importance of hardcore fans, forging new franchises and much more in this telling interview.

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purin3926d ago

there was some truth in his words, particularly the following:

"I honestly get a bit concerned, because I've heard a bit of that feedback coming from hardcore gamers saying 'Nintendo don't care about us anymore', and I'm sort of a little more privy to the games currently in development and what we're bringing out and why we're bringing them out. The next batch of games coming out are classical Nintendo games that the hardcore gamers will just love to play."

It's like when I tell some people in real-life who are overly-critical of the wii "look at the upcoming games list, you might find titles that you'll like..."

djt233925d ago

some what i agree with you

purin3925d ago

which point do you disagree with?