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Top 15 Best Looking Playstation 3 Exclusive Games

Windex  +   1801d ago
And it will continue.....
the graphics gap is getting bigger and bigger and we are still far from next gen according to analysts, Sony, EA, MS, and devs.
piroh  +   1801d ago
is PS4 even needed?
GT5 = photorealism good enough for PS4

it only does everything
tacosRcool  +   1801d ago
yes. Old DX9 level graphics not good enough anymore. Dude we have DX11 graphics and do you see how cool tessellation looks?!?!
lonix  +   1801d ago
Is this guy serious
Ps3 does not use dx9 level graphics it uses OpenGL

Dx10 was a waste of time and dx11 isn't much better
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Joule  +   1801d ago
I don't understand why people don't see Heavy Rain having one of the best graphics? They are so good, people must be blind
reload44  +   1801d ago
Heavy Rain - most realistic character design
Gran Turismo 5 - photoreality
Uncharted 2 - best art design and animations
Killzone 2 - best interactivity and atmosphere
Metal Gear Solid 4 - best ingame cutscenes
Final Fantasy 13 - best CGI cutscenes
God of War 3 - god of graphics

upcoming games The Last Guardian, Killzone 3, InFamous 2 will change the situation
kingteekej  +   1801d ago
It is not out yet!!! And can you all (alot on this forum) please stop saying "it only does (insert)/everything in the end of every comment. We get that the ps3 does more than whats required of an entertainment system, but its so irritating that people buy so much inn to sonys commercials, that they are literally promoting everything that comes from sonys corner without even trying it.

PS: Waiting for GT5
Psfan999  +   1801d ago
Yes, a PS4 is needed, it will probably make another step by being smaller, more powerful(same graphics but more stuff going on), maybe even holograms. It's needed, just not quite yet.
bjornbear  +   1801d ago
*sigh* another one of these articles
guys - I agree GT5 looks better than most games out there, and HR is also quasi photo realistic

but consider a game that is:

open world / free roam/ huge (say oblivion size or even GTAIV size) and then try having those graphics

THATS why we'll need PS4/new xbox/new PC tech - and other tech - the PS3 can achieve mind boggling quality graphics, but at a price.

you don't have games like infamous looking like GT5 (YET - infamous 2 is looking en par with Uncharted 2 which does still make me all giddy)

tbh, when I think graphics and power, I consider not only LOOKS and POLYCOUNT, but how its used

I loved HR, and it looks AMAZING, but I (and everyone else here should be too) am aware that it was a VERY limited game. things were generally static and quite enclosed.

the day we have a PS3 game that looks as good as HR/GT5 and is open world like Infamous and you can go inside most buildings and MOST objects are movable with HAVOK and so on, to have photorealistic open world levels with procedural destruction

(that not even crysis 2 has fully - you can't destroy a whole sky scraper piece by piece ala Red Faction Guerrilla now can you)

etc...then we won't need a PS4...but i doubt a game like that will ever work this gen on console, maybe next?
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gamelova  +   1801d ago
Its actually amazing just how much better GT5 looks compared to prologue
INehalemEXI  +   1801d ago
http://www.youtube.com/watc... yup, 37 days left.
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INehalemEXI  +   1801d ago
sweet car pron compilation from Cpt Obvious http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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ExplosionSauce  +   1800d ago
" http://www.youtube.com/watc... "
Wow, nice find!
BrianB  +   1801d ago
Gears of War 3 tops all of them imo
8-bit  +   1801d ago
Wow that was a great laugh. Thanks for this
SilentNegotiator  +   1801d ago
Your opinion dun goofed.
AKS  +   1801d ago
I just thought I'd add that MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is massively underrated and frequently overlooked. It's an absolutely gorgeous game.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1800d ago
And yet graphics continue to be one of the least important factors in determining a game's quality.
acedoh  +   1800d ago
And yet
most of these games are excellent quality. SONY has proven they can make a great product and although many were impatient when it came to these games they are here and for real and only getting better.
awiseman  +   1801d ago
Are the best and I dont even hav a ps3 LOL
plb  +   1801d ago
For me, it's between GoW III and Uncharted 2.
Eazy-Eman  +   1801d ago
Wait 'till Uncharted 3 comes out. But wow, if you think about it, Uncharted 2 represents the pinnacle of graphics on a Ps3. Imagine what a next-gen Uncharted would look like;Lavish jungles,beautiful scenery,unprecedented textures...oh god I'll stop there!
Areeb11  +   1801d ago
No it does not
God of War 3 is Sony's Biggest Franchise. It is a part of Sony itself. Uncharted can never achieve the old school status of GT5 or GoW3 or even Twisted Metal.

and one another thing. when you are playing uc2 next time take your ak 47 and just zoom in on any random texture.. it doesnt look that amazing at all. its just the colour palette and lighting is amazing.

and lastly: Poseidon Boss Fight. Nuff said.
BkaY  +   1798d ago
"and lastly: Poseidon Boss Fight. Nuff said. "
that was just mind blowing....

for me

1. GOW3

heyheyhey  +   1801d ago
I'd have put Valkyria Chronicles somewhere in there, due to the exquisite art style
divideby0  +   1801d ago
owning all the consoles and I buy almost all 1st party games.....UC2, GodofWar are still the best looking games I have ever seen....and GT is gonna blow everyones minds (if you have an open mind) and to be fair ME2 is very good....

I dont think Resistance is that great and only played DS at a budz house (over my patience and skill level)
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Big Boss Extreme  +   1801d ago
i am disappoint
there missing Heavy Rain
FighterJoe  +   1801d ago
No, heavy rain is #9 in the list.
YourFlyness  +   1801d ago
no they are not its there
jalen247  +   1801d ago
GOW III is number 1. I don't care what any list says.
IneedWeed  +   1801d ago
Add to that list FF XIII VS, Infamous 2, GT5, Uncharted III, KZ3, and maybe Hideo Kojima exclusive in the future.
plb  +   1801d ago
Uncharted 3 has been announced?
asgharagha  +   1801d ago
my list is

1 gow 3
2 uncharted 2
3 killzone 2
4 heavy rain
these 4 games are a level higher than other games graphically
5 mgs4
6 motorstorm 2
7 ff13 on ps3
8 uncharted 1
9 resistanse 2
10 valkyria chronicles
AKS  +   1801d ago
Resistance 2?! Really?
asgharagha  +   1801d ago
i forgot lbp
asgharagha  +   1801d ago
gt5 p is better than heavy rain????!!!!!!!!!its a crappy listttt
asgharagha  +   1801d ago
after february 2011 i think the list will be like this
1 kz 3
2 gt5
3 gow 3
4 uncharted 2
5 lbp 2
6 kz2
7 socom 4
8 heavy rain
midgard229  +   1801d ago
dont they mean 15 best looking games this gen?
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batman2million  +   1800d ago
i still think god of war 3 tops everything.
McFly20  +   1800d ago
God Of War
I can't decide between God Of War or Uncharted 2 but i love both and the gameplay also is amazing!
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yamzilla  +   1800d ago
a ps4 and xbox720
are needed terribly....don't get me wrong...those are some sexy games....but this attitude of "this is all we need, this is the pinicle of gaming" is so in contradiction of what it means to me to be a gamer....i always want the next awesome, awe inspiring, jaw dropping sexy game to come out...i for one wanna game on my console at 1920x1080p ( that is my tv's native resolution after all)with 60 frames per second and 8x anti aliasing cause i freaking hate jaggies......and...big suprise here...not one game on that list features anything even remotely close to that so....yeah....new consoles are needed BIG TIME!!!
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ATi_Elite  +   1800d ago
May I suggest you go buy a PC so you can have all that like 5 years ago.
1PC2PS33360  +   1799d ago
yamzilla is the biggest pc advocate out there, he is just f'ing with the crowd

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