Silicon Knights Confident "Justice Will Be Done" In Unreal Suit

Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack has said that he believes "justice will be done" when his company's case against Epic Games over an alleged lack of Unreal Engine 3 support is heard.

"I will say that we strongly believe in the complaint that we've served them with," Dyack told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

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ktchong4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

Silicon Knights did not win the "Best of the Show" at E3, and now they are whining about it. Please.

Microsoft has seriously made a big mistake in getting involved with Silicon Knights. Silicon Knights have yet to make a game for Microsoft, yet I read they have already spent $80 mil of Microsoft, (WTF was Microsoft thinking?), repeated delivered unimpressive and underwhelming trailers and demos, and gotten themselves involved in a lawsuit. They are a liability.

Zhuk4109d ago

I have always been a fan of Silicon Knights and I wish them the best of luck in their lawsuit.

Lumbo4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

The whole lawsuit smells like the SCO Group vs. Linux case.
As soon as MS made contact to the then failing SCO group they suddenly sprang up with the brilliant idea to sue companies for using Linux based on a claim of patents on Unix ...

The result so far is SCO loosing all court hearings and Novell kicking em back into the ugly corner they belong in.

Now SK fails at delivering the game unlike other companies who used the same engine and gets into contracts with *tadaa" Microsoft and suddenly its lawsuit 4 victory.

Looks way to much equal to be a coincidence.

Imho SK should get their lazy backside up and deliver the darn game instead of blaming their incompetence on the engine OTHER devs get really good results from. I have worked on enough UT based mods to know that the engine is no magical tool that does all the work for you, it only lets you skip the groundwork of designing the basic api. But all the optimization is still there to do for yourself. And so far Epic was very supportive of every UnrealEngine based stuff, even helping the freelance modders with tips and answers. I do not believe that they would do less for paying licensees.

"Justice will be done" yeah, i can agree with that, only i do not believe the justice will be the one Denis Dyack hopes for. More likely SK used patented tech from U3 in their suddenly popping up SK-Engine and will not only face the full license fee, but will be legible for damages to Epic, too.

Chris3994109d ago

Agreed. This game has been in the oven longer than Duke Nukem Forever.

While I am not a developer (I did a year of post production CGI work though, so I have some knowledge of the speed of things), I fail to understand exactly what is taking this man so long to make this game. And keep in mind we are only on "Episode 1", 2 and 3 are to follow - in the next century, sometime, probably before I die.

The hype and failed results speak for themselves. I would stop fussing with a lawsuit (as not ALL attention is good attention) and just finish the game.

That said, anyone ever play Dark Legions? That game ruled.

P.S. Excellent parallel with the 'SCO Group vs. Linux case' Lumbo. I forgot about that.

- C