Guild Wars sells 4 million

There's something to be said for a free MMO. Generally bad things, really, but not so much in the case of Guild Wars. NCsoft has just announced that the 2 year-old fantasy MMO has just surpassed the four million sold mark. No telling what the figures are on how many of those players bought the game, played it for a month and then quit like Mike Fahey ended up doing, but impressive numbers nonetheless. Just ask GameStop's Doug Bob McKenzie.

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Bigmac5734080d ago

Congrats to NCSoft for a job well done. Here's hoping they can bring some of that magic to consoles soon.

Saint Sony4080d ago

Nice figures indeed, but that does not really mean active players. I personally know many who bought it in a belief that it would be great.

I personally have not tried it, heard so much boring stuff about it.

boi4080d ago

lol i am one of them who brought it and haven't played it since...its ok i guess for a free MMO its really good but just something missing and yea the boring part is right i guess lol...well u get my point once you start playing it

but impressive sales it doesn't matter who brought it and have not played it since aslong as people keeps buying it from them then i guess its impressive