Lair: Hands On Preview

After reading what various game review sites and magazines thought about L.A.I.R, Three Speech was really looking forward to getting its hands on it. You take the role of Rohn, who rides a veracious dragon defending the skies for the Asylian civilisation – currently at war with the Mokai. The game involves fierce air combat with other dragons, as well as ground fights with enemy soldiers.

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jodonn083899d ago

this is amazing, a site that did not totally bash liar

jodonn083899d ago

i guess you didnt catch the sarcasm

cookiemonster3899d ago

it's hard to catch subtle sarcasm like that on n4g

larry0073899d ago

the game is GRAPHICALLY AMAZING and it is fun too

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s8anicslayer3899d ago

this game has gotten mixed reviews, just absorb all you've read and pplay it when it's out and see what you think. then you will know who was accurate and who as too harsh!

WIIIS13899d ago

You don't call bad reviews mixed reviews.

Panthers3899d ago

It has gotten good reviews too.

Ri0tSquad3899d ago

Im still gonna try it out tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.