BioShock tops Amazon charts and sells out everywhere else

Forget about finding a copy of BioShock at your local Game Stop, Circuit City, Target, Best Buy, or any other electronic or video game store, because BioShock is most likely sold out everywhere. Amazon still has it, at no. 1 on its popularity chart.

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TheFamilyGuy3805d ago

I'm very happy for BioShock. It is a magnificent game and deserves to be selling well.

I actually was skeptical about how well it'd sell due to its obscurity and lack of multiplayer - but I'm sure the demo and reviews were enough to get people to go out and pick the game up.

larry0073805d ago

BIOSHOCK is available all over NA

CONCLUSION :_ all versions of BIOSHOCK are available at stores.

No store has yet RUN out of BIOSHOCK

Saint Sony3804d ago

Larry is in distress. Poor creature. Go pamper your Lair.

Xbox is the BEST3805d ago

its false I was getting mine tommorow, DAMN

larry0073805d ago

I posted the links to ebgames,amazon and bestbuy where BIOSHOCK is available in huge quantities

BAD NEWS indeed BOTS!!!!


I'm a PS3 owner, but this game is really shaping to be the Game Of The Year...

ktchong3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


I had thought pre-order was a complete waste of money because no game had ever sold out. Not even Halo 2 at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.