World in Conflict PC Demo to hit Friday

The motivation to upgrade my PC never comes from a general realisation that it's useless. It normally comes from the release of a single game that, no questions asked, I justgottagottaplay. World in Conflict looks like being that game, and it looks like my time is short, since a PC demo's due for Friday. It'll contain both singleplayer and multiplayer components, and should tide you over til the games release on September 18.

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plastixblue3765d ago

The demo is just PC...but I wager it will come out for the 360 soon.

Zhuk3765d ago

Operation Flashpoint is probably the best PC game of all time, so seeing another great Cold War game coming out makes me extremely happy :)

ALIEN3765d ago

Is this game coming out on PS3?

plastixblue3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

But in my opinion ALL games should be multi-platform. More copys sold means more money for Game Studios to spend on Dev.cost. Hear that Red Octaine I want my Banjo Hero! ;)