Paramount's CTO on Why His Studio Is Dumping Blu-ray

PCW: Will this exclusive period [of commitment to HD DVD] extend for a limited time, or is this an indefinite arrangement?

Bell: At this moment in time, [HD DVD exclusivity is] an indefinite commitment. The core of this announcement comes from our experience, and what our consumers are looking for. We hope this will influence consumers' choices.

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s8anicslayer4130d ago

150,000 million will make me eat elephant dung too! now that they commited to hddvd they have no choice but to rave the format for increased sales

BIadestarX4130d ago

Ok... Sony fanboys and blu-ray leg humpers... no use on crying over this... move on into another topic. You can kick... and scream.. and cry.. and pull your hair.. and it will not go away...

How about you go find some RROD article and post it on this site... It will help you feel better.

It's not healthy to punish yourself over this... There are other studios and movies you can watch on your blu-ray player.

synetic4130d ago

WOW already 1 xbox 360 fanboy in this article .. that fast ..

MarioFromTexas4130d ago

Let's see how long that exclusive lasts. Paramount is doing for the money since HDDVD basically paying them for the profits they would had made selling blu ray. Blu ray is going to take off this holiday season, I don't know why would anyone want to buy an HDDVD player since all the blockbuster hits are on blu ray and not on HDDVD. I know some xbots will stand up for the format, but numbers don't lie. With PC and Hollywood backing blu ray why ?

Zhuk4130d ago

i'm still fairly skeptical and on the fence about 'HD' formats, but I think that this will promote competition and this can only be a good thing for the consumer in the end. From what I gather, there seems to be more than meets the eye than just storage space when looking at these formats.

Bloodmask4130d ago

It is cheaper to produce for the Motion pictures industry. HDDVDs can be stamped out on regular DVD lines with minimal upgrades. Not to mention all of the added features and internet options are standard on every HDDVD player.

With the decrease on HDDVD players in price to a starting pricepoint of only $299 it makes no sense to pick Bluray. Why pay more for the same thing??

And as stated in the article by Paramount the extra space of 50 gigs on Bluray isn't even being used most of the time. And if bonus features don't fit they will simply add it on in another disk.

This sounds strikingly familiar to the console DVD9 vs. Bluray debate. Kind of makes you wonder.

DiabloRising4130d ago

I hate this format war crap as a CONSUMER, but what? The obvious choice for... why? BluRay has more space. BluRay has better anti-piracy measures. BluRay has more studio support. BluRay has better sales. They had to BRIBE these companies to support a losing format. The fact that I can't watch both Die Hard in HD and Transformers in HD on one player only makes me want to stick with DVD for even longer.

As for not using the space? "People at Paramount...they discovered the 30GB HD-DVD disc didn't have enough space to do what they'd wanted to do. So they were planning to include this feature exclusively on the Blu-ray version. Now, of course, that's all changed... Apparently someone didn't tell that to the guys actually WORKING with these formats at the studio." From Digital Bits.

All this does is one thing... confuse consumers going into the holiday season and keep HD formats from taking over DVD or coming close to it. MS's plan to skip right to digital downloads is working, where do you think all of Paramount's movies will be by Xmas? Live.

bootsielon4130d ago

In the subject of Blu-ray and HD-DVD costs.

Part 1

Part 2

Seriously bloodmask, cut the crap. HD-DVD is NOT (significantly) cheaper to make than Blu-ray. Eventually the already too small gap will be even smaller. What's more expensive are the players. Who wants to bet that this move will backfire on HD-DVDs face? THat'll only make the Blu-ray band come with a very cheap player for holiday season. Seriously, it's not like Blu-ray association is suddenly going to sit back and relax. Sony, MGM, FOX and Disney already announced a few big guns.

Bloodmask4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Converting existing DVD manufacturing plants to HD DVD is far cheaper than setting up for Blu-ray. That's only one part of the equation, however. The "hybrid" support in HD DVD means that a single HD DVD disc can contain both standard definition content playable on existing DVD players, and high definition content for next-gen players. The upshot of this is that almost the entire DVD market would move to HD DVD, because the format would allow users to buy discs without worrying about whether or not they'll play on their players.

To upgrade an existing plant it is about $150,000 for HDDVD. For Bluray more like a million. You have to build an entirely separate plant. HDDVDs anf DVD-9s can be stamped out on the same lines unlike Bluray. Not to mention they can press both SD and HD on the same disk on HDDVD unlike Bluray.

DiabloRising4130d ago

Even if HD-DVD were to "win" and BluRay disappear, there would still be two formats. DVD and HD-DVD. These HD formats really do supplement DVD, they won't be replacing it in any meaningful way anytime soon. And I do believe the BDA is offering help with manufacturing, so the age old argument of "remaking" every plant doesn't hold up. Again, shouldn't we worry about ourselves first and not the companies taking our money? BluRay as a format, unrelated to anything corporate, is superior, and has the support. How are HD-DVD adopters going to feel now if the BDA decides to purchase exclusive rights to films like Star Wars? This format war never should have happened, and we consumers are the ones paying the price. I'd like to see BluRay win for the simple fact that it already has more support/sales and two formats = the suck.

bootsielon4130d ago

You seriously think every movie studio has a plant? With so few discs right now on the HD movie front, they don't need one. Hell, you'd think game publishers would have a plant, and I doubt they do. Considering how cheap discs are; if 1.5 dollars per disc on a few thousands package... hundreds of thousands would most definitely be cheaper. They could simply go to Sony or any other Blu-ray disc supplier, no need to buy an entire blu-ray facility unless you're EA (which is part of te Blu-ray association anyway, for a reason).

By the time HD becomes mainstream, perhaps big studios will need one. By then, the prices would have dropped (naturally, as it happens with technology always) to near HD-DVD levels and your point will be moot.

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