Uncharted: Drake's Fortune AU Hands-on

There is simply no better way to reach a destination than to do it by jumping out of a plane and parachuting in. Mind you, you get bonus points if the plane is on fire and heading straight for a cliff when you leap out. Even more bonus points await if your chute has a smoking hole in it and you wind up plummeting towards earth, only to be caught in the jungle canopy.

By this logic then, Uncharted has one hell of an opening sequence. And it does. Naughty Dog has even managed to cram in the 'girlfriend-who-jumps-out-first' scenario, neatly setting you up for a rescue mission, and the whole point of the expedition in the first place was to get your hands on some A-class treasure. Throw in some ninjas and a zeppelin or two and you've got yourself a par-tay.

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ALIEN4109d ago

but i know this game is going to be great.

beavis4play4109d ago

naughty dog never fails to impress. i hope we get a demo a few weeks befoe it hits.

pilotpistolpete4109d ago

Looks really good according to them. Gunplay was apparently lacking in early build,m nice to see they fixed those issues.

Antonio_Mex4109d ago

man can't wait to play this awesome game!

WIIIS14109d ago

Lair. Warhawk. Heavenly Sword. Same old hype.

I guess if you keep hyping and hoping, there'll eventually be a winner.

Jrome4109d ago

And this is in the PLAYSTATION 3 section too man? Why do you need to come and spread your negative vibe?
I bet you're just jealous because you're not getting the game diversity that is ps3. Like seriously?..This isn't even in the 360 section why comment on it..if you don't like it?

Anyway this game looks CRRAAZZZYYYY. I'm going to have to buy a PS3 soon ^_^...halo 3...heavenly sword...uncharted..kljslkfjklf j this is soo exciting ^_^

ngg123454109d ago

One of the worst trolls on this board.

getrdone4108d ago

Lair is the only game that got bad reviews but it will still be a great game, warhawk is only a online game and thats why the rewiews arent that good. HS is getting good reviews.

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