Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

Media Create just released the latest Japanese Hardware Chart. The chart sales is from August 8th to the 16th.

Nintendo DS Lite - 147,025
Wii - 65,120
PSP - 32,147
PS3 - 21,321
PS2 - 12,545
Xbox 360 - 2,112
Gameboy Micro - 366
Nintendo DS - 188
Gameboy Advance SP - 138

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JCITY3924d ago

first one to post.....i wanna set the argumen and highlight that the 360 still isnt selling more than 5,000....sorry had to start a flamewar who cares!!!ps3 forever!!lmao

ALIEN3924d ago

even the PS2 is outselling the XBOX360, damn!. Im not trying to bash the 360 but M$ better do something about it before it's 2 late.

mikeslemonade3924d ago

To date the 360 only sold more than the PS2 worldwide for 1 month. PS2 outselling 360 isn't new news. And in Japan 360 is basically nothing. Seriously, 2,000 units why even report any system that sells less than 5,000.

Kyur4ThePain3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Careful, mister 360....the Gameboy Micro is coming to get you.

Rooftrellen3924d ago

What are the odds in Vegas of the 360 dropping below 2000 next week.

Whatever they are, I'm in!

Unless the 360 really blew everyone away, it also looks like the Wii is king, now, since just those sales put it ahead of the 360 by vgchartz (though this whole month has been/will be too close to call).

The DS is crazy. I thought everyone in Japan already had one! It may outsell the PS2 if Nintendo sticks with it for 7 years!

stunt2133924d ago

man the DS is selling like crack and i though 360 sale would at least be higher than that because of bioshock. i wonder if halo 3 is even going to make a difference in japan.

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