Michael Bay HD-DVD post

Here's what he said after he settled down.

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Jdash244080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

i saw 300 in blu rocks harder

@systematrix....lmao.......ev en if that is sarcasm....its funny as hell

Systematrix4080d ago

If you could tell the difference between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray output with your naked eye then you need to donate your eyes to science. The world needs to benefit from your superpowers.

Ri0tSquad4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

hahahaha but I guess im seeing transformers on dvd because im not buying an HD DVD player. I seen the quality of them and theres no difference so why should I get it? Cant wait to see the garbage hd dvd sales.

Omegasyde4080d ago

Mr. Bay does have a good point.

IF the players drop to 199, Maybe I would go out and buy 1....

OMG I almost converted to HD-DVD....The blu-ray association better drop prices like its cool if they plan to survive or drop bigger titles PRONTO. Lord of the rings would sound good right about now.

But LOTR trilogy will launch on both formats by the end of the year. Blue ray won the "300" battle... soo hmmm.

bym051d4080d ago

Looks like he got a cut of the $150M.

Money can change any opinion.

HowarthsNJ4080d ago

Fed-Ex'd to him overnight no doubt (by Paramount or the HD-DVD group).

Does he realize how silly he looks now?

Deity014080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Paramount is being ignorant, oh well, it's not like we haven't seen that before(from other corporations). I'm not trying to be biased, but as a Blu-ray owner(PS3), and having watched HD DVD at my friend's house on his 360 attachment(I refuse to by this attempt at rectifying my inferior 360), there is no difference, so why support a obviously behind ,and quickly farther behind, format(payoff anyone).

I think Paramount was fine when they supported both because they weren't restricting who was capable of watching their titles. And that they did so by going against the format which sold 3:1 over the other, is stupid, and I hate them for that.

Now I can't watch Transformers in true high def, and all they're doing is hurting themselves. Michael Bay should have taken a stronger stance against this, Paramount is despicable.

Edit:By the way, by 360 being inferior, I mean the fact they chucked a HD player out there just to compete with Sony, because Blu-ray victory means a possible shorter life-span for the 360(Msoft don't want that)

Rooftrellen4080d ago

I know how you feel.

I hate Disney, for the same reason. I won't get to watch Pirates 3 in HD.

All of the exclusive studios are losnig money, so I have to get some movies on DVD, or just skip them all together. Just to send a message, though, I'm not getting any bluray excluive studio's movies, because by being exclusive, they're basicly saything they don't want my business.

Same for the HD DCD studios for anyone who owns bluray.

Go neutral and make Sony slash their pirces to keep up. A price war benefits us, while everyone being neutral benefits the studios.

JokesOnYou4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

looks like he's had a change of heart, (show me the money) welcome to the HD DVD camp Micheal, ha ha but seriously now I'm not saying HD DVD should be the winner, I know many of you think I hate bluray but really thats not the case the only thing I hate is being forced by sony and the studio's to choose bluray, in other words I think all the movie studios should have supported both formats and let the consumers choose which format they wanted to support. Like the kid above, he rants at Paramount for going over to HD DVD, but what about ranting at the studio's who chose bluray exclusively over HD DVD? Truth is ALL of these companies f-k us over for greed, the studio execs should have gotten together with the 2 HD format rival groups and said hey we will put our movies on both formats, in 6-12 months whichever one has better sales we will support exclusively, unless you two format rivals want to make a deal and go with one format and share the profits, otherwise someone will be the loser in next yr because we will only support the format consumers show the most interest in with their wallets. But NO nobodys looking out for the consumer in all of this format war= GREED= why take the safe bet and share humungous profits when you can have it all to yourself. f-k 'em all=


ha ha hold on now sony kids report this news for NOT being industry news although HD format news has been labeled that way in the past and of course the most vague and opinionated reason for reporting any news is because you think its "lame" but the other post from Micheal Bay was definitely news worthy right? damm the n4g bias is thick these days.


For the first time I agree with you JokesOnYou...

I wish they just let costumer choose a format, but all the industry do is thinking on benefit Sony or Toshiba... The odd think is even with this lack of consideration for the costumers, we still want HD formats to become mass-market because of the quality... The movie industry really hook us up this time.

BIadestarX4080d ago

People... here is an example of how business work... Today sony fanboys had their victory dance over Michael Bay saying bla bla over HD DVD... and what do we have here?.... mmmm... no more victory dance? no more? Expect Michael Bay to endorse HD DVD from now on.
And just expect other studios to support HD DVD now. Let's hope Microsoft or HD DVD camp have more money to pay! yeeeeeeeehahhhhhh!

I like how you use the word "GREED" when you are talking about entertainment... didnt you know that films and game makers are all about making money? Or do you think it's done for charity? We are not talking about feeding the hunger or other non-profit organizations..

Anyways... I don't support exclusive content for HD DVD... but since Sony is already playing this game.. and they have big blu-ray exclusive supporters.. I say it's only fair. bring it on... I wish movies were made in both formats... and let the consumer desides base on the value in terms of features and price between the both... ofcourse blu-ray is more expensive and having exclusive content is the only way that blu-ray can apeal to anyone... So, I am glad HD DVD camp is bringing the format war to some fairness...

I am not worring about one format not winning... at the end... the consumer will pick the best... I honesly think that this whole battle is great since we probably will endup with a $150 blu-ray and HD DVD player within a year... which means.. by the time the mass market is ready to pick a format... the price of the players will be the lowest they could get... something not possible without the format war.

I don't mind a blu-ray for $150.00 ...

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