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Molyneux: Kinect is a bigger 'step forward' than the Wii

Molyneux explains that Kinect is a revolutionary product, so it will take time for developers to wrap their heads around the technology and adjust to it. Even the Wii, he asserted, is still a button-based device at its core, so it's easier to design for than Kinect. (Dev, Kinect, Wii, Xbox 360)

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DarkBlood  +   1549d ago
what a load of bull@#$#2
Nitrowolf2  +   1549d ago
"[With the Wii,] there's still this reliance on using the thumbstick and buttons, so it wasn't as big a step forward as something like Kinect," the British designer said. "With Kinect, there really is nothing in your hand. Think about that. There is no button."

i don't think he means just the wii with that statement, you are only limited to how much you can do with no buttons. Can you imagine playing COD or HALO with Kinect online, Kinect VS Controllers?, i mean with no joystick how will you move? What about shooting? what about the lag difference?
Buttons are needed
I mean you can say who would play a shooter with Kinect, well yeah i mean it could be tough. With buttons/motion controller you get the same thing at a more accurate and easier way.
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ingiomar  +   1549d ago
They would never do a kinect versus controller game that would be stupid...and if you go online with move you would probably get your ass kicked too

so for now Kinect and Move has no chance against the controller especially with shooters

@Otheros00 below

That is the normal(webcam) camera of kinect..remember it has 3 camera's

PS eye is basically a webcam and can't see you in 3D thats why its specs are higher cuz its designed to see you only in 2D or flat(or whatever you want to call it)
The PS eye wouldn't be able to see you in 3D with those specs thats why it needs the move which doesn't see you..it sees the lightbulbs so it can track you and know where you basically are

but kinect does that all on its own and is able to see your full body in 3D at 30FPS which is really good for an affordable 3D camera
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hay  +   1549d ago
@Nitrowolf2: As my modestly intellectual friend tried to explain to me how you will run in Kinect:

- "To run you must run in place."
- "And if I want to run backwards?"
- "Then you run in place but backwards!"
Then he demonstrates running "in place" and moving slowly backwards.
- "So if I want to run sideways I have to run in place but to right or left?"
- "Exactly!"

I hold no responsibility for accuracy of his statement.
moparful99  +   1549d ago
Umm I beg to differ.. In eye pet for example you can reach forward and make a "scratching" motion with your hand not the wand and the eye pet reacts as though you are scracthcing his fur... Eye pet can also chase your hand, if you quickly move your hand to the other side of the screen he looks confused and he begins searching and when he sees it he tries to pounce on it.. All of this is done without the move wand so dont sit here and tell me that move can't track your bodies movements... Also, as confirmed by polyphony, you can use the ps eye to track your head in gt5 allowing you to look around the cockpit and around turns... Mind retracting your erroneous statement?
rroded  +   1549d ago
peter also says
milo stole his time machine n ran away...

dont listen to wut this ms lap dog says guys a few bricks short of a load anyways...

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DORMIN  +   1549d ago
Got to remember people...

Whatever Molyneux says, its the opposite of what it means!
Why o why  +   1549d ago
trus me... Him talking it up is like a kiss of death
MrMccormo  +   1549d ago
As if Molyneux is the person we should be listening to when it comes to step forwards in the gaming industry.
rockleex  +   1549d ago
It IS a bigger step forward...
Towards on rails and "running in place" kind of games.

If you call that "moving forward", then I'd rather take a step back from all the flailing you're going to be doing.

"Even the Wii, he asserted, is still a button-based device at its core..."

So does that mean the Eyetoy was a step forward the from the Wii... FIVE YEARS before the Wii even came out? And TEN YEARS before Microsoft went that route?
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bjornbear  +   1549d ago
Molyneux: Kinect is a bigger 'step forward' than the Wii
SERIOUSLY?! even though nintendo PASSED on the tech?

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NecrumSlavery  +   1549d ago
The Kinect can't track wrist or finger movements, everything is waving. Simple up and down movements. Nothing that has not been done before. But thanks Peter, since this technology was already on the PS2 years ago, I guess this means the PS2 is a bigger step forward than the Wii too.

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ozps3  +   1548d ago
Even a gun has buttons and a trigger. Lol at micro soft. What a bunch of ret@rd$
RememberThe357  +   1549d ago
Not really.
Conceptually Kinect is a bigger step forward. But that doesn't seem to hold true when you bring it into reality. The tech behind Kinect isn't far enough along to be precises enough for the kinds of games hardcore gamers tend to play.

But, I think (hope) that will change in the next generation of the hardware. Because right now I have not been impressed by the precision of its input capabilities.
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moparful99  +   1549d ago
Kinect isnt a step forward at all.. In fact the tech behind kinect was previewed and then turned down by both sony and nintendo seeing as it had serious flaws, which are on full display with kinect... In fact sony based the eye toy on the technology that powers kinect.. But they realized that without tangible buttons and tactile response the experience was "lacking" Microsoft bought out the company, known as 3dv tech, and in the course of the development of kinect bought up a couple of more software companies and the collaboration birthed kinect as we know it.. Microsoft could have dones some special stuff with kinect if they left the on board processing alone but seeing as the price was out of that mass market "sweet spot" they were forced to remove the processor and what we are left with is a casual fun fest... You will not see anything even remotely core oriented come out for the kinect.. I will put money on that statement.. You just can't deliver core experiences without buttons and tactile feedback period....
Why o why  +   1549d ago
could you imagine the price MS would of charged
If they left that on board processor.....on board

blood for lube springs to mind anyway like moparful said...Its hyped to be a bigger step but its really in actual fact a step backwards. Nin and sony sidesteped the tech for a reason. Sony already tested the water with eyetoy so they knew what the implications and limitations would be.
morganfell  +   1549d ago
I said it before and I will say it again. Putting a small electric motor in a device is asking for trouble. I mean absolutely begging to have something break. Of course maybe MS knows the motor will last just over a year...when the warranty has expired.
RememberThe357  +   1549d ago
I said "conceptually". The ability to interact with a game without a controller is conceptually a bigger step forward than the basic Wii control scheme.

Everything in your comment I already know. I was not commenting on how Kinect will work but its concept. Again, not hardware, but concept.
moparful99  +   1549d ago
Yea I know.. I wasn't trying to dispute or rebute your claim. I was complementing what you said, you know elaborating on what you had stated for those that don't comprehend too well..
Theoneneo81  +   1549d ago
First of if its a big step forward how is it that NO Big Developers are making games for it the only game thats scheduled to work with Kinect is Harry Pottter last time I check. Sony on the other hand has atleast 5 AAA games that are out now that Support it and more to come with in the next two months.
vhero  +   1549d ago
He needs to get his head out of MS a**e and start developing great games again. We haven't seen a great new title from him since Fable. Seriously though he's greenburgs little pet monkey what you expect? He was solely responsible for the Milo fraud at E3 2009. As for the irony of wrapping your heads around the new technology as it's easier to write for older tech I say PS3.
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BLuKhaos  +   1549d ago
That's funny of Molyneuz considering the Wii is a step foward from the Eyetoy while Kinect is a step sideways from the Eyetoy.
avengers1978  +   1549d ago
And we should all listen to Moly because he is not biased at all, and is totally being fair.
bustamove  +   1549d ago
Lmfao, did he just say that?! Bwahahahha!

Seriously man, just wow.
gauntletpython  +   1549d ago
I hope his kid makes a video demanding better Kinect games.
Cevapi88  +   1549d ago
well played good sir
8-bit  +   1549d ago
lol yeah. Kinect is a step backward in a way. The game types we see on it are all stationary and rail based and it is limited to that
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Otheros00  +   1549d ago
Kinect is a step back from pseye.
Proof in picture.

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Godmars290  +   1549d ago
Where'd you get that from? And why haven't those tech specs more widely shown if true?
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IRetrouk  +   1549d ago
those specs have been known for ages, its in an old article.
TheHater  +   1549d ago
Where you got that from?
Otheros00  +   1549d ago
It's from an old article.
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RememberThe357  +   1549d ago
Oh crap.
Well it does track in 3D...

But why the hell does it cost so damn much if it less of a camera then the PSEye?
gamingdroid  +   1549d ago
Because it tracks in 3D and does mocap. What other technology out there for $149 does that right now?

Heck, I see an iPad for $499, but there are plenty of other iPads that do the exact same thing (albeit less pleasing), for half the cost. Why aren't anyone complaining about that?

One can argue all day long about the value of Kinect, especially since it hasn't been release, but it is hard to argue with the fact that nobody right now has something like Kinect on the market at even close to the price point.
moparful99  +   1549d ago
This whole "kinect tracks in 3d" talk is just a defelection from the fact that kinect essentially does the same thing that the eye toy did on the ps2... How many games have you seen that takes advantage of 3d tracking? All 3d tracking does is track your movements through 3d space.. Which means the only thing you can do with kinect is move the 8 or so feet towards your tv before you run out of room.. 3d tracking has no other implementations.. Even move does 3d tracking thanks to the move wand and the ps eye.. You are trying to sell everyone on the lies that microsoft pushed as kinects features... Is there 3d object scanning? Nope. Can you interact with a character on screen ala milo? Yea milo was the biggest lie coming out of the natal proposition.. They had people believing that a truly sentient AI was possible with kinect and they sold the concept with a scripted video showing some woman interacting with milo... Kinect is not doing anything that hasnt been done on the eye toy.. Only reason eye toy flew under the radar is sony's hands off approach to advertising and hype..
fooltheman  +   1549d ago
it works with infrared...or am I mistaken?
it makes a body a lineman with points...
isn't he interpreting how large the points are to see the movement...

Just like sony uses the glowing bulb?
Godmars290  +   1549d ago
Really tired of asking someone to actually prove it.
Still only gotten words, not evidence.
Optical_Matrix  +   1549d ago
This is ridiculous. Don't claim Kinect is a bigger step forward than Wii because it uses no buttons. Why are they acting as if controller free gaming is new. I don't care if its improved, the Move is an improved Wii controller, but you don't see Sony marketing it as some never before seen thing. MS and their employee's are fully gassed.
Otheros00  +   1549d ago
I know. >:(
And worst of all it's NOT NEW and HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE BEFORE.
I hate when someone makes a clone of something and claims that it's new, innovative, and has never been done before.
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All_4_One  +   1549d ago
Neither are a big step forward, lets be realistic here.
kasasensei  +   1549d ago
Forward? Sure Sir Molyneux?
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yakuzakazuya  +   1549d ago
Unless SOMEONE from Microsoft's camp could step forward RIGHT NOW, and show me how Kinect could give an elegant solution for actually moving your player character in 3d space instead of relying ON-RAILS type gameplay, Kinect will forever be a failed concept in my eyes.

Stop daydreaming and wishful thinking about "potential", start WORKING for effective solutions.

Oh, BTW: Dr. Richard Marks >>>>>> Molyneux.
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nathanhale  +   1549d ago
Why won't Fable3 support Kinect if it was so revoutionary?
tiamat5  +   1549d ago
A bigger step forward doesn't matter if it's into a canyon. *yawn* Peter is talking again. Microsoft and their cronies have been doing a lot of talking these days. Listening to them drone on is great when I need a nap.
newhumanbreed  +   1549d ago
Well if Molyneux doesn't deliver Milo, then he's full of crap.
EpsilonTeam  +   1549d ago
STFU cunt stand him anymore.
SexyPrawns  +   1549d ago
Whether you misspelled "can't" on purpose or not...it's pretty funny.
matey  +   1549d ago
Move is better than Kinect but still has the issue of a camera so lag will always be threre and 30fps is the best u will get on camera based games and with Move the camera picks up the glow ball so its not as well thought out as wii the wii has no lag what so ever its as responsive as a traditional controller i.e NBA jam using motion for dunking ball ect if it didnt make the experience better they wouldnt have put them in so wii motions are instant lets see if Move is supported in NBA jam HD i bet its not and Kinect/Move has no chance against Zelda Skyward Sword/Epic Micky/PES11/Goldeneye 007/Black ops wii/Pikimin 3 ect to name a few its simple ps3 hardcore gamers wont want to sacrifice 30fps loss on AAA titles to use laggy motions or Wiimote IR 60fps lag free FPS controls on Black-ops/Goldeneye/The Grinder/Conduit2 ect Ive Played Tigerwoods11 on Move its a joke not even as good as wii version without M+
SexyPrawns  +   1549d ago
Step out of the car, sir...
meganick  +   1549d ago
Kinect's controller-less setup makes it virtually impossible to control a first-person shooter or really any game where you have to control a character. The technology is kind of neat and may one day be refined into something better, but once you get over the wow-factor of manipulating objects with body motions you're just going to be left with a bunch of simplistic mini-games. Wii and Move allow for more gaming opportunities, so no, Kinect is not a step forward for gaming.
Sony Fiend  +   1549d ago
Shut up Molyneux, you're lying.
xg-ei8ht  +   1549d ago
Dam molyneux, how many bags of gold did M$ lay at your feet.
DelbertGrady  +   1549d ago
This really riled up the Sony loyalists. :)

Can't wait to see what Kinect games Peter is working on. I'm sure he will bring fantastic stuff to Kinect and the Xbox 360.
Theodore87  +   1549d ago
Molyneux 101: You shouldn't believe what he promises, let alone what he has never promised (i.e. your dream game for kinect that you think peter is going to make)
mcstorm  +   1549d ago
I think he could be right in what he is saying I am looking forward to kinect. I know most people on this site hate it but from what I have seen MS do over the last 2 years I think they will have a winner with Kinect.
whitesoxfalife  +   1549d ago
whas good pimpn im bout sooo close to bust these poorly inform readers down i already dun jap out in another article see it cost me a bubble but who cares about bubbles ima keep it real in which some of these Kats dont know nothing about!!!!!
mcstorm  +   1549d ago
I know what you mean but this site hates Kinect if they dont like it then fine but everyone has a reason to like and dislike something thats what makes business.

I think once MS start bringing the next wave of games out it will be the device to have but MS do need to start showing them off once they release Kinect.
BinkyStalls  +   1549d ago
he's at it again
strickers  +   1549d ago
Kinect a step forward?I think not.
Man evolved to use you tools.It's one of the key differences between us and animals and you want us to go back to not using them and on something we tried 10 years ago already.
Sometimes I think MS could paint a turd green and some of you would buy it and declare it a new kind of turd and revolutionary.
pcz  +   1549d ago
buy your talking Molyneux action figure now!
pull the string to listen to 25 of his idiotic quotes!
xiangyaode6   1549d ago | Spam
red2tango  +   1549d ago
And we can see proof with his own game (Milo) being canned lmao
divideby0  +   1549d ago
PM really is now being real. He once again openly spoke about Kinetic and clearly over promised and now we all know both Kinetic and Move are under delivering, now he is downgrading what he originally stated..
psst... how quickly he swept Milo under the carpet
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shadyiswin  +   1549d ago
Are you guys really this dumb? Like seriously?
All he is saying is going from buttons to no buttons is a huge step. How in your little minds is he wrong? If he's wrong what you are saying is going from buttons to buttons and motion control is a bigger step than no buttons at all. Makes no sense. Sony fan boys it's not even about kinect it's the technology it's self, the fact of controller free control is a huge step.

Also let's drop the whole sony passed on it nintendo passed on it. They passed on the idea not the finished product. Either company would love to be the one with kinect. They didn't have millions to use on such a product, exactly why the wii feels cheap as shit, and upon opening up the move it has nothing a basic cell phone doesn't have, did you see them open up the kinect? Its actually interesting and some what complex. I wasn't happy they took out the chip but oh well the next generation of kinect will have it.

What's funny is all the next gen consoles will have kinect like technology, you can use a controller with kinect, so you can also stop the you need buttons ranting, you actually don't need buttons and if you do your covered.
stephmhishot  +   1548d ago
1) They passed on the idea not the finished product:

"We TRIED a lot of different 3D cameras. I love the 3D camera technology; personally, I like the technology part of it. We worked closely with our game teams at what it would enable, and it enabled making the things we already did with EyeToy more robust, but it didn’t really enable as many new experiences as what we were hoping it would enable, so it made the things we were already able to do a little bit more robust — which is good — but it adds a lot of cost and it didn’t enable some of the other experiences we wanted to achieve." - Dr Marks, Engadget Show, 3/21/10.

So while he is praising it (shocking, being nice to the competition), it just wasn't for Sony and what they were trying to do.

2)They didn't have millions to use on such a product: Sony's been researching motion control for nearly a decade, what would have cost less, buying a company's technology that is already ready to go or spending it on R&D for a new product? I'm not really sure about the answer there either way, except that it probably cost Sony millions to develop the Move.

3) What's funny is all the next gen consoles will have kinect like technology, you can use a controller with kinect, so you can also stop the you need buttons ranting: I agree with this statement, but by then the technology will be that much more refined (say EyeToy to Kinect?). The problem with saying "well you can use a controller if needed", then it takes away from the gimmick of "you are the controller". You can't have asshats like Molyneux praising the Kinect for being a jump forward due to the fact that its buttonless, then create games where a controller is needed. It kind of minimizes the Kinect's worth.
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JJFNIGHTS80  +   1548d ago
WTF You call a 149$ camera is BIGGER STEP THAN THE WII?! I think something wrong with that guy. Really want to know what's wrong with these Analyst.
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