PS3 SDK 1.80 lets devs add custom soundtracks to games

According to an analysis of the most recent PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) by Inner Bits, version 1.80 now provides developers with a method of streaming music off the user's hard drive. While the utility costs 12MB to implement, it's assumed that the cost will decrease in upcoming SDK releases. And while that uses a decent bit of precious memory, custom soundtrack support is the number one most requested feature for the PS3 and developers are sure to take advantage of it.

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nomuken3959d ago

Ive been waiting for this.

DrPirate3959d ago

We have games, what crack are you smoking.

plastixblue3959d ago

But they are catching up. As for the 360 troll,dude go post in the 360 posts. Fanboys by law should have to buy all three consoles so they can see the greatness in all three.

Tsukasah3959d ago

only 12MB of disk space? If people are making a fuss about that, the only person would be Kojima and possibly Ninja Theory =/ oh well

II cant wait till this happens. Playing SOCOM with Dream Theater and MGS4 with Dream Theater... and racing games with the music of Rush and Joe Satriani.... t'would be grand ^^

and also on sports games i wont have to be annoyed by the stupid rap "music" they always put on those games =/

MikeGdaGod3959d ago

and you call that crap you named music?

Circa243959d ago

Not hard drive memory, but random access memory (otherwise known as RAM). RAM controls how much can go on at one time (more or less), so it'll impact developers at least a little bit.

khellendros13959d ago

I'm sure they mean system memory. The problem with that is it means there's less memory for the game. They should make it more efficient as they go though.


Oh no scottie, you just don't said that... Rush is crap? Man, now I'll just have to kick your @ss on Warhawk... :)

kr90913959d ago

Umm Dream Theater has John Petrucci; and Joe Satriani is a guitar god! If you have ever listened to ANY songs by either one you would see their excellence! :)

Tsukasah3958d ago

you did not just call Dream Theater, Rush, and Joe Satriani crap. Those three are without a doubt the most talented groups to ever exist in all of eternity. Also, Dream Theater has the Berklee Academy of Music behind them, as 3 of the 5 studied music there. Neil Peart of Rush is possibly the greatest drummer to ever exist, apart from Buddy Rich, but Buddy Rich is a legend and cannot compare to anyone, as he was the best with all his instruments. Joe Satriani is possibly the greatest guitarist of all solo guitarists. He's inspired hundereds of thousands of guitarists, he sure inspired me to play. Geddy Lee and John Myung are definitely the two greatest bass players alive. You cant beat them. Alex Lifeson of Rush completely reinvented the prog-rock guitar.

The only thing thats not music is rap, its just a bunch of retards attempting poetry, some idiot on stage grabbing his crotch whining about how "gangsta" he is, how many b!tches and ho's he slapped, how much bling hes got on him, and how low his chains are.... thats not music, thats idiotic.

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