iPhone 1.0.2 Update available through iTunes

Only three weeks after Apple's first software update for the iPhone, update 1.0.2 has hit the streets through iTunes. So far, any meaningful description of the update has not shown up on Apple's website like it did last time, but ArsTechnica will be sure to update you if and when that changes.

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closedxxx4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I haven't noticed anything yet.
I was hoping they would integrate LANDSCAPE mode into the email app so I could hold the phone sideways to read and reply to emails (much like using a sidekick). Maybe Steve Jobs didn't get my note out of the suggestion box yet.

EDIT: And worth noting, for those that have added custom ringtones to their phone, there was no adverse reaction from downloading the new update.
I had hacked my iPhone previously, but upon downloading the first update, I had to restore my phone. I opted to download the iphoneringtonemaker tool to add custom ringtones and they have survived two updates now.